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Why Do People eat non vegetarian?

Even before I start presenting a case on why people eat non vegetarian, “Mitchami Dukkadam”.

If there has been a day or time in our lives when I’ve done anything wrong, or have hurt you or your feelings knowingly or unknowingly, I ask for your forgiveness (Mitchami Dukkadam)

The Jain community just ended a 8 day long Paryushan Parv(festival) which is aimed at forgetting and forgiving everything bad that has happened to us in the past year. The eighth day a.k.a “Samvatsari” is the day we all ask for forgiveness from everybody, because according to Jainism, you get peace only by forgiving and forgetting everything wrong that you may have done or experienced in the past! 🙂

This post is to understand the reasons why People  slaughter the animals for food. Being a Jain, I have been following a vegetarian diet, and have been trying to persuade people to become vegetarian themselves. Haven’t been able to convert one ?

It’s hard to understand how people can eat something by taking the life of another living animal. I wonder if every non vegetarian would eat meat if they had to slaughter, and skin the animal on their own. It’s because it’s slaughtered, cut, cooked and served in a nice eatable way is why you eat non vegetarian..? No.

Why do people eat non-vegetarian anyway?

Taste? If that is the case, can they eat the meat raw? No. The digestive system does not allow the meat to be digested if it’s raw. Try that for 30 days and you will start feeling it’s effects. What creates the taste is the masala’s (the additional items that you add to the recipe). Every single one of them or mostly everything is from something vegetarian!

So what really makes the taste is the vegetarian items than the meat. “Try it and you’ll know for yourself”, Thank you! I know a thousand or probably a few 100 thousand dishes that will taste a lot better that are vegetarians. When given so many options why should I kill something to eat?

So it’s definitely not the taste. What someone argued when I asked the same question was: “Some provinces in China do not have land that can grow food”.

Let’s think again… Is that the reason? Who are these people eating? Carnivores or Herbivores? Herbivores obviously, because they are easy to raise, tame and kill. Again, the human digestive system does not allow digestion of carnivores’ meat on a daily basis. My question is, where do the animals get their food from if you cannot grow food?

So it’s not the non-availability of food either. One comes to the cost then… Obviously it’s not that. You get vegetables cheaper than the meat.

No the cost, is it what they are religiously told to? From whatever I’ve understood from friends of different religion, no religion asks you to cause pain to another living being for food. Every religion there is preaches peace by harmonious relationship with all living, which of course should include the animals. Muslim celebrate a day called Bakrid when a Goat must be slaughtered, not sure why, but I understand that is for a reason definitely not food. Christians celebrate Easters day distributing a boiled egg with a cross, why egg? Again, I’ll only have to meet with a father to understand that.

But all being said, none of the religions preach “Kill an animal for food”.

Now don’t tell me that if you don’t eat chicken, the chicken population will increase and the whole food chain will be affected, because if you look at it, it is us who are breeding them unnaturally, taking care of them until they are fully fit to be slaughtered.

Now picture this, every time you want that meaty burger or a chicken 65 lying on your plate, you have to actually raise a chicken, feed it and one fine day cut his head off with the same hands you fed it with, and wait till it dies completely (yes chickens take about 2 mins to die after the head is cut off), and skin it, would you do that?

So it’s definitely got to do with the mental make up of a human being. We are just doing it because they don’t fight back. It’s that simple.

VIDEO: You should probably watch this and the related videos… (Warning: If you are faint hearted or can’t face the reality, do not watch it)


Sad truth is, I had tears in my eyes when I was searching for this video. Animals are kept in the worst of the conditions and are then slaughtered ? How can man be so cruel?

Real Story: I was on this expedition in Bihar when I saw a truck full of cows being taken for slaughtering, they hardly had any place to move, yet the man forced two more animals in the truck. The young ones were shouting, while the cows all had tears in their eyes. How can we be so cruel?!

Thankfully there are some Jain organizations, some of which I’m part off, who are using funds collected from their members to run something called the “Panjrapol” a  place for all the animals rescued from Slaughtering (by payment of huge sum of money to owners)

Did you know that all stray dogs were electrocuted to death because the government couldn’t care for them? Panjrapol is a place where these dogs are taken, treated as not be able to produce children again, and then taken care off like animals?! It’s good that there are these people who are doing good things, but it doesn’t end unless we all stop it!

No matter what you do or what you say, if you are in that hotel ordering a non vegetarian dish, or sitting in the comforts of your home eating that non vegetarian dish, you are indirectly responsible for the life of that animal. It’s like a tiger, every time you taste it, you want to have it. Stop it please, stop ill treating the animals. Go vegetarian.

If you need a recipe for good vegetarian food, use the internet; use it for a good purpose. If you are having problems reducing the craving for non vegetarian food, try some of the vegetarian variants of non veg food out there in the local markets. But please, lets all end this. Go vegetarian! Spread the message.


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  1. September 13, 2010 at 9:49 pm

    sorry if I am breaking havoc, but I am a jain and I love eating non vegetarian food… I dont generally believe in any religion…

    also do explain me is milk vegetarian ?? All jains can drink milk and call themselves vegetarians…

    I very strongly believe these religions et all were made in a certain age… for certain people… however with time things should change… unfortunately these people dont allow religion to evolve with time… !

    I refuse to follow anything in which someone else makes the rules.. I believe in my God… but he doesnt set any rules…

    Sorry if I offended you… Michami Dukaddam !

  2. Kunal Janu
    September 14, 2010 at 11:48 am

    @Dhiren I’m not saying that what Jain religion has to offer is the correct way. But isn’t slaughtering an animal for food against humanity? Did you have a look at the video that I’ve posted? Do you think animals deserve this just because you like the taste of chicken?

    Milk is a product given by the cows, and is in no way affecting the cows health, infact it is helping the cow in some way. What I can say is that the calf deserves the milk first. If you are letting the calf starve because you want an extra litre of milk is against the humanity.

    I take no offense in discussing it. So please keep them coming 🙂

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  3. September 15, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    Sorry to break your bubble dude, but its all about taste.
    You’re wrong about the taste coming from “masalas”. I could gulp an entire chicken grilled, by jus sprinkling salt n pepper over it. I eat raw Sushi atleast once a month. delicious!

    Each religion has it’s own version of which animal should’nt be eaten based on perceptions; Hindus cant eat beef, Muslims cant eat pork. And yes!! Jains cover their mouths with a cloth so that they dont accidentally kill micro-organisms. That’s a bit hypocritic, coz a Jain would obviously take medication when he gets a bacterial or viral infection, thus killing the “animal” thats inside him. He’d also whitewash his walls if there’s fungus growing on it.
    Okay, about milk now, for a buffalo to continue giving milk in a dairy farm, they artificially inseminate it every few months n make the animal give a baby regularly. If the baby is female they keep it n if its a male, they kill it. Are you aware of this? So, technically to cater to your need of milk, innocent calves are being killed.

    We have 4 canine teeth. We’re meant to eat meat from an evolutionary perspective. However, we also have sophisticated mindsets and feelings to choose what to eat and what not to. This human race is one of choices, not traits.

    However, I still agree that animals should be treated properly as long as they’re
    alive n slaughtered in a less painful less torturous way.

