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Facebook, Twitter and my boring life..

I’m bored of Twitter, I’m bored of facebook! I’m bored of poking people, I’m bored of writing Happy Birthday messages on people’s walls. I’m bored of the social interview questions that rarely find a comment, and I’m bored of reading tweets that mean nothing in my life. I’m bored of writing tweets that rarely get replies or retweets. I’m just bored of every single social networking site there is! Aren’t you really bored all those invitations that friends send you on email? Don’t you think your social life has been taken over by a virtual life?

I’m growing bored of twitter, specially when you realize that every tweet you make is only attracting a few bots looking for keywords and not people! Why would “Chennai is hot today” fetch any replies? and why would u want to post it as a tweet at all? A lot of you might argue of wanting to engage with friends in conversation, and I completely agree. But aren’t you really missing out on the social life? When was the last time you had a coffee with your twitter friends? specially the one’s that reply “I agree, Chennai needs another untimely rainfall” to your tweet? I feel my life is definitely affected and it show’s. You begin to look lazy all the time, or you are only finding reasons to not do something, because literally you are used to sitting in a comfy chair and have hardly done any work that takes a little effort to be done!

Argument 2: A lot of people make a lot of network connections with a lot of people of the opposite sex.
Oh yea, Cool! I’ll ask a lot of my Indian friends who are not so approach-a-girl-with-ease types, does it really work? Let me know! Personally, I’m only trying to make friends, and I haven’t gone past engaging in Instant message conversations! Facebook and twitter are cool, but really they have taken me away from my childhood friends, or friends that aren’t really active on any of these sites! Guys, anyone reading this and wondering why I haven’t sent u message on the phone or had a small conversation with you for a long time, “I have been wasting so much time poking friends who I have hardly met” Sorry about that, talk to you soon!

Argument 3: Social gaming is the future, don’t you enjoy Farmville?
Oh, for starters, I’ve blocked the application on Facebook! I saw it as a tool that would only affect my work, but also find me a reason to not get off that computer chair. The concept of farming, visiting friends farm, helping them, making new friends is cool. But if it’s taking you more into virtual reality & taking you away from your social circle, give it a miss!

With time, and a lot of interest, I’m trying to figure if I had a career of a Social media marketer. I have been following a lot of social media gurus, and have been reading a lot of stuff on it! It helps, and that is probably the reason why I haven’t logged off from twitter or Facebook yet. Yes, Marketing (or generally put, I like talking to people and making contacts) is starting to develop as my area of interest, but with a good 3 year IT and Software experience as a software developer, something that I like too, it’s hard to decide if that switch is really necessary! It’s a confusion that will remain forever until I’m deep down into one of them! For now, I’m liking doing both!

Wonder if the interest in social media marketing is the reason for the boredom, Because I have grown to realize that tweeting for fun id not putting you anywhere unless every 3rd tweet of yours gets a reply or retweeted. I want a my place, I just don’t want to be the person following thousands of people, replying to tweets of the celebrities and wait forever to see a reply! Talking about followers, it would have been impossible to connect to Lalit Modi, Raman Sundar, the most influential people in the IPL without being on twitter. Connecting to the people in the media is quite easy too, Barkha Dutt, POpular journalist is very active on twitter! Why would u then just want to log off? Hmm.. So Facebook and twitter, this is not the end, but hey, I’m not letting technology take over my personal life.

God bless america for finding people who make such social networking discoveries that grew from a few hundred dollars to a few hundred billion dollars in brand value!


PS: Saala, All my posts have something to do with boredom. Will there be something on this blog that I am happy about? I wish it happens soon 🙂

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  1. May 27, 2010 at 12:21 pm

    Now this is quite unexpected from a person who once said “you dont have much followers!” 😉
    Ever wondered, the ones who reply to your statuses might be the ones who u hangout with and meet on regular basis, and not the one whom u have hardly met or talked or known? Don’t know about u, but its the case with me though!! Not too much into anything!! 😀

  2. Kunal Janu
    May 27, 2010 at 12:48 pm

    What I meant to say is that, Posting a good morning, I just finished the toughest day in a job etc are getting boring. I’m now looking at building a profile that people want to follow, which is what will take some time and a lot of planning to do. The few 250 followers that I have on twitter is more because of my association with RCB! People follow me for my comments on cricket and more importantly RCB! I wonder if that is the road ahead! Facebook is tho login when you really have nothing to do!


  3. manasa
    August 16, 2010 at 3:00 pm

    sreeram is lucky guy 2 win that big show ofcourse he have that talent

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