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How are you?

A question: How are you? How is work? My Answer: Work is good, just pushing it along. Happy the way it is. Seems something that you’d say too? Think about it again. There is so much negativity in one statement. It’s almost like saying “I’m not happy about it, actually I hate it!” It’s a statement that would come from a mind that is lazy, bored, tired and just dysfunctional.

No, it really is! Every single day, I take a train ride to work and back. Every single day I spend 15 mins talking to myself, looking back at what I have done in a day. Every single time, I’m only looking at having done nothing. Even on a busy day, when you are occupied for full 9-10 hours, the feeling of having done nothing never vanishes.

It’s just 15 mins of confusing thoughts. The thoughts make you crippled. You don’t want them in your mind but can’t really do anything about it! Right now, as I’m trying to clear my head to let the thoughts flow, I’m unable to do it.

This I guess is because of the things that I do on every work day. Go to work, work, take a few tea breaks with colleagues, go back home, watch some TV and sleep! Every single day, it’s the same routine. If this happens to you for months, I’m sure you are going to feel bad about your life too. It’s such a boring thing eh?

Now, I’m going to change that. I can’t change the go to work, work, and leave work for home part on the weekdays, but I’m going to change the pre and post part of it.

First, wake up early. Guess, waking up at 8.30 everyday also is partly responsible for me turning lazy and feeling sad about my life. So wake up early, go jogging, or walking if possible. What would be the ideal time? I guess 6 AM.

Second change has to be getting off the couch and do some activities after I get home. Usually, I’m home between 9 – 10 PM. What can one do at that time except watch some TV and go to sleep? I’ll have to find something to do. How about “Just build a simple application that keeps the track of the stock of a departmental store”. Oh, some more computers? Yes, if I build it using a language that is new, I’m going to learn it by doing this. It’s hard, sure, but I have to do it to feel happy about having done something!

Well if can’t do the second thing; I guess “sleep early” is the best option I’ve got.

On the weekends, it’s got to be mandatory to do some real activity. Early morning jogs at the beach sound fun. Playing cricket is something I’m going to do too. Vidhyashankar has been talking about getting me to one of his SIT meetings; I guess I’m going to do that too. I love a lot of social work, guess I’ll have to find a person or an NGO that needs help, I’m sure I can use some of my skills here to make sure I’m feeling to have achieved something!

It looks like a plan doesn’t it?! I’m feeling filled with fun already! The problem with resolutions however is that I just can’t keep up with them. I’m going to push myself. The only way I can do that is if I review it every night. I guess I’m going to do that too.

Fell like having a similar problem, start by telling people “It’s good; the project that I’m currently working on is helping the client a great deal in solving problems that they thought would never go away. I’m also looking forward to the cricket match that is coming up this weekend; it’s going to be fun!”

Until next time

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