  4. Kunal Janu
    September 15, 2010 at 5:50 pm

    @Harsha Thanks for the comment. Interesting perspective.

    About the milk, yes most dairy farms do that. AS long as the animal isn’t killed, I guess I’m okay with it.

    The thing about Jains is only limited to a small community of Jain people, mostly restricted to the Sadhus. Have you ever seen me with one? Nope. Point is you follow a religion but not blindly, I take the good in all and respect everything that the religion has to offer. I believe in not treating the animals any different from human beings, which is why I’m against people eating meet.

    The video shows chicks being killed, how humane is that? I really can’t understand how people can see an animal dying! I’m not against killing them, but as long as they are not harming you or our loved ones in anyway, it’s wrong to kill.

    Really like the way you put together the comment unlike many people who just make a stupid comment and then laugh about it!

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  5. sumit
    December 16, 2010 at 5:55 pm

    I was a non vegetarian till I read this article. But after watching this video and reading the whole article I’ve become pure vegetarian.

    I really appreciate the way of presenting the fact to the world about themselves. Sometimes People generally don’t know why they do anything? Every human being has the right to decide his way of living. But it should not be on the cost of any other things.

    This video will give you idea about what kind of pain the animals get when they are slaughtered.

    We are human being. what differentiate us with the animal is the heart and mind which we have got. We should use our heart and mind before doing anything. Otherwise there won’t be any difference between us and animals.

    Thanks Dear for showing the new way of looking life.

  6. Akshay jain
    January 23, 2011 at 5:43 pm

    Yes I am against non vegetarianism becoz it is totally inhumane.
    They have also eyes, ears, nose just as we have.
    But if we get a cut on our skin we screams badly and what about animals, they are slaughtered alive untill their last drop of blood is taken out. Is it humanity?
    They got their throat cut off and hanged alive to wait for their death. Is it humanity?
    Definetly not.
    Plz Plz go vegan!

  7. February 28, 2011 at 4:21 pm

    There will come a day , when all animals and other organisms will unite and say “Enough is enough , you can’t control us forever” , then even the most amazing of powerful inventions won’t work against them .

    Animals are pretty clever . So are humans . Thousand of years ago , all humans did was eat and sleep . When they started using their mind more , they decided to control animals , so they don’t reach a position like we humans did .

    But that won’t last very long anymore . We all are equal in all ways and we humans cowardly control other animals so they don’t get better and more powerful . it’s like a race between different species .

    After all , we all are made up of atoms , aren’t we ?

  8. just a thought
    April 13, 2011 at 11:26 pm

    it is after all a matter of choice. you can only kill somebody when he or she is in captivity. The greates sin is captivity and the worst sin is killing somebody in captivity.The worst of all the sins is killing somebody in captivity and eating it. Just imagine if i kidnap you and feed on you – you knowing that you will be killed and eaten. You are almost dead then and there.

    If animals dont have intellect they at least have pain points. The already dead animal ( knowing that he is going to die brutually ) will shout when getting killed. If u know this and still eat it then it means somewhere you lack that emotion of not feeling that pain of somebody getting killed. What bad use of money. if you use this money to feed poor and needy then definitely you will feel nice and peaceful within you. From converitng from non-veg to veg it is very simple. Just practice feeding poor children in front of their mothers and see the difference in one week.

  9. MS
    June 29, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    If nonveg people find it a bold thing to eat, would they like to get the pain of the animal being killed? Can they tolerate its gruesome end? What if its being decapitated and all its pain is transferred to the person killing it? What if you rub your eyes with chilli powder mauling your retina just to avoid sleep while you are transported to the death camp? What will you feel if you see your friends being cut and its you next now..you are being impaled by sharp pointed sticks..sometimes by electric rods to your back so that you must pass through the line of an abattoir? All these feelings give much pain to the animal before its kill..it dies hundreds of deaths..each painful..and a last death which is the most gory of all. Eat vegetarian..acha hai!

  10. Rishabh Jain
    September 3, 2011 at 12:20 pm

    M touched by d effort of the author, being a human first than being a Jain, I can feel the pain behind agony of these animals coz I have a HEART and a BRAIN been bestowed to me by Almighty. I am also on the course of showing the rite path to people but the only place whr I get stuck is there stupid justification of killing plants for food.
    Anybody Please provide me with some substantive things so that I cud convey and fight for the right.

  11. elton
    September 19, 2011 at 3:16 am

    unnecessary drama… we must all eat what v want want of course, and each is entitled to a personal opinion. its only a problem when v start wishing our unwarranted will on others. i purely refer to this vegan debate. meat is nutritious just like plants etc are. the taste and texture of each meat is different unique and rich in taste. when a bunch of lions rip open a free gazelle, it isnt kind. its without mercy. its basic animal instinct. man is an animal when his biological urges need to be met: HUNGER for food for drink for sex for air… what wud we be without these instincts? theyre important and must exist. as long as u do it for survival and not sport. taste is a crucial sense… wine is nuthing without its aroma…. if thats not sick to say, why is it sick to say the same abt meat?! if u understand teh difference in teh texture of a cucymber aginst that of a carrot or that of bread or that of an apple or that of a peach or mango… forget taste for a moment n close ur eyes…. can u tell the diffeence by texture? YES! its wonderful isnt it? sinking teeth into someonething as delicious as each item of food? meat is just another item. live and let live people. its the balance of the world. give back what u take in the form of kindness, love and positive energy. feel the meaning of loss, of destruction, of sadness…. the universe is here to provide, it always has and it always will.

  12. Hitesh
    October 10, 2011 at 7:38 am


    My question to Kunal. I thought about what you have written many a times. I have tried to understand what are we actually supposed to eat. In the end nothing made sense and i am back to my normal eating habits and yes i am a non-vegetarian.

    Your writing is based on your religious belief and i respect your belief. I promise on this forum that i will give up meat and will eat what you recommend and you will have your first conversion after you can answer few questions. The only condition i have is if you cannot logically and truly answer my questions you will have to give up on your mission to convert people. So if you agree to this i shall start with my first simple question.

    Can you please confirm, if according to your belief are we supposed to kill any living organism ?

    Feel free to answer when you can.

    Make sure your answers are well thought as we have witnesses here.

    Thank you


    Just another living thing. Cheers !!

