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Enthiran – The Robot : below expectations

Rajnikanth is a craze in South India, and I’m one of them. Ever since the movie’s release dates were announced, I was trying to catch hold of a theatre owner who’d let me book one full show for friends and family. Sadly, the demand is so much that only a few lucky people get the tickets. People like me have to either pay 10 times for the ticket in black or wait for at least 3 days to find a ticket…

“Have you seen the Enthiran – The Robot yet?” – A question almost everyone has asked me in the last few days. I did watch it, yes, on the 4th day of the release, a night show where I paid just a little over the ticket’s actual price. Did I enjoy it like I do with all Rajnikanth movies? Not really. To me Rajni’s Sivaji – The boss is still one of the best of Rajni I have seen till date. Why not?

The best part about any Rajnikanth movies is the way he is introduced. In Enthiran, you will be disappointed if you are a Rajni fan! I still cannot forget the opening shot of Sivaji where Rajni is introduced behind the bars with his resounding laugh! Scene to die for! I still cannot forget the number of claps that introduction received. Another opening scene that comes to mind is of his movie Chandramukhi, a fight scene, wow!


Rajnikanth as the Scientist avatar with Aishwarya Rai (can anyone say he's 60?)


The scientist avatar that Rajni plays in Enthiran is not like Rajni, hate that! Shankar, the Director however makes up for it with Chitti – Ver. 2.0 (the evil version) where Rajni is seen doing what he does best. The last 30 mins are unforgettable, but the first 150 entertaining, but not up to satisfaction of the audience.


What happpens exactly after this scene is amazing..


Rajni (thanks to the director) does full justice to the movie with Chitti the Robot ver 2.0, where the fans get a real treat, a real Rajni doing it the real Rajni style. I whistled, I clapped and I enjoyed it thoroughly! Aishwarya looks particularly gorgeous  in the song with him, here is an image..


Gorgeous Aishwarya 🙂


I yawned! My first in a Rajnikanth movie. When? Almost in every song. Why? I remember seeing a interview of Shankar where he said all the songs of the movie were situational, see the movie and you’d realize that he meant that he created a situation everytime. The songs are also not of AR Rahman standard. I find them boring and too long. Blame it on Shankar for having forced the songs into the movie, or ARR for having the songs too long, the songs make the movie dull and boring!

Coming back to ARR, the background score is not of any class. Robot Ver 2.0 back score is boring and discomforting! A portion of the movie where the robot dances with Aishwarya has music that is mixed and used from some of his old tamil movies. After the common wealth games boring theme song and now Enthiran, Is ARR losing it slowly?

Having seen a lot of Aishwarya Rai movies, and her acting talent, it was sad to see her just play the part of a beautiful female in the frame. The actress has very less opportunity to showcase her talent. It’s sad that Shankar used her only for the looks more than the acting talent.


Aishwarya Rai plays the glam girl and does a pretty good job at making the songs and the scenes look beautiful as she is seen almost through out the movie 🙂


The producers despite all of this were always confident about the movie’s success because of the mass appeal they had created with Rajnikanth playing the hero, Aishwarya Rai bachan the heroine, Shankar as the director, and AR Rahman with the music. Do you see how each one of these helps publicity?

With Rajni, there is no need of publicity, people just wait for the movie to release. Robot was talked for over 2 years. After Sivaji, people were just waiting for the next big Rajni movie. With Aishwarya playing the lead opposite Rajni, the movie got much required acclaim amongst the North Indian Audience, with Rs. 150 crore budget tagline, people just queued up to buy a ticket. Shankar has always been known for giving the biggest hits including his best in Sivaji. While AR Rahman’s international recognition helped the movie’s publicity on an international level. Not to forget the popularity of Rajnikanth in almost all countries of the world.

See what he can do:


That's just the collection of first weekend, meaning just the first three days!


In short, the movie has been able to make it into profits in the first 3 days of the release… It is magic that only Rajnikant can create! If you thought he was just an actor who played stupid roles, think again.

In all, it is a movie that only Rajni not a Kamal Hassan, not a Shah Rukh Khan, could have made a success. To enjoy the movie better you’ve got to watch it with a crowd that whistles and claps on everything Rajni does in the movie otherwise, it’s nothing but an entertainer!

I’m still watching it how many ever times possible just for the last 30 mins!

What if I can’t play Rajnikanth in real life, Photoshop puts me there 🙂

Until Next time


PS: For great deals at the best prices in your city, visit Mydala!

PPS: Strongly recommend watching ‘Sivaji – The Boss’ in tamil with English subtitles, because only then you’d enjoy his style and the movie!

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