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Cashkaro.com – earn money while you shop!


Among many websites offering coupons and discounts on popular stores, cashkaro.com hits the market with a unique concept. So attractive that one cannot resist from using the service at least once. One such person is writing this blog.

cashkaro.com allows a user to purchase products from multi brand websites, use their regular offers, and also give you cash back on every purchase you make through their website. There is a simple three step process involved.

1. Visit Cashkaro.com and navigate to your favorite multi brand retail page. For ex: Snapdeal, Zovi, myntra, flipkart etc.

2. Once there, cashkaro displays all the offers available on the partner website. These offers generally expire within a period of time. Depending on the offer you choose, or the partner site you have chosen to shop on, cashkaro either offers a discount coupon code to use during checkout (or) a click through to the partner website. This means that you have to simply click a button and cashkaro will redirect you to the partner website automatically, where you can shop normally to purchase one or many products.

3. Once the order is placed, Cashkaro is able to track your order placement and payment from the partner website, and credit your cashkaro account with the cash-back amount. Depending on the partnering website, you have to allow cashkaro a time of 4-72 hours to track cash-back.

What do you do with the cashback? You simply cash it. Once your account reaches a Rs. 250 cash-back value, you can checkout all of the money using NEFT to your own bank account.

Cashkaro also provides you with a 10 percent commission for any cashback your referalls earn. That means if you have five friends who have credit cards, you will earn some cash!

Other top features of the website include a great search feature for top caskback, top discounts etc for ease of use. Many congratulations to the team at cashkaro for a user friendly design. You can like their page on facebook, and get regular updates on latest cashbacks. Awesome!  Cashkaro on facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/cashkaro

Sounds too good to be true, does it not?

Coming from a technical background I wondered if cashkaro will really be able to track back my purchase without me entering a code on the partner website. It actually does, and does it beautifully. It took less than two hours for the cashback to get reflected.

When suggesting it to friends, I kept getting back the question of what benefit cashkaro is able to receive by providing some service like this. How are the partners leveraging from this? Would they not earn more if the shoppers went to the website directly?

I can only think that there is a mutual benefit. Cashkaro gets more shoppers, and that means shoppers will visit other partner sites more. The partner sites, both big and small get newer shoppers from cashkaro by offering more discounts.
Also to amount to a cashback of Rs.250, one has to make at least two purchases. That means the partners are guaranteed of at least 2 orders from cashkaro users. To ensure the two orders are received by them, they have to provide better offers!

I do not feel satisfied by this, and so I will inspect their privacy policy to see if my details will be shared to some third party companies.

However until then, I feel good to receive something back in terms of money that I can cash instead of using on my next purchase. Cashkaro is definitely a site I will visit before visiting any popular sites for shopping. Currently I have 199 in my account. So until next purchase from Cashkaro…


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  1. October 30, 2013 at 7:07 am

    Thanks for the great article Kunal. The Cashkaro revenue model is two fold.

    1. Some of the commission received from the retailers like Snapdeal, Myntra etc is retained by them.

    2. Advertising from retailers. Brands like Snapdeal, Jabong etc shall in due course start paying Cashkaro to featured deals on the homepage, newsletters etc. So essentially marketing revenues.

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