  13. vivek
    November 21, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    I eat non-veg ,but not quite often .. i have a theory which i would like to tell
    What is a human being? we all fall under the class of mammals.
    A mammal is someone who breeds without laying eggs.
    The part where you tell one should not non-veg is like to stop some omnivorous mammal to eat non-veg because he can eat with vegeteranian food.
    for e.g why don’t you stop a bear from killing a goat for food when he is naturally able to be
    I know many people who will not touch non-veg food but will not be able to swallow a eggless-cake.. why such hypocrisy?
    Human beings always stop others from eating non-veg because of only one reason ,that is the emotion they get after seeing the slaughter,,, my dear friend ,when one is struck in a famine he is ready to eat what ever he gets ,even nonveg


  14. LVS
    December 30, 2011 at 9:47 am

    @vivek, hitesh
    i appreciate the fact that you are non-veg and i personally have nothing against non-vegetarians. famine is an extreme example – every time you have chicken, are you “famished”? comparing a bear to humans is totally unacceptable – what do we have the 6th sense for? animals don’t have religion, they don’t have government and regulations! they just do what they do! the same cannot be said for humans, simply because of one word – “civilization” (please, am making a general statement here, not implying non-vegetarianism are in any way uncivilized) and oh, by the way, omnivores don’t differentiate veg and non-veg, they just see food – some “types” just run!

    at one point of time in history, all humans were non-vegetarians. then we started cultivating. what we eat from plants are typically leftovers (read “shit”) and re-growable parts of plants. it is just that as a human being with feelings (emotional as opposed to purely physical as felt by animals) we can contemplate on things and be “humane” and thus this extension of love to other living beings. simply that. differentiate ourselves from animals.

    just to clarify, vegan is different from vegetarian. vegan excluded animal products like milk, cheese also from their diet!

    and yes, there is some dark stuff going under the name of milk production, we MUST take action against that too

  15. Chirag
    January 4, 2012 at 3:00 pm

    Great article I think there are some out there who still care for these creatures

  16. Anand
    February 25, 2012 at 1:21 pm

    Michami Dukaddam
    Why dont you start eating non cooked rice, pulses, bitter gourd, lady figure, potato and let me know the effect in one month………..

  17. Mansi Jain
    February 26, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    I am so touched !! I get so disheartened to see these animals exploited. All these bloody non veggies, I so want to stuff them in cages and take them all to slaughter houses!! Then these heartless creatures might understand the pain these innocent animals go through 😦
    God should punish all the non vegetarians !!

  18. sangram
    May 7, 2012 at 10:58 pm

    GOD help us.

  19. Ankita
    June 10, 2012 at 3:08 am

    Really? This is what it has come down to? Taste!! Ready to kill another living being for food! My primary question is why eat only animals? Why not eat other humans? I have asked these questions to a lot of non vegetarians and the response I usually got was: because there are laws and human species has brains, logic reasoning; they have emotions, families and what not and nutrition . Every non vegetarian should have the courage to chop of their parents or kids head and eat them first and then kill animals for food and TASTE. No matter how tasty the meat is it can never be qualified as a reason for killing someone else.
    Another thing I have heard is animals don’t have emotions so we have the right to kill them and eat them, If that is the case go around all hospitals there are tonnes of people in vegetative state, they can feel nothing, start by eating them first.
    Just because our race is smart and capable of killing doesn’t mean we go around killing people.
    When someone dies in our families they all deserve proper burials, ceremonies and everything but animals deserve to come out as shit from our body. What reasoning is this; how is this humanly intelligent.
    These are all crude reasons but what about all the humanity generosity compassion? We are a part of the nature and should remain in harmony with the nature; dominance will bring us to our end which is becoming evident.

    Taking medicines is a completely different scenario, You are killing those organisms when they are killing you. No one goes about taking medicines without a reason,

    And comparing humans to animals being carnivorous? Animals killing animals that is a completely natural process for food chain.But humans are PURPOSELY breeding animals to kill them, That is almost like someone giving you birth to have you for lunch, There is a huge different between natural animal instinct and humans killing purposely bred animals.
    Also, biologically we have larger intestines made for vegetarian food.

    And if the weirdest excuse to eat animals is that ancient man has been eating non veg food, which means they have been doing something insane so we should do it too, well then why not go back to being cave people.

    In extreme scenarios like famine, meat eating might be justified as your brain is programmed to defend itself first. But by no means does this apply to everyday hunger.

    For people who talk about having 4 canine teeth and talk about natural process should try to understand the natural spiritual aspect of human beings and how meat eating undermines the level of human awareness and spirituality. What I am trying to say has nothing to do with the religion I follow.
    This whole thing might sound aggressive but my message is polite and humble and don’t mean to be offensive.


  20. Ankita
  21. June 21, 2012 at 3:08 pm

    The most difficult situation that I encounter during my travels is getting vegetarian food. In some parts of the world chefs don’t even understand the meaning of vegetarianism. They would ask: “Vegetables? We would provide you veg salads with dressing on it…”

    How can I explain that my diet is predominantly carbo-hydrate dominated? Nobody serves you Idly or Dosa in Western restaurants. Nobody knows about your Tali meals.

    So you will have to adjust with biscuits, no-egg cakes and coke.

    That’s OK.

    The sad thing about being vegetarian is wherever I go, I become a serious head-ache for the host. Especially, during the US/European press conference and meetings. I become a problem man for them.

    Some journalist friends ask me – why are you so adamant about being vegetarian? Is it because you are born in a Brahmin family?

    No. Normally Brahmins are vegetarian. To be precise, they were vegetarian. But the Brahmin segment that I was born in, traditionally eat fish (except in some parts of Kerala state).

    But my ancestors were following strict vegetarian diet (at least, for traceable few centuries). So I cannot deny the influence of tradition in my childhood.

    Now-a-days I hardly find any vegetarians in our community. And today’s Brahmin boys and girls proudly acclaim that “we eat meat and fish.” – As if they have achieved the biggest thing in the universe.

    Why am I a vegetarian? The usual reasons for choosing vegetarianism may be related to moral, religious, cultural, ethical, aesthetic, environmental, social, economic, political, taste, or health concerns.

    If you go further into it, there are three main reasons for this: (1) the principle of nonviolence (ahimsa) applied to animals (2) the intention to offer only “pure” (vegetarian) food to a deity and then to receive it back as Prasad and (3) and the conviction that non-vegetarian food is detrimental for the mind and for spiritual development.

    However, my first concern about non-veg food is that I can’t bear the smell – decaying animal parts, whether in a freezer case or served in restaurants, can never be as aesthetically pleasing to the senses as the same foods made from wholesome vegetable sources.

    The one and only reason I would like to present is that I would like to uphold non-violence. For me, non-vegetarian food is DEAD FLESH. The moment I see I can feel the vibration of violence there. It is a dead body of a poor creature and human beings are eating the dead-body. It is an act of violence for me.

    I hear your question – plant also has life. Vegetarians do not consume plant parts that won’t grow again. They are not killing the plant. What’s more, by eating fruits and vegetables, you help plant to spread its seeds. You become part of ecological balance and cosmic creativity.

    However, if you want to find reasons as to why people turn to vegetarianism, I have lot of answers that have been extracted from various references.

    The Human anatomy is fit to be vegetarian only. Human beings are most similar to other herbivores, and drastically different from carnivores. Human characteristics are in every way like the fruit eaters, very similar to the grass- eater, and very unlike the meat eaters. The human digestive system, tooth and jaw structure, and bodily functions are completely different from carnivorous animals.

    As in the case of the anthropoid ape, the human digestive system is twelve times the length of the body; our skin has millions of tiny pores to evaporate water and cool the body by sweating; we drink water by suction like all other vegetarian animals; our tooth and jaw structure is vegetarian; and our saliva is alkaline and contains ptyalin for predigesting of grains. Human beings clearly are not carnivores by physiology – our anatomy and digestive system show that we must have evolved for millions of years living on fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetables.

    The animals do not chew their food. Instead, they slice off huge chunks of meat and swallow them whole. They do not have digestive enzymes in their saliva since flesh-digesting enzymes released in the unprotected mouth would quickly destroy the oral cavity. Their strongly acidic stomachs are huge storage vats that account for 60-70% of the total capacity of their GI tracts. Meat has no fiber and is, therefore, easily digested. Thus, their small intestines are very short (only 3-6 times their body length) and are optimized for protein and fat absorption. Their large intestines are short straight and smooth and designed for evacuation purposes only.

