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Answering Life’s questions

Describe your life

“I’m a simple guy, with simple ambitions and nothing but a very very simple life”.

A very simple answer isn’t it? A question then fast approaches.

What do you seek the most?
There are no two options to choose from. You are given the time you need to think, and then my brain goes into thinking of the best answer: “I want to always see my family smile, and I’m committed to keep the smile going.”

Is that the only thing you seek?
and then there is more thinking, because just seeing the family happy isn’t sufficient. You want to make them happier. How do you do that? “I want to earn more money to give them the luxuries they desire.”

Good, we are getting there slowly. Anything else?
You want something for yourself too right? If you are successful, obviously your family is proud and they are more happier. “I want to be successful”

What kind of success?
“Just respect from the people I know. I want to be a role model to a lot of people”

Is that all you desire, Family, money, success??
“I think so”

Do you think you have it all right now?
Family is happy, yes.
Income is good, yes.
Succesfull. To a level. Yes.
Respect from People. Getting there. Yes.

If I were to go by the results that I have been able to jot down, I shouldn’t really be worried about my life. That isn’t the case, I’m not really happy with the way my life is right now. The reason I’m writing this post, at. 1.30 AM midnight.

Life isn’t so simple isn’t it. You look at all the people who are succesfull and all you see is that they never stop. They are never satisfied, no matter how much hard their life is, they always wake up with the same passion everyday. Looking at them, you always wonder… “Don’t I want to be like that?”… and the answer is “YES!”

All that means is that I have the wrong mindset? or the wrong approach? or my answer to questions of my life are too general. I’m going to try and answer them once again, with a more immediate approach. These are answers to things that I want to do immediately, given 3 months, to one year time! Lets try this again.

What do you seek the most?
On a more immediate approach, the priorities always remains the same. Family’s happiness. How do I make them happier? By giving them luxuries they most deserve. “Buying a car would be a nice thing, a house would be wonderful.”

Given a fixed amount in salary and monthly bills to pay off, there isn’t much I can control. Getting a car or a house on a EMI from the bank should be easy, but it is an approach I best want to avoid. The reason? I don’t want myself or my brain to understand that I have the money to do it. Instead I want to train myself into believing that I can earn that additional amount and buy a car. How do I plan to do that?

God has been kind. He’s always given me oppurtunities, and there is one that I need to work upon. End of which is a garunteed capital waiting! It doesn’t cost me a dime, and therefore is just the thing I need at this time.

Is that the only thing you seek?
No there’s more. I’m not done. I want to be giving people salaries instead of taking one. I want to own a business.

Good, we are getting there slowly. Anything else?
There will be more, I’m sure. On a more 1 year only approach, I think that pretty much says it all.

Going to work with 100% efforts on the oppurtunity at hand. Yes.
Start a small business. Yes.
That’ll keep family happy? Oh, yes!

There is no fancy writing in this blog, and may seem very vague or discomforting. Fact is that it has given me enough clarity on the thing I want to do for the next six months! Wish me luck.


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  1. Shilpszzz
    March 10, 2014 at 8:27 pm

    All the best…how did the 6 months go…actually how did the 2 years go…I see you have not been blogging too much…is that a good sign!?

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