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What they called news

Marriage brings many changes to your life, your time is not yours alone.

With marriage come it’s own marital blues.. You are put up in this world where you cannot think of anything but wanting to be with each other. Mondays seem like Friday and the time stops. It’s hard to concentrate on something for a long time without having a different thought. I’m just about starting to come out of it.. and having my mind back in control, I do want to share my thoughts on some news headlines that I would have normally written about.

A forgotten IPL: Chennai Super Kings become champions again.
I really don’t know what Dhoni is doing with the team that no other Indian Captain tried, but his methods have proved successful. Call it just luck, or
the poor performances by the other team, but Dhoni has done it again, now with defending the IPL championship status with a team that didn’t have too many fancy names! I suddenly have new found respect for the man who replaced a hero, Saurav Ganguly as captain. I think it’s now safe to say that Dhoni is probably the best captain ever to lead and Indian cricket team, specially with the number of trophies that he’s been able to win away from home.

It was hard to keep track of scores with 8 teams let alone 10. IPL was boring, at least to me it was because I didn’t really have any interest in anything other than knowing my wife. What interests me as I come out of the wedding blues is that Royal Challengers Bangalore did exceptionally well.. Yay!! Come September, I’ll have my time to relive my passion through cricket and Champions league T20. Heard it’s happening in India? True? 🙂

A new found leader in Anna Hazare and political joke by the ruling party – Congress
“Yes, I did it again” is a song that congress likes the most I guess. Despite knowing about the support Shri Anna Hazare is getting towards formation
of a bill with amendments to include the prime minister, and the MP’s under the lokpal, the congress is in constant denial mode, making them as the evil minds behind the whole issue. Digvijay singh is going to get shot one day, and Kapil Sibbal will be seen chanting morally correct sentences in
front of the public, with the Prime minister hiding behind Sonia Ji!

What I know is a fact that even if lokpal bill is formed with or without the civil society inputs, the Congress party has called an end to it’s tenure as a nationalist party! With time citizens of India have realized that the only motto of the party is to rape the country of it’s wealth and warm their own pockets. Congress party has tainted the Gandhian image! It’s about time a revolution took place reminding corrupt politicians of the citizen power!

AS Kiran Bedi would say: WE ARE WITH YOU ANNA JI!

Baba Ramdev ki Jawani: Chupi gayi salwaar mein
Baba Ramdev in his own effort to get some lime light went on a fast unto death against the government! His idea: “Declare the Black money stowed away in swiss banks as the property of Government of India!”.. baba ji, isn’t it already the property of the government? These are the same people who have binami accounts there. Of course they agreed to your demands in a day! All you had left to do as sip a glass of water and celebrate the win, also appointing experienced people from the society to help draft a process! Instead, you chose to raise new issues and got beaten out of Delhi middle of the night! Yes, it was bad to do it, but you left the government with no choice but to pull you out of there.

More Ghotalas: I’m bored. Bring back Shiela ki jawani.
After Kanimozhi, daughter of ex chief minister Karunanidhi, Ex Chief Telecom Minister, Dayanidhi maran is known to have some involvement in the 2G scam. Currently he has resigned from his post and is known to be sipping hot coffee at his home in Chennai. What’s with CBI? itni activity kyon aur
kaise? Is it their ability to track down cases so fast (when given permission to investigate) forcing the government not to pass lokpal?

Oh, and DMK got it’s due for ruling the state of TamilNadu by having to sit as the opposition in the state assembly, as Jayalaitha, a.k.a Amma clean-sweeped the election! This thanks to the congress to let the CBI uncover the whole 2G spectrum scam, and bringing into light the dirty family based politics of tamilnadu! People have realized that it’s not the free tv sets that matter!


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