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Customer service – Cleartrip.com & Snapdeal.com

https://i2.wp.com/i53.tinypic.com/2ez1u10.jpgIf you own a company and want to test your customer service rating, give me your product. I’ve had to fight, quarrel, threaten and sweet talk so many customer service executives of different companies to earn this status! Yes, I know how to deal with you guys, or do I?

You might say that I’m never satisfied, but the truth is that I take a stand only when I feel that I have not been offered a product that is value for money. There are many instances in the blog already to read about, this one is to highlight the ones that have not made it here…

The story of a cashback

I purchased a voucher from snapdeal.com, 99 bucks, offer of 1000 bucks cashback on domestic hotel booking and Rs. 350 discount on flight booked on cleartrip.com.

I made the hotel booking, not the flight. As per voucher terms, I was qualified for the cashback. 30 days later, there were no credits in my account. Wrote a small email to both snap deal and cleartrip with the problem, here is where the customer service steps in. Sure enough, I receive an email reply from snapdeal confirming the receipt of the email.

A dude writes back saying the booking was made on the website whereas the booking had to be made on their mobile site, hence no cash back, case closed. This dude also sends me a link to show me the steps to making the booking. He never looked at it himself, the link is to only make flight bookings. Idiots!

Snap offerThe redemption process takes you to a page non existent. I’ve used a lot of other cleartrip offers, and when ever necessary they have pointed out redemption only with a mobile phone on m.cleartrip.com

A harsh reply they deserved, I highlight the problem and the terms on the voucher in bold just to tell them that it was not what was on the voucher. Even so, clear trip hadn’t yet opened hotel reservations in their mobile site, how did they expect me to book then? Sure enough, cleartrip customer cell was CC’ed on this.

No reply from cleartrip yet, a call to Customer service leads to nothing but more issues where they say the bookings were to be made on mobile site. Even their people didn’t know that mobile site does not have hotel bookings. They hang up with a promise of call back, and as you’d expect they never returned the call.

Snapdeal writes back, another mindless dude repeating the same non sense. Gives me the same link and asks me to look at 5th point on the link given. Booking a flight! This is where I start to threaten them, with warning of making issue public on their facebook and twitter accounts. About taking this all over the internet with examples to links of my previous blogs! Nothing happens…

I hadn’t lose hope. Nobody was reading my emails, “Unke baap ka kya jaata hai?”(It’s none of their business!), and I made the call to snapdeal, directly asked for connection to one of their managers, highlighted the problem and after 30 mins of non stop you-are-wrong talk, she agreed to have a look. A detailed email was requested, and after a period of 5 days, I got my cashback, but not a single call or email from cleartrip.

Verdict: The soft-I’m-feeling-helpless approach on the managers works most of the time. First get their direct number, then freak out at the start of the call, and hang up on their face if necessary! Call back, and apologize, say you were freaked out that they didn’t understand something this basic. They will help you, understand your problem and work towards a resolution. Don’t forget to thank them when it’s done, this way you can contact them In future when necessary.

Most of the times, there isn’t a problem with the booking, but when it’s there Cleartrip has a bad customer service cell, trade with them at your own risk! They do not reply on emails, and you have to make 100’s of phone calls to get them to understand the problem.

Snapdeal, have undertrained dudes who know nothing on the phone, managers are people who will actually solve the problems for you(but just about none of the deals fail). Tell the dudes that you have had it explaining the problems to them, and would like to talk to the manager to get it solved. They will transfer!


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