    We have a carbohydrate-digesting enzyme in our saliva called salivary amylase. The human esophagus does not handle poorly chewed food very well. Over 90% of the people who choke to death each year choke on meat. Human body length (head to tail bone) is typically 2.5 to 3 feet. Thus, at >25-30 feet in length, the human small intestine is clearly designed for digesting plant material. Only herbivores have an appendix. No matter how much fat and cholesterol you feed carnivores like dogs and cats, they NEVER develop coronary artery disease. In places where people eat a high fiber, whole food diet, appendicitis and diverticulosis are unknown.

    Humans are physiologically better suited to a vegetarian.

    Ask yourself: When you see dead animals on the side of the road, are you tempted to stop for a snack? Does the sight of a dead bird make you salivate? Do you daydream about killing cows with your bare hands and eating them raw? Humans were simply not designed to eat meat. Humans lack both the physical characteristics of carnivores and the instinct that drives them to kill animals and devour their raw carcasses.

    How can one practice true compassion that eats the flesh of an animal to fatten his own flesh?

    If you learn anthropology and human evolution, you would understand that early humans were largely vegetarian. Scientists and Nutritional experts believe that humans evolved into eating meat as a result of huge climatic changes that took place about three-four million years ago, forests and jungles dried up and became open grasslands, thus opening up hunting and scavenging opportunities.

    Scientists and naturalists, including the great Charles Darwin who gave the theory of evolution, agree that early humans were fruit and vegetable eaters and that throughout history our anatomy has not changed. The great Swedish scientist von Linne states: “Man’s structure, external and internal, compared with that of the other animals, shows that fruit and succulent vegetables constitute his natural food.”

    There are Pathogenic Microorganisms – a host of bacteria and viruses, some quite dangerous, that are common to animals. When you eat meat, you eat the organisms in the meat. Micro-organisms are present in plant foods too, but their number and danger to human health is by no means comparable to that of those in meat.

    Meat eating increases the risk of heart disease. It’s the primary reason we get heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and every other major degenerative disease.(I contest this argument, as I have seen similar kind of diseases in vegetarians too.)

    Studies in western countries have shown that on average, vegetarians have smarter children, suffer significantly lower rates of chronic disease, obesity and dementia, and live longer than their meat-eating counterparts. The more meat we eat, the sicker we get. (I am not sure about this argument too).

    It shows that meat is poison to us. If eating meat were natural, it wouldn’t destroy our health.

    Those health freaks say that vegetarians are better in physical performance: People have much better endurance when they don’t eat meat – whether they’re professional athletes or not.

    There is no question that humans are capable of digesting meat. But just because we can digest animals does not mean we’re supposed to, or that it will be good for us. We can digest cardboard. That does not mean we should.

    There are religious reasons too – but that is not my argument to be a vegetarian. Various religions, including Christianity propagates Vegetarianism. According to the Bible, in the beginning, humans and animals were vegetarian (Genesis 1:29-30, “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, … and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat, and to every beast of the earth, … I have given every green herb for meat.” Some Christian leaders, such as the Reverend Andrew Linzey, have supported the view that Jesus was a vegetarian. In fact, the Bible compares the killing of cows to murdering a man: “He that killeth an ox is as if he slew a man.” (Isaiah 66.3)

    There are several Sanskrit sutra where Buddha instruct his followers to avoid meat. Mahayana Buddhism generally advises monks to be strictly vegetarian. Buddhist scripture, the Mahaparinirvana Sutra, “The eating of meat extinguishes the seed of great compassion.”

    Most major paths of Hinduism hold vegetarianism as an ideal. Classical India was vegetarian, as was Japan up until a generation or two ago. “The purchaser of flesh performs violence by his wealth; he who eats flesh does so by enjoying its taste; the killer does violence by actually tying and killing the animal. Thus, there are three forms of killing. He who brings flesh or sends for it, he who cuts off the limbs of an animal, and he who purchases, sells, or cooks flesh and eats it all these are to be considered meat-eaters.” (Mahabharat, Anu.115.40) All of these people will also incur the same karmic reactions for their participation in killing, distributing or eating the flesh of animals.

    The staple of Egyptian workers building the Pyramids was boiled onions. Pythagoras was a vegetarian, although he had a weird distaste for beans. Even the Roman army marched on its vegetarian stomach. It is clear that 90% of humanity have subsisted on a 90% vegetarian diet. Modern carnivorous men and women are the exception not the rule.

    The metaphor by Douglas Dunn is that if one gives a young child an apple and a live chicken, the child would instinctively play with the chicken and eat the apple, whereas if a cat were presented with the same choices, its natural impulse would be the opposite. In a similar assertion, Scott Adams once wrote humorously: “I point out that a live cow makes a lion salivate, whereas a human just wants to say “moo” and see if the cow responds”.

    ‘”You must not use your God-given body for killing God’s creatures, whether they are human, animal or whatever.” (Yajur Veda 12.32.90)

  22. Senthil
    August 20, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    If we are thinking that killing goat and chicken is a sin then also eating plants also a sin…because even plant has got life….

  23. Amit
    August 27, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    Well I occasionally eat non veg food and also eat very limited set of non veg foods.

    I don’t buy the idea that only animals have life or only they can feel the pain. Just because humans can understand animals pain and not plant’s pain should mean that they dont feel the pain. Its scientifically proven that plants very much feel the pain as any other living organism will.

    I don’t get the idea that someone who is eating just veg starts criticizing non veg eating people without knowing that the logic they are giving to people as well applies to the food that they are eating. So please don’t get mad about other unless you understand things properly.

    Now I personally don’t advocate people to eat meat. I feel every is good enough to understand and decide what they should eat eat. And if someone is giving the facts then he/she should provide full fact.

  24. Atul Doshi
    September 11, 2012 at 1:43 pm

    Recently, I came across lot many articles/notes on animal violence and vegetarianism.
    I firmly believe that Vegetarianism is not about any particular religion but it’s for ‘Human Religion-Manav Dharma’ and it’s good for human being as well from Health, Environmental, historical and economical perspective. There is a very long list of great leaders, philosophers, wirters, celebrities, etc. who are vegetarianism. There is a slowing meat consumption in US.

