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Life of Inconvinience?

August 4, 2012 Leave a comment

I don’t know about you, but I can’t seem to sit for 10 mins without a proper arm chair. I buy and manage so much stuff on the internet, that going out to even purchase groceries seems boring and uncomfortable. I sometimes wonder if these modern day inventions are a boon or a bane.

The TV Remote for example? It is one of the worst I’d believe, atleast at this point. I don’t get my ass off the sofa. Now they’ve got remotes possibly for everything, the AC, the fan and even the lights. What the hell? You sometimes even don’t require the remote, there are sensors placed all over your house to turn on and turn off appliances. Read more…

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Answering Life’s questions

April 15, 2012 1 comment

Describe your life

“I’m a simple guy, with simple ambitions and nothing but a very very simple life”.

A very simple answer isn’t it? A question then fast approaches. Read more…

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How are you?

November 11, 2010 Leave a comment

A question: How are you? How is work? My Answer: Work is good, just pushing it along. Happy the way it is. Seems something that you’d say too? Think about it again. There is so much negativity in one statement. It’s almost like saying “I’m not happy about it, actually I hate it!” It’s a statement that would come from a mind that is lazy, bored, tired and just dysfunctional.

No, it really is! Every single day, I take a train ride to work and back. Every single day I spend 15 mins talking to myself, looking back at what I have done in a day. Every single time, I’m only looking at having done nothing. Even on a busy day, when you are occupied for full 9-10 hours, the feeling of having done nothing never vanishes. Read more…

Facebook, Twitter and my boring life..

May 25, 2010 4 comments

I’m bored of Twitter, I’m bored of facebook! I’m bored of poking people, I’m bored of writing Happy Birthday messages on people’s walls. I’m bored of the social interview questions that rarely find a comment, and I’m bored of reading tweets that mean nothing in my life. I’m bored of writing tweets that rarely get replies or retweets. I’m just bored of every single social networking site there is! Aren’t you really bored all those invitations that friends send you on email? Don’t you think your social life has been taken over by a virtual life? Read more…

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Protected: Some thoughts

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Hack Proof Your Life – Part I

November 23, 2009 7 comments

Mental BlockIt’s been a while and my mental blockade hasn’t faded away.. The last blog on how twitter has changed my life won me Rs.1200 worth planet M voucher.. Phew a reward when you are facing a blockade is good motivation. If that wasn’t enough, talking to Disha, who I met at the RCB fanatic fan challenge helped. There is so much to discuss, so many buffered memories, so many topics, so much to discuss! LVS, this discussion is going to be in parts but i don’t garuntee on the length of the post, I’ll know when it’s complete :).. How many parts? One? two? three? ten? I’m not sure.. Lets just get started.

The following is a conversation that i had with one of my friends two years back that I hope has thought him a lesson..
“Hey, I’m unable to login to my orkut account.” exclaimed my friend. “May be you are typing the wrong password, Check if caps lock is on.”.. Read more…

Hey, What’s up?

October 21, 2009 3 comments

Bored_kidI feel really pissed to answer a friend who says, “What’s up?” because really there isn’t much happening in my personal or professional life. My life is the same, except for short lived moments of happiness every now and then.  The last post came early last month, and this one comes thanks to ‘wanting to update something other than facebook or twitter ‘thought! Facebook and Twitter are spoiling me! A lot of my time socializing happens there and I’ve finally decided to change it. So here’s a post that could make no sense to anybody! I just want to write something. Read more…