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Never hungry for Pizza Hut again..

Hate Pizza HutI hate Pizza Hut, I truly do. Despite giving them a harsh sounding the last time, the restaurant (DLF, Shivaji Gardens, Porur, Chennai) continues to not accept vouchers that are shared online. The staff is so not friendly, and they rarely do know anything about their restaurant or Pizza Hut as a brand. The manager doesn’t care and the customers suffer…

I don’t know if I should call this place a restaurant or a store because as told by their manager, as shown in the Pizza Hut outlet list(god the website is so slow) , this particular store is a “DELCO”; meaning Delivery and Carry Out (Take away I guess)

Cool, they will accept the coupons if I’m taking the pizzas on delivery or I’m carrying them out… So why wouldn’t they take any coupons, it’s because I use their place for eating. They have chairs and tables for customers to enjoy the Pizza’s while they are hot. What I hear from the person behind the billing machine is: “You cannot use the coupons if you are going to sit here and eat” That’s right, exactly the words they used! It not only did sound rude to me, but it also meant that they didn’t fully understand that the place was a “DELCO”…

Not wanting to make a scene, I decide to pay the bill and wait for the pizza’s to come… 10 mins later, they arrive, smelling delicious, but packed in a box. What? If it was a ‘dine in’ restaurant, I at least expect to be served in plates… The plates come separately and when asked to be served, the lady simply walks away. No knives, No forks and some plastic plates is what you least expect when you order pizzas for some 3000 bucks!

“Where is the Manager?” The store manager walks out and supports his staff saying that it was a Dine in and that the pizzas will be served in plates… He too somehow didn’t seem to understand that he worked at a “DELCO”…

There was a self-service banner right on the the billing counter too… Dine in?

After finishing the meal, I had enough time to find the manager and talk to him about the problems, he agrees with me that the coupons should have been accepted but since the bill was already paid for he couldn’t do anything… He promises better service and proper staff behavior when we walked in next. All of this, in a very ‘I don’t care if you didn’t like the place’ tone… I didn’t get an apology from the manager or the staff, hence walked out disgusted.

Two days after, People sitting there were being served in plates and the service was a lot better. It was nice to see that my anger at least turned into something nicer for other customers. I decided against writing a blog, but not until now when we walked in there with another team lunch.

We were denied coupons again, by the same staff for the same reason. A new thing was when we said we wanted a treat for 2 (2 medium pizzas, 1 garlic bread and 2 pepsi’s) for 250 something, they refused saying the offer was only for “take away & delivery, not if we dined in the restaurant”.

Stupid people I say! I was with a team of 10 people who had no other place to go but pizza hut to celebrate New Year, not wanting to make them wait; I decided to just see what happened next.

The Pizza’s came out in a box! Haha… Something that didn’t surprise me, something that was convinced me that I had enough, enough of this stupid arguments and stupid service from the staff. We finished our dinner and walked out…

What should Pizza Hut do about it?

  • Train the staff or do reviews of each store.
  • Take the feedback book seriously, the one that lies in the corner of the store half torn.
  • Make the manager accountable for any dissatisfaction in a store.
  • Apology from the manager, It never came. “Sir, I understand, and next time it will not happen is not an apology”
  • Do something about pleasing a not so happy customer then and there.
  • Take a special request, offer coupons in exchange of coupons that were not accepted.

The pizzas are so costly that we only walk-in if it is someone’s treat, or if it is sponsored by somebody else. Why shouldn’t Pizza hut offer coupons of discount with every bill? I think they did when it was started, it just doesn’t happen any more.

I hate Pizza Hut, The feeling is so bad that I now feel that the staff don’t care about hygiene, and that the kitchen is messy and in bad shape. I was once told that they maintain separate stations for veg and non veg toppings but all the Pizzas went into the same oven. I would not be surprised to see them all mixed up, with the same person baking the veg and non veg pizzas. Being a pure vegetarian, this feeling is bad.

If they don’t care for the customer outside, I wonder what happens on the inside… I seriously hope that all of this changes and that Pizza Hut takes my suggestions and complaints seriously.

For me, I would just happy if I received an apology from the store manager himself & some free coupons to show to colleagues who believe that such brands don’t care about the customers after the bills have been paid, and to colleagues who believe to walk out without fighting for what is right because “we don’t have to pay the bill” ?

I wanted to share a lot of pictures as proof, but they wouldn’t just transfer from the phone to the computer.

PS: I’ve wrote this one in anger, and since it happens to waste my time on the new years eve, I’ve not bothered to spell check it or gramatically correct it. Don’t bother about them! Happy New Year to you all…

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