  25. October 3, 2012 at 9:36 pm

    shut up humans are omnivores!!! and dont give me the humans cant eat raw meat bullshit you stupid vegan ill keep eating my meat you can go and eat your stupid vegetables!!!!!! go carn

  26. Kritika
    December 21, 2012 at 9:43 am

    Love this site. Keep it up. You are doing a good thing. 🙂 And agree with you entirely. I am a vegetarian even though my family is traditionally non veg. Everybody has eaten it but I have never even tasted it. I have never felt the need to. Why eat animals when there are plenty of plants?
    And the people talking about plants also being alive- curd is also alive in the sense that it has micro-organisms. Are you now gonna say that curd can also sense pain? Anybody with the slighest knowledge of biology knows that there are many organisms that are not well devoloped enough. As for “many” studies saying that plants also feel pain- actually there have been NO studies that have ever proven that plants feel pain on the same level that animals do. Ever. They respond to stimuli, they are alive.. But the pain is dimmed. Plants and animals are NOT the same. After all, plants lose their fruits- and that is how they reproduce. Do animals lose their fingers to reproduce?
    Comparing plants and animals is just stupid. Just as stupid as comparing plants to viruses and claiming viruses also feel pain. They are lower in the organism chain- they are simply not that developed.
    Do plants have a nervous system or a brain? Do they? That is what predominately is responsible for pain in animals. Otherwise even our blood cells are alive so do they also feel pain? We feel pain in our skin not in our blood. This is simple logic.
    The fact is that non vegetarians are simply selfish and self centred. They want to eat non veg food so make all sorts of excuses to make themselves feel better. Like muslims say that they kill the animals in some way and that reduces their pain. As if that matters. How about they kill their own family in the halal way- would that make the murder better?

    In the west, in most places- even hunting is still legal for fun! These “modern” Indians that copy the west in everything would support that too. [And BTW, a lot of Indians always say that hindus are only not supposed to eat beef. That is not true. We are not supposed to kill animals at all.]

    And about the taste of food- I have never tasted meat but I am willing to bet that what you say about meat only deriving its taste from masala is true. How can I say it? Because my parents are non veg eaters and they would NEVER eat boiled meat or grilled meat. It is always spiced. And the person talking about how delicious meat is with simply salt added is undoubtedly one of those people that claim a pizza is delicious- when it is not even well textured. They eat it because the west eats is blindly like some sort of brainless zombies.

    Even bigger hypocrites are people who claim to love animals and keep them as pets. I am strongly anti pet business. They breed animals- they create new species of animals that they call breeds. They force them to mate. They create animals that are “cute”. Do you know the animals that are cute like those unnaturally small dogs and dogs with really small legs- they all have major respiratory or other problems. This is why all of them have different life spans- depending on how much their natural system has been messed by these breeders. And they call it a “pure” breed or mixed breeds… I hate it. They own a living being as if it is a thing. They are slaves-separated from their mothers unnaturally… Hate it.

    Such people don’t care about these cats and dogs because they are cute even. Even then, it is all about humans. They like them because humans form attachments to them. Do you know, in the west ALL animals that don’t find a “master” are killed? All of them. Of course, in the pets industry, all animals that are not sold are killed, or those that “breeds” are not pretty enough, or those that die immediately. Recently, you may have heard of that really big dog that looks like scoobie doo? Do you know how weak that dog looks? Ever noticed it. It is wrong and inhuman- and I read what people say about the dogs. I want one. As if they are things to be owned. “Training” them as if they have no sense of living without them.

    All of it disturbs me. I have tried to be normal towards non veg people- even my parents are after all. But I can’t. Whenever I think about people eating non veg it just disgusts me. They are just inhuman,selfish, self centred, and they obviously do not feel empathy for others.. However much this truth may irritate them or anger them, but the fact is that a vegetarian person is ALWAYS going to be more gentle, kinder and a nicer person. [Unless they are veg because of religion only. But such people no longer exist. Such people only pretend to be veg while eating meat in secret. They are even worse than non veg in my opinion.]

    I also feel a most of the non veg people in India eat non veg food because it is “cool”- and it is cool because the west does it. They are so stupid they dont even know they are copying the west once again. They will of course not learn the good things from the west like respecting women and belief in freedom and equality. But only the vices and bad things.

    There are some communities that eat fish for example.. And then like mine that eat meat. They eat it because apparently it is allowed. And then these same people claim to be religious and avoid meat during religious festivals! Hypocrites!

  27. Zim
    January 20, 2013 at 12:27 am

    *sigh* Clearly, there’s no solution to this ‘veg and non-veg fight!’ I’ve argued with different vegetarians on many sites, my colleagues in the office and even on YouTube! For those people who think “why eat meat when there are plenty of plants”, don’t forget that plants are also living beings!! So what they can’t move or make sounds? They grow, produce and die. So you’d love to tear apart leaves but not meat! Why?? Coz you can’t hear the plant crying!! Obviously! Man has been eating meat from the cave age!! DUH!

    I respect vegetarians coz it’s their choice. Due to religious and dietary restrictions is fine!

    I eat meat coz I was raised with it. I am told that fish is good for your eyes, skin and brain. I love chicken and fish, but I am against pork, beef and etc etc…Eating meat is not bad! And who said vegetarians are more kinder!! BULLSHIT! They won’t kill an animal but they are animal enough to shoot a person, if possible!! It all depends upon the environment, your bringing up, your friends circle etc…Cut the bullshit and stop blaming meat for everything…and yeah non-veg tastes much better than any veg dish in the world!

    Conclusion– For the whiners—If you haven’t had non-veg at least once in your life time, half your life is wasted! And you can stay with your principles and stop forcing others to follow the same!

  28. Zim
    January 20, 2013 at 12:32 am

    Buddy…..get a life!! SERIOUSLY!!

    If you think “why eat meat when there are plenty of plants”, don’t forget that plants are also living beings!! So what they can’t move or make sounds? They grow, produce and die. So you’d love to tear apart leaves but not meat! Why?? Coz you can’t hear the plant crying!!

    I respect vegetarians coz it’s their choice. Due to religious and dietary restrictions is fine! But don’t say stuff like non-veg people are self-centred and stuff….coz you are contradicting your point…you are insulting someone else’s viewpoint.

    I eat meat coz I was raised with it. I am told that fish is good for your eyes, skin and brain. I love chicken and fish, but I am against pork, beef and etc etc…Eating meat is not bad! And who said vegetarians are more kinder!! They won’t kill an animal but they are animal enough to shoot a person, if possible!! It all depends upon the environment, your bringing up, your friends circle etc…I think you should stop blaming the meat for everything!

    Conclusion– Stay with your principles and stop enforcing it on others or other things!! DUHHHHH!!!

  29. Ajaypal Singh
    January 28, 2013 at 8:47 pm

    Forget religions, Cruelty to any one is not humane.We know Hitler, we love UNO. May some day Humans start treating animals with respect. God Bless every one.

  30. Swadesh
    April 6, 2013 at 11:43 am

    Great effort Kunal! Please keep it up! Lets be human!

  31. Swadesh
    April 6, 2013 at 12:13 pm

    I would like to share one important fact about Cheese/Pizza in western countries. Many vegetarians from India unknowingly eat Cheese/Veggie Pizza thinking that it is vegetarian. The fact is that it contains rennet. Please Google rennet and you will find that it is completely non-vegetarian. So please be careful and maintain your vegetarianism and humanity by avoiding these things. If you really want to eat it then eat it from pure vegetarian/vegan restaurants like Loving Hut. There are several other vegan restaurants and shops.
    I lived in USA/Europe for almost a decade. And if you are determined, it is very easy to maintain vegetarianism. Even so many US folks are turning into Vegan/Vegetarian and why vegetarians from India should give up this great practice? It is baseless to say that we need to become non-vegetarian just because we are passing through /living temporarily in some country. By this logic, everyone passing through red light area on the way to home/workplace should become either a prostitute or a pimp!
    Grow up humans, let animals live!

