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Life of Inconvinience?

I don’t know about you, but I can’t seem to sit for 10 mins without a proper arm chair. I buy and manage so much stuff on the internet, that going out to even purchase groceries seems boring and uncomfortable. I sometimes wonder if these modern day inventions are a boon or a bane.

The TV Remote for example? It is one of the worst I’d believe, atleast at this point. I don’t get my ass off the sofa. Now they’ve got remotes possibly for everything, the AC, the fan and even the lights. What the hell? You sometimes even don’t require the remote, there are sensors placed all over your house to turn on and turn off appliances.

They are now voice activated. Bloody hell, they have invented a fridge that will order groceries for you automatically. Even cars these days have all type of automatic systems. You don’t need to change gears, and some of them have automatic car park system that will park itself. I’m happy that to this day they haven’t invented robots that will do all the work for you, or have they?

What on gods name is happening on this planet? Some of these systems are really designed to make you lazy, not “Comfortable”. Sometimes I feel that the massage chair is really the best invention ever made, but “you wouldn’t need it idiot if you walked a few kilometers everyday…”

My lifestyle has become really lazy, not that I have all of the above stuff, or not that I don’t want them in my life. Yes, I would like a car that is self driven. Yes, I like the remote. Just that, whenever someone wants you to do something… You go like.. “Nooooo..”. You know who I’m talking about right? Mum, wife, girlfriend.. “Get your lazy bum off the sofa and do this for me..” and if you show your manliness in front of these women, you are already on the losing side. You know what I’m talking about right? Lets then not get into the details.

All I’m doing is bantering. Nothing is going to change, not one thing. I bought a pair of badminton bats about a month back promising myself to wake up early and have a round of badminton with my mates. Nothing has changed. The badminton bats are lying there dusted. I wish they were bought off the internet, I would have probably had my cash back with their 30 day return policy. What is with that anyway?

Point is, I think people had more fun when they had no make-yourself-“comfortable” gadgets around them. My dad used to tell me how they had fun reading as a group under one street light when they didn’t have power, or how they would all go to the railway station wave at every train that went by as a part of their fun saturday routine. I sort fo wish all of that came back. I wish.

Boring already? Yes, me too. I wonder what’s on TV?

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