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Never hungry for Pizza Hut again..

December 31, 2010 1 comment

Hate Pizza HutI hate Pizza Hut, I truly do. Despite giving them a harsh sounding the last time, the restaurant (DLF, Shivaji Gardens, Porur, Chennai) continues to not accept vouchers that are shared online. The staff is so not friendly, and they rarely do know anything about their restaurant or Pizza Hut as a brand. The manager doesn’t care and the customers suffer… Read more…


Funny Status Messages

April 3, 2009 55 comments

There are days when you feel pissed off and don’t want to be disturbed. There are days when u r in a happy mood and want to express a feeling without having to talk to everybody. Status messages come in handy (For people who don’t understand the term, Status message is a ‘tag’ line that appears with the online status of a person) and I’m a big fan of the funny ones.

A number of people have proverbs and motivational messages as their status messages but very less have funny status messages. I have seen a lot of people have one just for the sake of it, One of my friend has ‘Be Positive’.. Really? Is that what you are trying to tell the world about u?  I have a collection and plan to make them public thorugh my blog. To get started off, here are some funny and ridiculous status messages. Read more…

India Tour of Newzeland – 3rd ODI, Christchurch

March 10, 2009 5 comments

sachinMarch 8 2009: Sachin Tendulkar missed out on a double hundreds in the third one day international against Newzeland at Christchurch after he was forced to retire to a stomach strain which he retained trying to slog the ball over midwicket in the 45th over of the innings. Earlier, Dhoni and the men proved their batting poweress as they mixed both courage at aggression to post a humongous score of 393/4 in their 50 overs which included a total of 18 sixes in the inning. Sachin scored a monstrous 165 not out before retiring hurt. Yuvraj Singh scored a quick fire 87 off 60 odd balls. Newzeland batsman showed great batting skills as the opening pair put on a stand of 180 runs plus. It was an easy road for India then as Newzeland lost wickets at regular intervals in an effort to keep the required run rate under check. The momentum turned in Newzeland’s favor when Kyle Mills and Tim Southee went after the Indian quickies, at one point taking Munaf for over 35 runs in 2 overs. India finally won the match in the 45th over taking Southee with Newzeland requiring about 45 runs for victory. With this 2-0 lead, India cannot lose the series. Sachin won a deserving Man of the Match award for his show of great batting against the mediocre Newzeland attack which missed the services of their captain Daniel Vettori. More match analysis and reviews inside.. Read more…

Complaints?? Write a Snail Mail

September 24, 2008 7 comments

If you’ve ever had to deal with a large corporation, government agency, or other service provider, chances are likely that you’ve encountered a problem. If you’ve complained about the problem and found yourself brushed off or ignored, you may feel that it’s time to write a complaint letter. Complaint letters aren’t always fun, but sometimes they need to be written. In many cases, if people don’t complain, the problem agency at fault (i.e. company or government) won’t even know that the problem you and others may have experienced, even exists…. Read more…

“Send this Email to 8 people”

September 21, 2008 6 comments

How many of us have received such emails? I have seen a plenty of them. The one that urges u to ‘forward’ is the “Forward this to 20 people” and receive a ‘free laptop’ from a branded company, or ‘See a miracle’ in 10 days, Or ‘Receive good news’ in 5 hours, Or even the worse ones like ‘Forward this to 20 people or ur mother dies in 20 hours’.  Who has not seen a message about the mobile company offering free talk time for forwarding the message to at least 10 people. People somehow for the love and care of the family or for the free gift promised are becoming a part of many such online scams. Read more…

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Online Fraud – Are u a victim?

September 20, 2008 3 comments

Billions may be even a trillion’s of  websites are being registered every year. Online shopping sales have been on increase ever since. Billions of people join or access Orkut, Facebook or some other social networking sites in a day. The numbers have been increasing every minute. You know what’s increasing too? Online scams. That’s right, Online scams have been increasing ever since the first was was noticed. You might think the users have now started to wisely keep off these scams. But you would be wrong. You might want to rethink, Take a look.

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September 5, 2008 3 comments

I have long been a fan of online riddle games, Most of them have never been real brainteasers. Some that could be finished in no time. Amnesya , is one that will never end. Its something that u will want to finish. Its a game that u will want Ur friends to know about(just like I’m letting u know). Its a game that u will use to challenge ur friends with. Amnesya is one game that will never be solved, the designers claim. The designers of the game also boast about their level of complexity  “Over 3 million people have played the game and none have been able to make it to the end. Are u ready for IT??” . The introduction movie is one well made movie, its no less than a Hollywood movie trailer. Read more…

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