  32. sahil
    May 30, 2013 at 12:44 pm

    i am a jain and i accept to eat non veg,i generally eat egg only ..i dont want to die with hunger bez some time i hardly unable to find any veg thing in company mess .personlly i feel to eat non veg is wrong but what to do ..if there are 99 people out 100 who eat non veg i have to be same as t hey are ..i dont want to be be part of that life where people laughing at me .

  33. Avaninder Bath
    June 11, 2013 at 7:54 am

    Kunal, what you have said on this page has made many of my friends pure vegetarian. Thank you and thank you to all of the people who are vegetarian or vegan. I also agree that you shouldn’t just take over another livings’ life just because it tastes good. What if you were an animal that was randomly captured and slaughtered. How bad would that feel? I have been pure vegetarian since the beginning of my life because I have respect for everything, no matter what it is. Even if it looks ‘tasty’ or ‘delicious’. I’m Punjabi and my best buddy is Jain. He has also been supporting me and a few other people to stop slaughter. Atleast stop KILLING!! It’s almost like a crime to kill animals but people are used to it now. I understand that we evolved and we used to eat meat almost everyday but that was when there were no ‘rules’ in life. It was like freeroaming in a video game.

  34. July 6, 2013 at 3:39 pm

    Guys can i say something

    the simple thing that why people want to eat non veg is

    the desire

    by keeping posts like this
    some do appriciate

    and some one desires to eat them

    and remember human are not equal in all aspects of desires

    Some desires to drink, dance, drive, fight, love

    in then same want to eat non veg

    And also some non veg foods are very good for some blood group people

    and non veg are high in protein

    which is one of the major nutrition for healthy human survival

    Some protein shakes which were used by professional athelets were made by meat itself.

    sory if im wrong to you.

  35. Veg
    July 15, 2013 at 4:49 pm

    All human think that by having non veg food, they are having a great status.

    Sale bahut non veg khate hain………

    yes sabko kha jayenge…

  36. Sagar
    July 16, 2013 at 9:30 am

    I hate non-vegetarians more than anything !!

    It was a great effort by Kunal to explain the non-vegetarians how senseless it is to slaughter the animals to eat them. Killing the animals is a ruthless & shameful act, even the imagination of which leaves me feeling disgusted.

    Kudos to people like Kritika who have gone vegetarian even though their family is traditionally non veg, and very nicely explained. This happens if one looks around the world with open eyes, and understands the logic behind everything he is following.

    I humbly request all the non-vegetarians to go through all the wonderful posts above & let the animals survive freely. Let us not disturb the ecological balance. It won’t make any difference to your life-style, but will definitely give a life to thousands of innocent creatures.

    Indians, lets make India a 100% vegetarian country & I am sure the west will follow us this time !!

  37. Dr. Zakir Nayek
    July 20, 2013 at 1:03 am

    By: Dr. Zakir Naik
    December 16, 2012 9:25 am

    Non vegetarian Food for Muslims Why Muslims Eat Non vegetarian Food

    It is up to mankind to use every resource in this world judiciously, divine favor and as a trust from God.

    Killing an animal is a ruthless act. Why then do Muslims consume non-vegetarian food?

    ‘Vegetarianism’ is now a movement theworld over. Many even associate it with animal rights. Indeed, a large number of people consider the consumption of meat and other non-vegetarian products to be a violation of animal rights.

    Islam enjoins mercy and compassion for all living creatures. At the same time Islam maintains that Allah has created the earth and its wondrous flora and fauna for the benefit of mankind. It is up to mankind to use every resource in this world judiciously, as a ni`mah(divine blessing or favor) and an amanah (a trust) from God.

    Let us look at various other aspects of this argument.

    1. A Muslim can be a pure vegetarian

    A Muslim can be a very good Muslim despite being a pure vegetarian. It is not compulsory for a Muslim to have non-vegetarian food.

    2. The Qur’an permits Muslims to have non-vegetarian food

    The Qur’an, however permits a Muslim to have non-vegetarian food. The following Qur’anic verses are proof of this fact:

    O you who believe!Fulfill (all) obligations. Lawful unto you (for food) are all four-footed animals with the exceptions named. (Al-Ma’idah 5:1)

    And cattle He has created for you (men): from them you derive warmth, and numerous benefits, And of their (meat) you eat. (An-Nahl 16:5)

    And in cattle (too) ye have an instructive example: From within their bodies We produce (milk) for you to drink; there are, in them, (besides), numerous (other) benefits for you; and of their (meat) you eat. (Al-Mu’minun 23:21)

    3. Meat is nutritious and rich in complete protein

    Non-vegetarian food is a good source of excellent protein. It contains biologically complete protein i.e. all the 8 essential amino acid that are not synthesized by the body and should be supplied in the diet. Meat also contains iron, vitamin B1 and niacin.

    4. Humans have Omnivorous set of teeth

    If you observe the teeth of herbivorous animals like the cow, goat and sheep, you will find something strikingly similar in all of them. All these animals have a set of flat teeth i.e. suited for herbivorous diet. If you observe the set of teeth of the carnivorous animals like the lion, tiger, or leopard, they all have a set of pointed teeth i.e. suited for a carnivorous diet. If you analyze the set of teeth of humans, you find that they have flat teeth as well as pointed teeth.

    Thus they have teeth suited for both herbivorous as well as carnivorous food i.e. they are omnivorous. One may ask: if Almighty God wanted humans to have only vegetables, why did He provide us also with pointed teeth? It is logical that He expected us to need and to have both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food.

    5. Human beings can digest both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food

    The digestive system of herbivorous animals can digest only vegetables. The digestive system of carnivorous animals can digest only meat. But the digestive system of humans can digest both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. If Almighty God wanted us to have only vegetables then why did He give us a digestive system that can digest both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food?

    6. Hindu scriptures give permission to have non-vegetarian food

    There are many Hindus who are strictly vegetarian. They think it is against their religion to consume non-vegetarian food. But the true fact is that the Hindu scriptures permit a person to have meat. The scriptures mention Hindu sages and saints consuming non-vegetarian food.
    It is mentioned in Manu Smruti, the law book of Hindus, in chapter 5 verse 30″The eater who eats the flesh of those to be eaten does nothing bad, even if he does it day after day, for God himself created some to be eaten and some to be eater.”
    Again next verse of Manu Smruti, that is, chapter 5 verse31 says“Eating meat is right for the sacrifice, this is traditionally known as a rule of the gods.”
    Further in Manu Smruti chapter 5 verse 39 and 40 says“God himself created sacrificial animals for sacrifice… therefore killing in a sacrifice is not killing.”
    Mahabharata Anushashan Parva chapter 88 narrates the discussion between Dharmaraj Yudhishthira and Pitamah Bhishma about what food one should offer to Pitris(ancestors) during the Shraddha(ceremony of dead) to keep them satisfied. Paragraph reads as follows:

    “Yudhishthira said: ‘O you of great puissance, tell me what that object is which, if dedicated to the Pitiris (dead ancestors), become inexhaustible! WhatHavi, again, (if offered) lasts for all time? What, indeed, is that which (if presented) becomes eternal?’”

