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More vegeternism

August 4, 2012 4 comments

I wrote a post about a year back talking about reasons of why I thought people ate Nonvegetarian food.  Why is that a majority of the world’s population is inclined to eating meat? I’ve got a number of comments on the blog, and having read them all you realize that people do it only because of the taste, and even having realized that it is cruelty to the animals, they cannot quit being a non vegetarian because of a habit they have grown up with for years together.

In this blog, I want to point out to one comment that i think is worth sharing as a blog itself. Puneet shukla went on to write a huge comment explaining his angle. Also I want to share a video I found online about a man named “Gary Yourofsky” who to me is fighting the case of animals against all of humanity. Link to the video in the blog. Read more…

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