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October 5, 2012 42 comments, a multibrand retail online store is to me one of the most user-friendly sites to date. Although products that you will find on this site are for a man  with a small budget, the products that you will get are of the highest quality. Packing and shipping that I will rate the best, scores an easy 4 out of 5 in my user ratings.

All you read in this blog is a true and honest opinion. is an online megastore of products ranging from clothing apparel, to jewellery, to sports goods and to fragrances. There are many sections to explore and multiple brands to choose. Items on rate at the highest quality coming from well-known brands. Read more…

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The High’s and Low’s of Indian Cricket

November 17, 2009 2 comments
Dravid thumps the Air after a hundred at the Motera International Cricket Stadium in the first test against Srilanka 16 Nov 2009

Hit me Baby One more Time!!! The Happier Times!

On the High Side: From what could have been bad memories of the motera last year when South Africa bowled us out for a meager 76 off 20 overs to what we are now, 385/6 featuring the highest number of runs from Dravid’s bat in a single day, 11000 runs in test cricket – Rahul Dravid returned to international cricket after having been left out of the 7 match one day series against Australia.  From being 32 for 4 at one point, India finished the first day of the first test match against Srilanka at 385 for 6, with Mr. Dependable, Mr. Always Perfect, The wall ,remaining not out on 177. Giving him company at the crease was Harbhajan Singh on 2. More about the match later..

On The Lower Side: Sachin’s comment on him being an Indian first before being a Marathi was questioned by Bal Thackrey in a Mumbai daily.

Sachin Vs Thackrey

Enough! Enough! Enough! Ab bas bhi karo yaar! Spare him the horror!

Sachin was immediately asked to apologize or he’d lose support from all the Maharastrians in India. However Stupid that thought is, It’s time we respect and honor these legends. Media has to take more responsibility. Why should journalist’s ask such sensitive questions at all? Spare him the horror! Don’t we already have enough people talking about it? Thankfully Sachin didn’t apologize or say anything against it. A controversy is the last thing he wants. If he can’t be accepted by Marathi people in Maharashtra for a comment that was logically complete and correct, I welcome him to the state of Tamil Nadu where people are respected for what they are, no cast no creed no language or no colour!

Lets not make it even more controversial.. lets just dive in to what happened at the Motera.. Read on.. Read more…

Tata Nano: What’s the buzz?

April 9, 2009 8 comments
Disclaimer: All reactions expressed in the follwing post are completely personal. It does not mean to influence anybody or anything, It’s my perspective and this how i look at the developing story around the Nano.

Nano is said to be the dream of Ratan Tata who wished to see every Indian middle class family own a car of their own. As many as 3 million cars have been booked in the first week after it’s official launch all over India on March 23rd 2009. A lot has been said and written about the car and the features, Here’s mine. But what’s the deal about it that makes it so popular? Is it the attractive price? or the one of a kind design for the kind of price it’s being offered? What ever may be the reason, people continue to book the car paying 80 pc of the money at the time of booking even when they are not sure of when it will be delivered.  Further in the post we’ll discuss why I wouldn’t buy a Nano. Read more…

Tata Nano: World’s Cheapest Car

March 24, 2009 15 comments

Tata Nano, World’s cheapest car launched in India yesterday, 23 March 2009. Amidst all the reviews, Previews and News Stories following the Nano, I present a simplistic and a Lay man’s view of what Nano means to me. As seen from Television reports, Nano to me looked likes a regular 3 wheeler or a 4 wheeler Auto Rickshaw that goes around town, Popularly known as the ‘Share-Auto’ in Chennai. It didn’t look any different in size, the only difference – the shape.


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Sharing Love..

March 16, 2009 6 comments

love-wallpaper81They say, “Love increases when shared”, and I’m getting to know the real meaning behind it. Everyone in my family is in now in love with the ‘Love of my Life‘ , specially with all the new things happening in her life. It’s starting to irritate me, I’m getting violent at times specially when i have no quality time spent ‘alone’ with her. My only luck is when there is a cricket match, i get to over-power the others, everyone loves Cricket.. Luckily…

You must have figured what and who i was talking about in the very first line, specially if you have been reading my blog for sometime. If you have, Thank You. I hope the commitment is a longer affair. The random thoughts are back.. For that matter they had never gotten away.. all part of my life as a individual. It’s been a while since i have had anything about TV times.. Some of my favorite shows and what’s been happening.. Believe me, i have nothing to write except for some non-sense.. U may want to skip reading further.. It’s only cribbing from now on.. Read more…

The Golden Age Returns – Balika Vadhu

September 28, 2008 13 comments

It was a golden age when DD teleacasted its own serials, shows whose primary focus was to show reality in India. Shows that contained content suitable to all audiences. Now, Saas bahu serials seem to dominate Indian television, One cannot imagine a TV channel that runs without a single Saas Bahu Serial. As an initiative to provide content that stood distinct from the rest of the entertainment channels, Colors launched series of programmes focusing on the current problems in society, shows that reflected the history and culture of India. Balika Vadhu, adds to my list of highly recommended programmes. Read more…