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166 Posts, 820 Comments, Tata Sky, and more..

166 Posts, 820 comments and just some funny pictures flicked off the internet make up kunaljanu @ wordpress. Not to forget 171,865 page views with 38 email subscribers. Stats to boast about? No! I’m not proud, A simple visit to my blog will should tell u why. The last post is dated April 13, 2010. Yes, That’s some 20 days back! Not something that I’m proud off! But if the numbers, specially the no. of page-views made your jaws drop,  wait till I tell u why! 🙂 Following is a screen capture of the monthly email report from statcounter of the kind of traffic that my blog has been receiving despite the fewer blog entries that I have made..

Yes, that’s a whopping total of 21,513 page views in a month. Not too much to the eyes of a very regular blogger, but it’s way more than what an average first timer gets! Now you may think that 20 percent of the page hits are because of myself, errr.. NO! I have configured stat counter to not count page hits from my IP Address. Well, even if it did, I’m proud of the 20,300 unique visitors i get, 19888 of whom are on my blog for the first time!

So what has been fetching me all of this (unwanted?) traffic?
The first credit has to go to WordPress. Yes, hosting a blog on WP gives u a huge visibility boost. WP takes care of most of the indexing on popular search engines! Another reason for any non-technically inclined blogger to join WordPress.

Over time I have realized that a lot of users who search the internet are looking for images. To be more specific, looking for images that meant love! 🙂 I may not have the stats to prove my point but my post “Love of My life” has received maximum page hits on the blog, even more than what was a populist rant about the most hated DTH Service Tata Sky! Yes, people came looking for the image in my blog, with WordPress indexing me much higher in image search! Try and use at least one popular image relating to the content to get more traffic.

Ever wondered why they gave u the blog URL Text box when entering a comment? The third and most important thing that people overlook is leaving comments on others blog, Specially on the one’s that are popular. Commenting on a blog that you have just read not only helps building a good friendly relationship with the author, but also help people to get to your blog to read your thoughts! I was a regular on broad band forum talking to fellow tata sky subscribers ranting about the highly priced service! It was only then I realized that I needed a place of my own to update all my rants for people outside of the forum, and started a post. The Post went on to become one of the popular posts on the blog, and the one to this date remains as the post with most comments!

Broad band Forum has a good google presence and a simple search on tata sky would put it on the first page. If you clicked the link a year back, you’d see me there, talking about all that stuff that tata sky wasn’t about! Following the comment was a link to my blog! People felt genuinely connected and visited my blog often looking for updates! I wonder how many page clicks this post is going to receive when I tag this with Tata Sky and Love 🙂

To finish off, It’s always important to link a post to one of your older blogs. Like I’ve done already. It makes people curious to check it out, keeps them busy on your blog, and it gives you the page hits, if you really care about it. The intention is to keep people interested 🙂

20k of the page hits that I have got over the last month didn’t mean anything to anybody! Yes, But this blog wasn’t intended for a target audience! Overtime, and with more regular blogging, I intend to get the target audience and feel proud about it! For now, It’s okay to continue in the same pattern 🙂



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