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Airtel vs Big TV vs TataSky

Okay. Another DTH related post. Just had a look at the monthly statements of tatasky for the last 6 months. Was surprised to see that I had been spending 400 bucks each month despite doing everything possible to save my hard earned money easily slip into the pockets of the rich, and ‘I don’t care about customer service’ giant, Tata Birla.
It’s just too hard. It’s at least not as easy as you think and definitely not easy with Tatasky’s new channel packaging system…

What’s the confusion? The design, it’s too complex; every pack comes with a complete list of all the channels on the pack including the regional and interactive services. It’s not like the old “South Saver” + the following channels.  Wonder why?! Really pissed of wanting to just shut the confusion down and move on.

I think I will, but the confusion over clarity and customer service keeps me from changing DTH connections. Two best options: BigTV and Airtel DTH. Why not Sun? It’s costly and confusing. You’d actually end up paying more than what you think you will be paying thanks to the confusing packages… Why not Videocon? Just don’t trust their customer service and I don’t like Abhishek Bachan.

Adverts are great, but is the service something worth talking about?! I’ve heard a lot of problems relating to the quality of the signal, yes, it’s a big downside. The customer care rep and guy at the store promise me the best quality, but am still not sure. The channel switch time is too slow, and the quality isn’t that amazing. Plus-side: Cheap packages Downside: confusing packages. Being confused, I just closed the website, and said, “I’ll just take all the channels, it’s not too costly”

BigTV: Great and simple website. Channel packaging (atleast of what is seen on the site) is simple and easy. Silver Plus pack = Silver + following channels. Downside: Not all the channels are listed on the current pack, for ex: there is no Discovery Channel listed on either the base packs or the add-on packs. But in reality, it is a part of base packages. This info comes from a colleague who’s got BigTV and is using it. Thanks to him, I’m considering BigTV as an option.

Customer Service is a big question mark, but with most of the channel package addition and removal a simple process (online/over a call), guess I shouldn’t care too much. All that is left is to check for clarity and response under rainy conditions. I’m told it’s good, but will have to personally check it at a nearest reliance store. Overall, very close to replacing my Tata sky.

There is a third option, STB from the government, but I’ll have zero service when I want to add or remove a channel.

I’m not done here. Can I ask you for help? If you have used a BigTV or an Airtel DTH leave me comments in support or against the will of wanting to change over from Tata Sky into a new DTH connection. Do let me know what you think.


  1. June 18, 2011 at 5:47 pm

    ya i am last two year attach in tata sky ………. I am private engineer in tata sky company . When we are going to customer home in install tata sky these time many customer Other dth service doing closed . When we asked about reason so that time he said to me we are not happy for this service ,, and other picture quality. ……………………………..

  2. Qwerty
    August 6, 2011 at 7:39 pm

    Tata sky is the best as we can record pause and go backward or fastforward many people have told me it is bad but I got one and showed them the tata sky within the next two days 7 out of 8 had them the 8th person got it one week later.I tell u it tooooooo much for one man to have it’s too good

  3. geo
    December 22, 2011 at 8:28 pm

    tata sky is the worst in this category, i have been using it for the last few years and they are deleting the channels from the packages even without any warning and overproced too…

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