    Bhishma said: ‘Listen to me, O Yudhishthira, what those Havisare which persons conversant with the rituals of the Shraddha(the ceremony of dead) regard as suitable in view of Shraddhaand what the fruits are that attach to each. With sesame seeds and rice and barely and Mashaand water and roots and fruits, if given at Shraddhas, the pitris, O king, remain gratifiedfor the period of a month. With fishes offered at Shraddhas, the pitrisremain gratified for a period of two months. With the mutton they remain gratified for three months and with the hare for four months, with the flesh of the goat for five months, with the bacon (meat of pig) for six months, and with the flesh of birds for seven. With venison obtained from those deer thatare called Prishata, they remain gratified for eight months, and with that obtained from the Rurufor nine months, and with the meat of Gavaya for ten months, With the meat of the bufffalo their gratification lasts for eleven months. With beef presented at the Shraddha, their gratification, it is said , lasts for a full year. Payasamixed with ghee is as much acceptable to the pitrisas beef. With the meat of Vadhrinasa (a large bull) the gratification of pitrislasts for twelve years. The flesh of rhinoceros, offered to the pitrison anniversaries of the lunar days on which they died, becomes inexhaustible. The potherb called Kalaska, the petals of kanchanaflower, and meat of (red) goat also, thus offered, prove inexhaustible.’”

    So but natural if you want to keep your ancestors satisfied forever you should serve them the meat of red goat.

    7. Hinduism was influenced by other religions

    Though Hindu Scriptures permit its followers to have non-vegetarian food, many Hindus adopted the vegetarian system because they were influenced by other religions like Jainism.

    8. Even plants have life

    Certain religions have adopted pure vegetarianism as a dietary law because they are totally against the killing of living creatures. If a person can survive without killing any living creature, I would be the first person to adopt such a way of life. In the past people thought plants were lifeless. Today it is a universal fact that even plants have life. Thus their logic of not killing living creatures is not fulfilled even by being a pure vegetarian.

    9. Even plants can feel pain

    They further argue that plants cannot feel pain, therefore killing a plant is a lesser crime as compared to killing an animal. Today science tells us that even plants can feel pain. But the cry of the plant cannot be heard by the human being. This is due to the inability of the human ear to hear sounds that are not in the audible range i.e. 20 Hertz to 20,000 Hertz. Anything below and above this range cannot be heard by a human being. A dog can hear up to 40,000 Hertz. Thus there are silent dog whistles that have a frequency of more than 20,000 Hertz and less than 40,000 Hertz. These whistles are only heard by dogs and not by human beings. The dog recognizes the master’s whistle and comes to the master. There was research done by a farmer in U.S.A. who invented an instrument which converted the cry of the plant so that it could be heard by human beings. He was able to realize immediately when the plant itself cried for water. Latest researches show that the plants can even feel happy and sad. It can also cry.

    10. Killing a living creature with two senses less is not a lesser crime

    Once, a vegetarian argued his case by saying that plants only have two or three senses while the animals have five senses.

    Therefore killing a plant is a lesser crime than killing an animal. Suppose your brother is born deaf and dumb and has two senses less as compared to other human beings. He becomes mature and someone murders him. Would you ask the judge to give the murderer a lesser punishment because your brother has two senses less? In fact you would say that he has killed an innocent person, and the judge should give the murderer a greater punishment.

    In fact the Qur’an says:

    O you people! Eat of what is on earth, lawful and good.(Al-Baqarah 2:168)

    11. Over population of cattle

    If every human being was a vegetarian, it would lead to overpopulation of cattle in the world, since their reproduction and multiplication is very swift. Allah (Exalted is He) in His divine wisdom knows how to maintain the balance of His creation appropriately. No wonder He has permitted us to have the meat of the cattle.

    12. Cost of meat is reasonable since all aren’t non-vegetarians

    I do not mind if some people are pure vegetarians. However they should not condemn non-vegetarians as ruthless. In fact if all Indians become non-vegetarians then the present non-vegetarians would be losers since the prices of meat would rise.

  38. A-human-trying-to-be-humane
    September 10, 2013 at 2:03 pm

    @Ankita. Your reply really said everything that I wanted to ask. Love your comments.

    I would like to ask all the non-veg eating people, how would you feel if your new born child is separated from you within 24 hours of birth so that the baby can be slaughtered for food.(just like thy do with new born male calves). After all, human beings too are meat.

    If TASTE is the reason, then why not kill human beings for food. Our world is already so much populated. Why not kill all the old, useless, crippled human beings in the world for food?

    Just because animals can’t fight for their life and rights , doesn’t mean that we can exploit them for our food, clothing or labor uses.
    Why do we condemn others and drag people to courts who as much as raise a finger to hurt us while we openly kill other living beings so mercilessly for ridiculous reasons like TASTE?? Why this hypocrisy??

    I am very sure that the non-veg eating people around the world care a damn about the huge global warming caused by this animal rearing and slaughtering as an industry
    Mind you, I am an atheist and I am proud to be a vegan.
    As human beings we cannot stop unknowingly killing micro-organisms(some are hard to see through the naked eyes) around us. But al teast why can’t we stop killing animals in full consciousness?

    Killing cattle and pigs and what not is OK with us humans but we can’t tolerate anyone , even if they as much raise a nail against us!!! What can be more hypocritical than this???

    And why do people always think that when some one like me or Mitchami Dukkadam try to tell the truth about the plight of the animals, we are trying to thrust our views on them or trying to convert them?

    Is it so difficult to digest the plain facts that are for everyone to see?

    My comments may sound harsh, but I have been to slaughter houses as part of my extensive research on this topic and I really wish they had glass windows. for the world to see.


  39. Common woman
    September 28, 2013 at 2:36 pm

    Kunal, ur efforts r very gud. D video s so touching and i cnt b able to watch d entire clip. I read each and every comments frm starting. Each nd every persn hv their own idea. People always justify their deeds with their unique logic. . Even talibans and maobadis have their own right and wrong notions. M a hardcore bengali grl married with a jain boy. I took a vow b4 marriage that i nevr eat nonveg and i keep my word till date. I compelled to take that vow but nowadays i really wish that everybody go vegeterian and animals live their life. I bcm veg but nt vegan. Thats nt 4 me. I luv honey, curd, cabbage, milk and SANDESH, RASGULLA. My inlaws use hit, mortein, laxmanrekha, lizol etc. So do i. In jain temple i notice that shastraji and many more religious books r folded with silk clothes. . Somewhere i find jains hypocrit. . . And kunal u wrote this article in 2010. Now what can we c in 2013? Brutally murder after inhuman gangrape? KAMDUNI gang rape case? Human dnt have any respect for human so how do we xpect that they have respect to chicken and plants? No one is here to cry for mosquitoes and ants, cockroaches and insects. In paddy fields farmers also use pesticides. So its nt possible 2 follow entirely jain religion. We normal people only can feel gross pains, only can stop or minimize brutal animal killing if we wish. . Stop eating onions, potato, garlic, curds is ridiculous. . Nobody has time to think about plant’s pain. . Its true. . Its real.

  40. Pradeep Mehta
    October 8, 2013 at 11:01 am

    Great Post!!!!
    I would like to bring you notice that NON_VEG i one of great reasons of GLOBAL WARMING….

    So for Sake of world, we can give our bit!!!!.

