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Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson enters Bigg Boss 4. Eyeballs POP!

For everyone who has been waiting to see the international star, ex Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson dressed in Indian attire, all you have to do is tune into Bigg Boss on Colors TV at 9 PM for the next two days.

Wearing a backless blouse with spaghetti straps comes with a plunging neckline; Pamela made a grand entrance that left Ashmit and Hrishan happier than ever… TRP’s off the charts!

Her entrance for a short period of 3 days worth Rs. 2.5 crores means that the producers are willing to pay any amount to top the TRP charts.

For reasons more than one, Bigg Boss seems like a show that is well rehearsed by the housemates. For one, Sara Khan tearing her photos off with Ali Sheikh, clearly expressing her not willingness to marry in the first week of the house arrest. Weeks later, Ali Shiekh makes a special appearance as a wild card entry and Sara is back in love. Not only is she in love, she wants to marry Ali. Bigg Boss producers decide to sponsor the marriage with rituals including the first night, on prime time.

The audiences have already got enough show of skin and glamour in the latest season of Bigg Boss with the likes of Veena Malik and Ashmit patel getting cozy by the pool… Veena however is only expressing the love for Hrishan to her very close friend Ashmit. The producers couldn’t have asked for more? A triangle love story in the house! Or did the producers actually plan it?

Now with the entry of Pamela Anderson living up to her image of a Baywatch babe, showing her ummm… talent; it needs to be seen whether the audience will be able to digest what’s in store for the next three days!

The Indian Broadcasting ministry too I guess only realized the content of the show was adult with the entry of Pamela Anderson. The show’s producers have been asked to move the show off the prime time slot, and air it only late nights. Whatever may be the time, Pamela’s entry is sure to turn eyeballs for at least three days…

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