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It’s been a while since I’ve not updated the blog. A lot of reasons, a lot of things to write about and really, a lot of boredom! There are a hundred things I want to write about; I’m only going to stick to a few to get that rhythm going. On the menu: India’s tour of England, Mobile Store with Citi Bank customer service review, My favourite Credit Card, and just some thought on personality development.

First, India’s disaster tour against England!

Disaster is not the word; we have really been outplayed in all departments of the game in all the formats! England played at their best, and we played our worst. From the first ball bowled in this series to the last one, there is nothing positive that India can take.

The only stand out was the performance of Rahul Dravid, who once again showed way too many Indian hopes. Without his abilities with the bat, test matches would have been a day shorter.  His retirement from One day matches didn’t become a big moan around India, because thankfully he continues to play Test matches. Dhoni and his men cannot depend on him too much because with the current Indian schedule test matches are months apart, and with Dravid not playing any other format, keeping himself fit and in the runs will be hard!

With so many Injuries India really only played the series with a second string team, and it didn’t look good for us. The batsmen got the runs, but the bowler failed. When the bowlers did well, the English tail wagged. In all, India looked like they were missing the experience of their seniors, in batting and bowling! A distarous tour came to an end with England finishing 4-0 in the tests, 3-0 (with one no result, and a washout) in the one dayers, and also won the only T20 international! The disaster was so big that India managed to reach a score of 300 only last night in the fifth ODI, every time before that India ended their innings under 300, be it tests, one dayers or T20.

The Mobile store and Citi Contraversy:

I bought a Nokia x3-02 from the Mobile Store a month back for my sister’s birthday (not the best choice I have made till date). I chose to pay in easy 0% interest EMI’s with my citi bank credit card making sure there were no additional charges on the same.

A few days later Citi bank charged me an amount of Rs.599 towards EMI transaction charges. There was an additional Rs.67 charge towards service charge for the transaction charge (this is a government ruling i was told, 10.3% for all service charges on the card), and looking at that I got furios! I called Mobile store customer care immediately and talked about my problem.

To my surprise, the CC talk was really pleasing, I was directly put to the floor manager who heard my problem, understood it, and promised to take action on that in 24 hours. So he did, I received an apology call back from the Manager! I politely asked for a refund, and he had reasons to say no to it. Some more sweet talk later, the manager asked for more time to see what he can do.

48 hours later, I initiated a call and the manger informed me that I can pick up a 4GB memory card worth Rs.330 from the store as compensation. I refused, the transaction being at Rs.667 in total “I cannot do anything more than this! Definitely not with an amount more than Rs.400”… “Give me some time to think I said”… Another 48 hours later I received a call saying my compensation had been arranged, a 4GB memory card with Rs.50 discount voucher for my next purchase. “Can you give me cash… 400 in cash?” and he agreed. A few days later I picked up the cash! Thank you!

It took me about 30 days to get it solved, but persistence did pay!

Citi, and why it is my favourite card:

I use the Indian Oil Citi bank Titanium credit card. With no joining fees and no annual fees, this card is a bargain. If you are sure that you will be able to pay off your bill well before time, then this card is really what you need, especially with the rising cost of fuel.

I say so not because you can earn rewards for fuel purchases, but because all the reward points on this card are redeemable for fuel. Yes, 1 point = Re.1 for petrol. What’s more, you get 4 reward point for every 150 spent on fuel (at Indian oil outlets only) and a 2.5% surcharge waiver (if used on a citi card machine). Really a bargain I told you.

This card is now available as a VISA Platinum card, and with better rewards. Again no joining fee, no annual fee.  Visa gives you better offers and platinum gives you better services. Another additional feature added to this card is 2 points (just 1 point earlier) for every 150 spent for groceries and supermarkets. A definite bargain this! I plan to upgrade.

Hey, and don’t worry about the services, their Internet banking site is top class, and so is their phone banking service. Reward point redemption can be done directly at any Indian Oil outlets, or through a telephone call to a phone banking agent.

Another one of citi’s classic cards is the Citi Cash Back Rewards Credit card. Important features: Cashback of 10% on bookmyshow.com, a popular movie ticket booking website. 5% cashback on other movie theatres, 5 % cash back on all utility bills! 1 point for every 100 spent! The only drawback: these reward points cannot be redeemed against fuel, but with cash back you’ll be able to save more money than rewards. So who’s complaining? The card comes at no Joining fee, but a Rs. 500 annual fee that can be waived off if Rs. 20000 is spent on the card annually.

I have applied for this card after having made a number of calculations. I’m bound to spend 20k towards bills and recharges, and therefore each atleast 600 in cash back making it another rewarding experience.

If you are 21 years old, and have steady income, you have to get this card. I’m not an agent to citi, just another Happy customer!

Personal Development:

There are things that I want to change in my daily life. It’s become monotonous and I do want some adventure and rythm back! I really am not sure how that is going to happen.

Been living a similar life, with no clue of where it is headed, feeling of having reached a saturation point from when on there is no step forward? Join the club! What are you doing about it? Let me know.

More thoughts coming soon.


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