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I like to see movies, but am not a maniac. I’d wait for atleast 10 people to tell me a review of the movie before I watch it, Some I hate, Some I like. Everything I think of a Movie goes as a Short Review in the side bar. In trying to keep it small, I’m having to move the older reviews into this page. The Widget is to hold two movies that I truly recommend and two movies that I have truly hated, unless there is a movie that forces me to replace them, it’s gonna stay!


PS: These are movies that I have seen, all opinions expressed are truly personal; none intended to hurt the feelings of the people reading it except the people involved in the movie.

Singam - Tamil Movie

Madarasapattinam – This Arya Starrer is boring and slow. A Village guy falling in love with a Bristish girl with a backdrop of Indian Independence.. Lagaan? Yes, Inspired!

The Director wants you to see good’ol “Madras”, but what you really see is Chennai Central railway station with a lot of people canoeing across the Coovam river (now sewage carrier) almost every alternate scene.

The movie thankfully picks up speed post interval, but a lot of unwanted, illogical scenes, want you to leave even before that happens. British girl in the role of Emi is beautiful. Arya in not his best. Not worth the time or the money!

Singam - Tamil Movie

Southern Star Surya starrer Singam (Lion) turned out to be a complete tamil film that entertains the audience with real tamil style movies. Fight sequences are brilliantly shot, and the dialogues add more spice to the movie. The chemistry between Prakash Raj (Villan) and Surya is far better than with the heroin Anushka Sharma whose there in the movie to add glamour, dance in a few mistimed songs and to get kidnapped by the villan. Singam is a fun family movie filled with slapstick laughter with vivek. Watch it for timepass!

Vinnaythandi Varuvaya

Silambarasan, Trisha starrer tamil movie Vinnaythandi varuvaya is just a plain ordinary love-story, something a lot of romantics will be able to connect. A usual love at first sight plot, with girl & boy from separate castes, talk about love, fall in love, girl wouldn’t marry without fathers approval, brother threatens the boy, stupid misunderstanding, both separate.

The climax however is unusual of a typical happy ending movie, but yet is not the best part about the movie. Vinnaythandi Varuvaya is a movie for lovers to watch their own lives in HD!

Movie Rating: It’s good, but not something I liked!

Housefull - Hindi film

Sajid Khan directed Housefull opened in true bollywood style, but then bombed a week later! Cartoon like Electric shock scenes make u laugh, but not for long! Akshay Kumar, Ritesh Deshmukh, Lara Dutta, Deepika Padukone, Boman Irani show perfect comic timing, but a real “Panauti” script make the movie slow and boring in parts.

The climax is ridiculous, U can leave the movie 10 mins before it’s end because u’ve probably guessed the end by then. But hey, and there is this the sexy Jiah khan “I don’t know what to do” song, Dont miss it 😉 All in all, a movie that will only pass half your time 🙂

Movie Rating: Comic in parts, Mix of lot of scenes from English movies, Just entertaining!

How to Train Your Dragon -3D

An Animation film by Dreamworks international, How To Train Your Dragon is about a teenage boy disregarded as a most not so viking like in a viking community known to hunt down dragons.
The boy then hunts a dragon that nobody has seen, befriends with it, and goes on to hunting the biggest monster dragon! Very few 3D effects make the movie watchable in 2D. Go watch this movie for some real fun animation story!

Movie Rating: It’s good, but not worth having to sit through 120 mins with the 3D glasses!

Avatar – One of the best Sci-Fi movies ever made after Star wars! A Good Vs. Evil war set in a planet called Pandora.

The Human’s are after a stone that sells for over a million dollars a kilo, the planet – host to aliens called Na’vi who the humans must kill!
Director James Cameron delivers a master piece with this one! A must watch!

Movie Rating: Must watch! Watch it in 3D and you’ve got your money worth!

Kandasamy – A Tamil movie that promised so much but completely failed! Vikram, a CBI officer(or some kind of IT officer?) disguises himself as Kandasamy to loot corrupted officers, People with Black money and helps the needy. Haven’t we seen Robin hood already? Shreya saran is skimply dressed, and is only to dance on some ridiculous music! Comedian Vadivelu also is seen in 4 scenes through out the movie! Bad screenplay makes you want to leave the theater in the first half hour of the movie!

Movie Rating: If you like the actors, you might want to go and see this just to know what they can’t save! It’s not good, It’s ridiculous!

3 Idiots! – based on Chetan bhagat’s book “5. someone”, 3 Idiots promises to be a Christmas present that most Engineering students will be able to associate to. Yet another brilliant movie from the fabulous duo of Raj Kumar Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra. and Cast: Aamir Khan, R Madhavan, Sharman Joshi and Kareena Kapoor 🙂

Love Aaj Kal – I continue to hate it. It made no sense to me. If didn’t seem to make the connection. Click on the image to read the full review!

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