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October 5, 2012 42 comments, a multibrand retail online store is to me one of the most user-friendly sites to date. Although products that you will find on this site are for a man  with a small budget, the products that you will get are of the highest quality. Packing and shipping that I will rate the best, scores an easy 4 out of 5 in my user ratings.

All you read in this blog is a true and honest opinion. is an online megastore of products ranging from clothing apparel, to jewellery, to sports goods and to fragrances. There are many sections to explore and multiple brands to choose. Items on rate at the highest quality coming from well-known brands. Read more…

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Scam Alert – Now using Income Tax of India

November 25, 2011 8 comments

Income Tax Email Subject

Income Tax Government of India emailed me last evening. I assumed this email was a confirmation for the refund I received earlier this year, but no, this was about giving me more, an excess refund of Rs. 36,120.25 accumulated as Tax excess.

This is a scam! This is how..     Read more…

Happy New Year Y’all

December 31, 2010 Leave a comment

From being on a short exciting trip to South Africa following cricket to getting engaged to a beautiful girl in Ruchika, 2010 has been a great year and full of surprises…

Made new friends, shared new relationships, some happy moments , some sad, 2010 has also been a year of wonderful people…

Built new applications, built(been a part of) a happier team… Tried newer things, some passed, some failed, learned a lesson from everything and everybody. 2010 has been great at work…

With No resolutions to make and no promises to break, I bid good bye to what was a memorable year in my life… 2011, Lets hope you have happier times ahead… Happy new year y’all.. God Bless!


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Never hungry for Pizza Hut again..

December 31, 2010 1 comment

Hate Pizza HutI hate Pizza Hut, I truly do. Despite giving them a harsh sounding the last time, the restaurant (DLF, Shivaji Gardens, Porur, Chennai) continues to not accept vouchers that are shared online. The staff is so not friendly, and they rarely do know anything about their restaurant or Pizza Hut as a brand. The manager doesn’t care and the customers suffer… Read more…

“Great Stuff!”

November 11, 2010 Leave a comment

I’d been to South Africa the second time in a week, thanks to Airtel, who sponsored my trip to watch the finals of the Airtel Champions League T20, September 2010. The trip was memorable, but the thoughts about having been in Johannesburg still ring in my mind not only because of the experience of being in a new country, but because of a man, Billy, the time I had talking to him and his family.

I’m not sure how I can introduce Billy to you. A friend, a client of a cousin or a self motivated man who at the age of 23 owns a monopoly of Mahindra and Tata spare parts company in South Africa… Read more…

Enthiran – The Robot : below expectations

October 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Rajnikanth is a craze in South India, and I’m one of them. Ever since the movie’s release dates were announced, I was trying to catch hold of a theatre owner who’d let me book one full show for friends and family. Sadly, the demand is so much that only a few lucky people get the tickets. People like me have to either pay 10 times for the ticket in black or wait for at least 3 days to find a ticket…

“Have you seen the Enthiran – The Robot yet?” – A question almost everyone has asked me in the last few days. I did watch it, yes, on the 4th day of the release, a night show where I paid just a little over the ticket’s actual price. Did I enjoy it like I do with all Rajnikanth movies? Not really. To me Rajni’s Sivaji – The boss is still one of the best of Rajni I have seen till date. Why not? Read more…

Why Do People eat non vegetarian?

September 13, 2010 60 comments

Even before I start presenting a case on why people eat non vegetarian, “Mitchami Dukkadam”.

If there has been a day or time in our lives when I’ve done anything wrong, or have hurt you or your feelings knowingly or unknowingly, I ask for your forgiveness (Mitchami Dukkadam)

The Jain community just ended a 8 day long Paryushan Parv(festival) which is aimed at forgetting and forgiving everything bad that has happened to us in the past year. The eighth day a.k.a “Samvatsari” is the day we all ask for forgiveness from everybody, because according to Jainism, you get peace only by forgiving and forgetting everything wrong that you may have done or experienced in the past! 🙂

This post is to understand the reasons why People  slaughter the animals for food. Being a Jain, I have been following a vegetarian diet, Read more…