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“Spare” a thought

There have been 200 stories about how beggars continue to fraud people into giving them money, on a daily basis, helping them build houses and own bank accounts that have money more than what you have saved all your life. If that is the reason why you don’t reach inside your pocket to fins spare change for a blind man who is singing or just simply begging u for money, I’ll show u a 200,000 other people just in the city of Chennai who are leading a life that you or I cannot imagine leading. If you aren’t reaching in your pocket to help a needy, You have no right to even talk about how some of them cheat you..
Ask them to get a job! What? Why don’t you offer one yourself? How about having the lady as a maid in the house? How about having the man as a labourer in the factory? Dude, they don’t have the skill, and they cannot be trusted for their loyalty. Right! Now if you cannot give him a job, don’t give him advice!

His father must be around somewhere. They use children so that you will feel sad, and once you give them the money, the father will use it to buy liquor! Give the child some food then.. I don’t have anything now.. Then give the child what they need, some spare change. I’m not asking you to give 100 bucks or even 10 or 5. Just some spare change.. and then as you hand out the money, pray to god for a better life for the kid. If the kid knows the language enquire about the parents, find out what they do.. and if you have a chocolate to give with some spare change give them that! Nothing better than bringing a small smile on the face of a child.

Once in a while, identify a regular person who needs food. A part of my travel to office is by train and I meet a number of regular people in the train, some of them are really old, can hardly walk and have no means of help apart from the money that you give them. Buy them a place of Idli or Dosai. If they can’t walk to the canteen, package it and hand it to them. I’m sure you will feel the happiness that they feel when someone does something for them!

My heart cries out loud when I see children struggling for daily needs. Orphanages are places that you should be visiting at least once a month. It’s not the money these NGO’s need, it’s the service! Take an initiative to teach the kids, it can be between academics and sports. I haven’t taken this initiative myself, but plan on starting one pretty soon. It’s hard to find time? Yes, but once you have a heart to do it, time will never matter!

One of my life long dreams is to be a part of one such NGO that looks at the betterment of life of people, to inspire them, to inspire them into helping other people. I wish this post has inspired you enough to find one person and change their life for good.

If you cannot still feel inspired to give, think of this way. What if you were in that situation and everybody chose to ignore you? thank god for everything that you are today! Feel lucky to have everything that you have today! They are just some people who are less fortunate than you are, help them with your fortune, who knows you may change their future for good 🙂


PS: Shoudl you give Rs. 100 to one person or Rs. 10 each to 10 person or Re.1 each to 100 people? A question that I haven’t been able to answer! Leave a comment if you think you it, or we’ll find one in one of the upcoming blog posts 🙂

  1. LVS
    May 12, 2010 at 5:55 pm

    i’ve always never been able to make up my mind about charity. and your post leaves me further confused.
    but i agree about giving food instead of money – my mom says, back in her days the domestic helpers etc were given food daily instead of wages! will we see those days again?

  2. Nitu
    July 21, 2010 at 8:37 pm

    I feel it is better to give Rs.10 to 10 persons rather than giving Rs.100 to one person which,I feel, is a bit more than required to fulfill his hunger or need or 1 Re. to 100 persons which is too scanty. Rs. 10 to 10 persons is moderate and they can atleast afford a cup of tea and bun.

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