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IRCTC’s better new system?

July 27, 2010 2 comments

After previously being irritated by the slowness of IRCTC when booking Tatkal tickets, today brought a great surprise. Login time 8.02 AM, 2 mins after the bookings opened. Home page load – less than a second. Time to login – less than a second, Ticket availability search – less than half a second, Availability display¬† – half a second. Filling traveler, Payment details – 2 seconds. To making payment on bank website, back to ticket confirmation on irctc – less than 5 seconds. Printing ticket confirmation – one second. Log out of IRCTC – half second. In totality what was a wait forever to login to the system is now less than 30 seconds, including the time for booking a ticket! Know why? Because Mamta Banarjee came out of that Kumbhakaran sleep and brought a ruling that blocks the ticketing agents from logging into the system before 9 AM. I don’t know whether this ruling has been enforced, but the experience has by far improved. Check out the experience for yourself at


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