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One month and a lot of updates..

Recent-ActivityMy recent activity on updating this blog has been poor. I agree! Specially considering the fact that I now have an official sponsor in Mydala. Look at this from their point of view and there really hasn’t been much activity. Ratings that were 2000 views a day have plummeted to a mere 800.

What’s been keeping me busy? WORK and a lot of it! The last few months have been very exciting when it comes to work. Great in fact given the kind of feedback and recognition the team is getting from the client. The mood of the team has never been so wonderful. The blog therefore has taken a beating.. What i want to do is cover all the stories that i wanted to put on the blog in one single post..

(bear me if the post is too long)

First, Introducing the sponsor

How many times were you able to get a discount when you went to a restaurant in group, or bought something as a group? How about if we could do the same when we buy stuff online? Mydala is just that answer!

Mydala comes to us as a platform that leverages the “power of group buying”. It’s a platform where like-minded individuals can come together to get a deal that we can never get on our own. How it works is pretty simple. Every week or sometimes even in a day, a new deal is posted in the city of your interest on the website.A team of 25 people working at their office carefully select the best of the best deals with their business partners at some unbeatable prices! All you have to do is purchase that deal with a small payment, get your friends to buy it, the deal only goes live if a minimum number of people have bought it.

Mydala and My blogs association has been ever since I was declared the winner of  a blogging contest as a part of their launch programmes to gain popularity. The gift, 1200 worth Planet M Vouchers. But when I had trouble redeeming the Planet M Vouchers, I called them and like any good company they helped me with it. Then came an offer. “We want you to write about us, our company, and our deals on your blog!”, I resisted, It meant that I needed to post something almost every week. I wasn’t sure of making the commitment, but not wanting to tick them off, I proposed just sharing an image ad for a small amount of money, It was fine by them, but only days later I realized that it would be nothing without me writing about them.. People only trust what is written because somebody who writes it, approves of the product! We worked out a deal that worked for both of us, and here we are, a start of a new association.

Mydala is currently also partnering with the first ever food and nightlife awards, hosted on http://awards.foodandnightlife.com/, A site that will help you with reviews of best dining and partying locations in your city, but also vote for them win an award, A recognition given to them by their loyal customers. Presently there are two categories: Jury’s choice and customer’s choice, and obviously customers choice is open to vote. Don’t see your favorite? Nominate them! After all this is a company dedicated to finding and awarding the best of the best. Thanks to that, I now know a lot of locations where I can take my family and friends for a fine dining experience, some places that I never knew existed.. So guys, Get to the site and start exploring..

PS: If you have a blog and are interested in hosting an image ad, write about Mydala leave a comment, I’ll get in touch!

PPS:  A new page: MyDala deal of the day opens as a new page hosts a number of deals that I think are worthy buying!

Sreeram wins Indian Idol 5

I’m sure a lot of fans of Indian Idol are happy and so am I. A true and deserving contestant finally won. Sreeram was the only contestant who was never in the final 2 or three contestants that faced elimination every week, but want to know why?

Of course  he’s a brilliant Singer, but so were Rakesh and Bhoomi. Sreeram never came into the bottom 3 because he always got the votes to back his singing! Most of the TV voting population of India understand Hindi, except for the South Indian states where this show is rarely watched. Bhoomi had a lot of advantage because of Gujarat, and Rakesh had the support of passionate Punjabi’s spread across India, leaving Sreeram the only contestant that did not carry the votes of his homestate of Andhra pradesh where the people rarely even know about the show. You may think that way, but it is not I’ll explain why..

My dad understands Telugu, he was born and bought up in Andhra Pradesh before we eventually moved into Chennai some 15 years back. His love for Telugu Cinema is still alive and therefore is a fan of the regional channels.. It’s only then I found out that, popular telugu channels like Maa TV, Gemini TV, had a scrolling image ad with Sreeram’s voting details. Special half hour shows were telecast on popular news channels and here too there was a 24 hour scrolling image ad with Sreeram’s voting details. The news shows were well anchored to talk about the show and what difference does a title of Indian Idol could make to a Telugu guy in a predominant Hindi population. The votes started coming in from Andhra Pradesh, and from the truest supporters and he won!

Was it paid? or was it by choice? Who cares? because every single contestant was allowed to promote themselves the way they liked. Maybe sreeram’s family or friends or the state of Andhra Pradesh chose this as the best way to reach the masses.. Congratulations to him.

