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Why should I pay?

IPL is a great concept, more for the people who have invested money than for the viewers who really are generating that money. IPL – People = Big Disaster! The bigger audience is what probably is the reason why Sahara Group & Rendezvouz Limited willingly coughed up over $300 million for two new teams in IPL season 2011. The Subscriber base for this year alone has reached well over any other sport in the world, now this including internet users from all over the world with IPL on youtube, for free. Oh yes, It’s delayed content, but it’s ad free and it’s entertaining. The TV Viewer however pays for watching the channel? Why? Specially when it’s not ad-free!
The IPL earns so much money that it can distribute free tickets to all fans and still have decent profit to show off in their balance sheet. Now, every subscriber be it with local cable or DTH pay some portion of their monthly subscription for each channel. This is a government ruling! I own a TataSky connection, and I’m pretty sure that I’m paying no less than Rs. 13 for Set Max. I don’t have the correct numbers because TataSky wouldn’t tell me, but assuming each subscriber pays Rs.5 for each pay channel on CAS (Conditional Access System) it should definetely be over Rs. 10!

This means I’m paying close to Rs. 20 for watching the IPL on my TV Set. 20 bucks dont mean much on my monthly budget, but my argument is why should we/ DTH/Cable operators pay for content that is not ad-free? Why should I pay for anything that is mostly filled with ad’s? Now when a news channel can distribute it’s channel for free, why can’t Set max do too? Sneha-Rajani, Editor in cheif, Set Max, wouldn’t discuss it with me on twitter. Yes, an entertainment channel’s model is different from that of a news channel, but practically – given the number of viewers of Set Max – specially during the IPL – which tops the TRP charts with ease, Why can’t the channel be distributed for free?

Oye dude, they have paid Rs. 5000 crores for the TV rights, they are in every right to charge from you, infact more, because they know u couldn’t live without watching the game! Right, Does it always have to be about the money? Do they even care of ‘happy’ customers? I’m pretty sure Set Max is able to make more money than they invested through the IPL, then why not care for the people too? I wish there was free to air distribution just like youtube on IPL during such sporting events. Saves me some money, and SetMax earns goodwill from it 🙂

Imagine if all channels followed the same pricing policy, wow! I wouldn’t really have to pay more than a 100 bucks to watch all the channels. Now that’s a dream I want turned real! 🙂 Let me know your thoughts on this, i’m clueless on how the pricing policy works here. May be somebody can feed me on this. Have any arguments to make, go ahead, making comments is free! 🙂

Kunal Janu

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