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An Engagement

Why was I here? Mydala. Yes. More about it later… Right, so why wasn’t I updating this space? I have been having a mental block of sorts; actually there is a lot to do but so less to talk! Updating the blog now seems like a thing of the past. As I type this post, I have no clue what It’ll end up being. But hey, it feels good to be back!

I haven’t been busy. Nor have I been having a clear thought, the confusion – still happens. I’m actually engaged, Engaged on Twitter and Facebook 😀

Indian cricket team not doing well against Australia, Ravindra Jadeja taking Dravid’s place, Sreesanth’s return, Dada back as KKR captain, Chennai RCB Fan Club meetup, all of it which could have been a blog is now on Facebook or Twitter. For people who know me quite well, this might come as a surprise. I’ve always been a critic of social media. Of how it poses a threat to one’s personal life or how it’s addicting people… All of that is now changed…

Why Facebook?

Orkut is a thing of the past. Facebook is more user-friendly and with millions of users logging in, it’s the most popular website there is in the social networking space. Complete built on JQuery (as I’m told, I don’t care to research, I’m just too bored!) it allows the user’s to see status updates at a blink of the eye. Fan clubs, events, challenges, applications, quizzes, and all other stuff you would want are all integrated into one single website. Have a Facebook login? Sign into many other popular websites without having to register, thanks to Facebook connect!

Why Twitter?

Have something to say to the world? Announce it on twitter! Why compile a blog and wait to see answers as comments… Put it on twitter and receive responses instantly. Twitter was introduced with an idea of what is called micro blogging – A blog in less than 140 characters. It is now the most popular networks for marketing new products.

Just because millions of users around the world now have an active facebook and twitter account, Social media is a the new market for new and establishes businesses. Celebrities now use these to connet with the fans. It’s easy, it’s simple and it’s popular. At this point, this very moment, Reading this very post, you continue to wonder if you need a twitter or facebook login, you are missing something Go there and get one 🙂

If you have been following me on facebook or me on twitter or at least have marked my album on Picasa as my favourite, you should have seen what’s been happening in my life. Thanks to twitter and Facebook, I lived my dream. A dream to meet a cricketing legend in Anil Kumble!

Me and Anil Kumble(Click on image to see the complete album)

Thanks to a contest by Royal challengers Bangalore, I was selected as the top 27 fans who won an opportunity to audition with Anil Kumble and coach Ray Jennings of the RCB. The selected top 3 won a lifetime chance to be with the team thro CLT20! The trip an all expense paid, wow! But that was not all, they also gave each one of us an autographed white ball by Anil Kumble, and official RCB jersey.. 🙂

Jealous already? There’s more… I also won an opportunity to meet up with the face of Indian T20 Cricket, Mr. Lalit Modi. This one thanks to a contest that he organized for his followers on twitter. I was seated in a corporate box at the final of CLT20 in Hyderabad with 29 other winners living a dream that keeps coming back every single night.

Mr Modi and Kunal (Click on image to see the complete album)

Twitter for me has from then on  changed from being just a status update site to being a participate-in-a-contest-win-some-free-stuff website.

One such participation is Mydala, a website to be launched soon for the Indian public. All i needed to do to win a gift was to follow mydala on twitter and re-tweet a message stating my participation in the contest. There were about 15 daily gifts from pen drives to headsets with MP3, to standalone MP3 players..mydala logo I haven’t been lucky with any, but the winners of this contest are genuine and no where related to Mydala.. I can say that for sure as I know the second winner Dhempe who was also one of the winners at the Lalit Modi contest. There are two other contests, atleast one of which i hope to win. Prizes for which are a 8GB Ipod nano and a 10.2 Mega pixel digital camera.

InkFruit is one other company giving away free Tshirts. All you have to do is register using this link, and invite 10 friends!

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Kunal Janu

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  1. November 11, 2009 at 5:41 pm

    I confess. Having being following you on Facebook and Twitter, there was nothing new for me to read here. But I still I did.

    Guess I should go now and complete my drafts too…

  2. November 25, 2009 at 4:57 pm

    RT @ LVS
    LoL…. 😛 😉

  3. November 25, 2009 at 4:57 pm

    And congrats for winning the gift!!!!! 😀

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