The End?

It’s been a 3 year association, and with every single day I’ve found every reason to break up with you! Yes, and am not sorry about it. Even now, as I write this blog post, giving people reasons to not hook up with you, or give them reasons to break up with you, I’m not sure if I’ll break up anytime soon. Not until I have enough time and conviction of the best choice in the ever so popular market of DTH! Yes, It’ll not be long before I’ll stop recharging my Tata Sky connection, and let it just lay there dead! It’s not far until I’ll be giving my TV a new life! Why? Why after so many years? I’ll tell you why…

TN Government decided to continue with Conditional Access System for Cable operators to give more control in the hand of the consumer. What followed was that Customers were forced to buy digital equipment worth Rs. 3000, to watch “Paid” channels in digital clarity! For starters, it was a move in the right direction. Forcing customers however was bad. The Tamil population was however happy, most Tamil channels were available for free and now less than a 100 bucks! My family had new-found love in Sahara one, but it wasn’t long until I started missing cricket matches and welcome Tatasky!

I bought a Tatasky connection with a 3 month free package, and ever since I have started paying for the packages, life has seen miserable! Believe me when I say “MISERABLE” but I continued recharging it. I had paid a decent sum well over a 3000, and the only other competitor back then, Dish TV was regarded as one of the worst in customer service, satellite boxes were reported to have been used, faulty installments and everything else!

I found a place to vent all my anger, a forum. 300 plus members discussing why they hated tatasky, and in unity shooo away every prospective customer coming to the forum for information on TataSky! We wrote letters to the COO, we spoke continuously with Customer service agents, we flooded their inboxes with emails, and we did manage to force them into something we thought was good for the customers. We were one, and we were fighting.

One by one, every single one of us got tired! They moved away from the forum, the strength constantly diminishing! Year later, you see completely new faces, doing what we did. Fighting against TataSky. So anyways, Here’s the latest on why you should never purchase Tatasky, or why you should disconnect from their service almost immediately!

CUSTOMER SERVICE : From Good to Bad to Ugly!
I have to give this one to TataSky, They were the best in customer service compared to their competition, and no I’m not talking about the sales staff! Every single customer query was reported correctly and a follow-up was always made. I rated it bad, when most of our emails that we sent were replied back in almost the same fashion, 95 percent of the letter would have content that is autogenerated and the remaining from a guy who’d simply say “We have forwarded this to the concerned department”! How many times? Just how many times was Tatasky going to do this?! I started to hate writing them emails. Bad Customer service!

Talking to a Customer Service agent on TataSky Toll Free Number, 1800-425-6633 (you wouldn’t find this on a brochure, nor will any customer service agent tell you) makes the service ugly! Everyone who’s been trying to call TataSky’s customer service the last few days should recognize this:

Rings a bell? No? Well it does to me, and that is because last night I was made to wait for 8 minutes before somebody could say “Hello” and disconnect, and another 6 minutes before a female can wake up from her sleep. “My name is Kunal, and my customer Id is 100..” “Thank you sir”.. 10 Sec pause..”Hello”..”yes, your details sir”.. Imagine the kind of agony you’d feel when you have been made to wait for close to 15 minutes listening to the stupid music? and then she continues confirming my request over and over again.. I gave up and simply disconnected the call! Phew..

Waiting for over 15 minutes to talk to a Customer service agent, and then talking to a irresponsive person makes the service agonizingly ugly!

Software Update – More Spam!
Not only will you be spammed with messages like “Watch My Name is Khan on Channel no.371 for just Rs.25 for whole day, sms…” using the alert service, but now the latest software update wants you to see this message every time you change the channel! Haha.. Really? See this:

half screen covered in menu
Tatasky, if you are reading this, can you please cover the rest of my screen with a message on the latest Hannah Montana movie on showcase, with Hannah dresses in a sexy dress and a message that would force me subscribe to the learn english service? I so want to see the whole TV screen filled with TataSky ad’s!

But wait, The Software update brings in a lot of other cool features! The Yellow mail symbol has become bigger, and also have a “Press O” message below it! Just something I was missing, Thank You! Did I tell you about the sound taking a beating? No? May be you didn’t have the volume of your TV turned up to the highest level!

TATA SKY IS THE KING: Oh yea, despite you paying a premium price to watch their service, they will tell you what channels you need and what you don’t. They will tell you that Colors is better in the Lifestyle gold pack, because no customer taking the low price pack would want to see it, but also cough up 45 a month for watching it! If you ask them why? They will call it customer feedback!

  • “If you have a problem, buy the Mega pack, all channels at 4500 per annum!” exact words a customer service agent used to disconnect my call.
  • All discount offers are only for new customers(cust se marne wale), old customers are people who exist only for “10 million se bhi plus customers” tag line.
  • Everytime you talk to them about channel packaging and pricing, they will try in their best effort to tell you that they are the king and you couldn’t do anything about it.

So if you are a person who likes to watch sport, and has a mom who likes Balika Vadhu, and a dad who likes to watch regional movies on the weekend including some in Tamil, and a sister/brother who can’t live without music, and can shell out close to 450 bucks a month for TV with special rules like: Wait for full 15 minutes before talking to customer care in the night, make no complains about Channel packaging and pricing, shut up during rains, and in general ASK NO QUESTIONS, then TATA SKY is a safe bet!

Ask me a month later, and I’d have moved on to a newer DTH connection or back to the old ways of Cable TV! Atleast until, Tatasky gives me 5 reasons to stay on! Until then, it’s a bye!


PS: My blog crossed 200,000 page views just 2 days back! Wow! Also following this blog post is a decision maker post on which DTH connection to choose!

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