  41. Akash
    December 9, 2013 at 10:40 am

    After reading some disgusting comments, I want to slaughter the people who’ve commented rubbish and inhumane about the taste and likes for Non-veg food….To those people who love eating non-veg please bear this bitter truth…
    In your next life you will be a cow….People like you will take you to slaughter houses…slaughter you to the death..you will cry in pain..lots n lots of pain …till you die…people will stay as usual not noticing or helping you..just watching u till u die….
    …Not for a single time…but more than the times you went to hotels, ordered non veg crap…Maybe a 1000 times ..maybe 10000 times in your life…Feel the ultimate pain..as you are enjoying now..animals will enjoy your taste when u will be an animal..helpless n hopeless….!!!!!

  42. January 10, 2014 at 1:08 am

    hi, really nice article kunal ,i just cried through the video cause its too much brutal ,i just want to ask the non vegetarian people 1 thing ,would they kill a small road side puppy deliberately,or let it be killed by someone else,wont they feel bad if the same puppy is crying for his life,any one of u in a terrible life threatening accident, wen u’r just wishing for death as the pain is unbearable ,im a total atheist but i believe in humanity,i think jainism hinduism islam christianity all is bullshit if a person dont have basic sense of right nd wrong, its upto u to change

  43. January 10, 2014 at 1:15 am

    and im sorry dr zakir naik, i have many muslim friends ,but i once saw a show on tv where a lots of muslim people were there and u were doing a debate on veg and non veg and the candidate on the veg side was really insulted and laughed at. I dont think thats professional at all but if u r the same person, i just want to say that i respected u before that,now i DONT

  44. Batool
    March 15, 2014 at 1:09 am

    I am a vegan or as some may call it “a more pathetic vegetarian” and i must say you had some really solid points that made me snap my fingers. The one about the taste of meat was spot on! It is actually the vegetarian stuff that makes meat edible in the first place!!!! Without the vegetable oil for cooking and the masalas (or other spices and sauces), meat consumption would be non-existent as either the meat would taste bad or would be downright inedible.

    Another point I like is the one regarding the whole stupid food chain issue. I have never personally encountered anyone who used that against me. But that’s because i haven’t met my brother in a long time.

    Perhaps i must save your article for defense that next time i am at a family gathering.lol

  45. Batool
    March 15, 2014 at 1:37 am

    I just read an interesting perspective from a meat eater’s point of view (my response is below his text)

    elton :
    unnecessary drama… we must all eat what v want want of course, and each is entitled to a personal opinion. its only a problem when v start wishing our unwarranted will on others. i purely refer to this vegan debate. meat is nutritious just like plants etc are. the taste and texture of each meat is different unique and rich in taste. when a bunch of lions rip open a free gazelle, it isnt kind. its without mercy. its basic animal instinct. man is an animal when his biological urges need to be met: HUNGER for food for drink for sex for air… what wud we be without these instincts? theyre important and must exist. as long as u do it for survival and not sport. taste is a crucial sense… wine is nuthing without its aroma…. if thats not sick to say, why is it sick to say the same abt meat?! if u understand teh difference in teh texture of a cucymber aginst that of a carrot or that of bread or that of an apple or that of a peach or mango… forget taste for a moment n close ur eyes…. can u tell the diffeence by texture? YES! its wonderful isnt it? sinking teeth into someonething as delicious as each item of food? meat is just another item. live and let live people. its the balance of the world. give back what u take in the form of kindness, love and positive energy. feel the meaning of loss, of destruction, of sadness…. the universe is here to provide, it always has and it always will.

    My response: I am a vegan who would on no grounds attack or insult a meat eater or consider that person to be beneath me. After all the main idea behind veganism and vegetarianism is that of peace which cannot be achieved if i just argue with another person on their way of life and in the process probably hurt their feelings. So while I am not forcing you to give up meat or belittling your lifestyle,i am simply trying to offer my perspective on your views (many of which i agree with). I do agree with you about man being an animal and having a hunger for food and sex. BUT you also wrote that you believe in meat consumption as long as the purpose behind it is that of survival not sport.Well than you can survive purely on vegetables.But people continue to eat meat because it is tastier,perhaps easier to cook or would please the eyes of the guests. So people are in fact eating meat for entertainment or as a sport rather than as a basic necessity which it is not.

  46. Ria Jain
    September 14, 2014 at 1:58 am

    I think the taste of beef is amazing. It’s tender soft and fleshy. Also I love lamb

  47. ex-jain
    November 20, 2014 at 5:21 am

    I used to be a Jain but Jains are such hypocrites. They think eating eggs is bad, but consume all cakes and omelets. Jains are not supposed to value possessions, but all Jains are greedy and materialistic and only care about making money. Jainism enforces chastity and abstinence from alcohol, but young Jains get heavily drunk and engage in free sex. I think that since you only have one life, eat whatever you find delicious. Try all sorts of non vegetarian foods from lobster to lamb chops to juicy beef cheeseburgers. Respect all religions, but eat whatever you please.

  48. gursimran
    May 24, 2015 at 12:02 am

    you eat veg and we will continue eating non veg
    ek baar nom veg khaake dekhna veg bhuljauge xD

  49. manish955
    October 10, 2015 at 2:39 pm

    I can never accept that eating no veg is justified ever. Many say that eating plants is also just like eating animals as they also have life but in my opinions its completely stupid. Fruits don’t have life, similarly grains and pulses are eaten when they are dried up. You don’t eat a ripe grain. Vegetables are also the same case. No vegetarian eats the plant. Have you ever seen some body eating leaf. We are humans and not the animals we don’t need to do what they do. We have consciousness

  50. Raj Patel
    July 8, 2016 at 5:27 pm

    Whoever opposed to this explanation, I believe those might have not read and understood this draft completely !

    I don’t have more words to say ! God bless you all !

  51. Shubham
    October 28, 2016 at 1:44 pm

    Nice article Kanal. Loved it

  52. DhiRaj
    November 11, 2016 at 3:28 pm

    We All Know That … What We Need To Do … But We All Easily Neglect the Truth and Module the Rules as per Our Conveniences.

  53. me
    July 20, 2017 at 10:51 am

    well then isnt it wrong when a tiger eats an animal. Its also killing it. and if u guys havent realised we r animals too. Adol hitler was veg but killed millions of people. And also hitler or the “tigers” dont ask before they kill.

  54. me
    July 20, 2017 at 10:52 am

    tigers just kill

  55. me
    July 20, 2017 at 10:53 am

    they r animals we r animals

  56. me
    July 20, 2017 at 10:53 am

    if u r not sure about that check wikipedia

  57. Hussain
    January 9, 2018 at 4:30 am

    In Islam we are urged to eat animals, with bird meat atleast once every 10 days, red meat atleast once a fortnight, and fish atleast once a year.
    And Bakri Id or Id al Adha is celebrated so that met can be distributed among family and poor people. And it is for eating not idol worshipping as in Jainism.
    I want to prove my point that every religion is different and if everyone understands that there won’t be ahimsa in world.

  58. Kunal Janu
    January 9, 2018 at 1:06 pm

    Thanks for the comment Hussain. I understand and respect your opinion, just like you respect ours.

  1. September 20, 2010 at 1:49 pm
  2. August 4, 2012 at 9:40 pm

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