Year 2010 has been an year where the most deserving contestants have won.  It all started off with Shakti Mohan winning the title of Dance India Dance Season 2, Jeetumoni winning the title of Dance India Dance Lil masters and now Sreeram. It also probably explains India’s dismal performance this year in Cricket =P

Randiv – Sehwag and a Noball that counted!
Unwanted confusion of rules in the minds of the umpire denied Sehwag the century more than Randiv bowling a No-Ball. The media blew the controversy out of proportion and the teams were faced with question marks on the spirit of Cricket. Ofcourse it was not in the spirit of the game to bowl it intentionally, but having done that, Randiv did the right thing by apologizing.  Randiv, Sangakkara, and Dilshan are found to have been guilty, and are penalized. That ends it, Full stop.

ICC should then have corrected the mistake and grated Sehwag the 100. Why?

A deeper look at the rules state that the run off the noball cannot be counted unless the ball is completed, in this case, it completes only after the umpires signal’s it six, in which case Sehwag did get his 100. If that is not the case, How do you explain this?

The bowler runs in, Umpire calls it a no ball, the bowler does not bowl. Now is this a no-ball or a dead ball? The scorers have not counted the ball and therefore it’s called a deadball, A ball that will be rebowled with no change to scores or the number of balls bowled. Hoepfully, Sehwag will get his hundred number 20 in today’s match against NewZeland.

Civic sense when in public places

I hate it when people lack it. It’s basic common sense, but they think it’s okay to do it. I wish I had the powers to punish them and change all that! One thumb rule to following basic civic sense, “Leave the place as it was, atleast if you can’t make it better.”

  • Not cool to wash your hands and head straight to the door knob without wiping them clean.. eeeww..
  • Not cool to wash your hands and shake it off on somebody nearby.
  • Not cool to litter a place specially when there is a dustbin close by.
  • Not cool to spit on the road, would u do that in your house?
  • What makes men want to piss on the sides of the road? wish I could kill, but can’t blame them because there are no public toilets, if there are, the places outside are much cleaner than inside the toilet!
  • Not cool to disrespect people who follow rules for Road safety.
  • Whizzing past somebody yanking the horn is definitely not cool.
  • Smoke cigarettes, but not in public places, specially not on somebody’s face! I’d slap you the next time.
  • Not cool to use a lift to go to a floor above you. Idiots!
  • If you are a vehicle owner, you don’t own the road. Let the pedestrians cross!
  • Not cool to put your drippy hands with food in somebody’s lunch box! I can’t imagine eating after that!
  • Not cool to talk about a girl, like you are teasing them specially when they are seated next to you! WTF?
  • Not cool to ogle.. If it was me, I’d slap every bastard on the road! Hate such men!

All these experiences are from working in a campus that hosts so many hundred software companies filled with employees that well educated and come from good families.. If educated people do this, I can’t expect the world to be a nice place to live in.

Finally, My chance to fly to South Africa to watch my favorite IPL team Royal Challengers of Bangalore is here..

VoteA contest by Airtel, chief sponsors of Champions League T20, wants fans to upload their fan videos supporting the team they loved.. 10 fans will be chosen on the basis of maximum views and likes at the end of competition (Sept 6 2010) will be on an all expense paid trip to South Africa. It’s my dream, and you can make it real.

To vote: Just visit this link –  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lc_l-BcYr54 and like it on youtube. You could further help by promoting this video on your facebook, orkut ot twitter accounts. But remember, only views and likes on youtube count. Help me get the votes, help me get the maximum views, help me get the likes, help me get on this to South Africa!

Until next time..

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  1. Nitu
    August 26, 2010 at 8:26 am

    Hi Kunal. Good to see you back after a quite long time. Yes, it was finally Sreeram. And I agree with your post. Sreeram indeed got a lot of support from the local people and the publicity for him and the show was too good. Many T’woodians promoted the show and campaigned for him. Many websites too came up asking us to vote and giving the details. We wished that the same should have happened in case of Karunya too some 5 years back. But it just happened and Karunya couldn’t win the show. Even then he has got a lot of craze and so has Sreeram. Hope they have a very good future.

  2. Kunal Janu
    August 27, 2010 at 3:07 pm

    Thanks Nitu!

    Find the best stuff at best prices in your city @ Mydala

  3. Nitu
    August 27, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    Hey, the post on civic sense is utterly true. Hope as many people as possible read it and realise how they are irritating others with their acts and gestures.

  1. September 20, 2010 at 1:49 pm

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