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What is Love Aaj Kal?

Love Aaj Kal1If I was born with suicidal tendencies, I’m sure you would have all been mourning by death by now. Truly, this is the feeling that one gets after Love Aaj Kal. If breaking up blossoms love, then Why the hell people get married? Makes perfect sense? No?!? I guess every single cast and crew member of Love Aaj Kal will be wondering what Imtiaz Ali the director of the movie wanted. What the hell is Love Aaj Kal? Love Aaj Kal is meeting a girl at the bar and ending up sleeping with her without knowing the name?

Love Aaj Kal is breaking up and liking it? Love Aaj Kal is realizing the love for someone after marriage? Or is Love Aaj Kal realizing the love for someone after a few thugs beat you up for money and trash your ex’s photo? What the hell is Love Aaj kal? Confused already? There’s more of the ‘thing called love’ inside..

Disclaimer: Pregnant Women, children below the age of 10 years and people with Cardiac problem should not read further or watch the movie as it may cause permanent damage or even worse, death!

I hate all my “girl”friends who said it was a one time watch, “a story with a difference” one of them said. “It’s like Hum tum!” Oh really? “Imtaiz Ali Rocks” haan I would want to meet and may be hurl a few shoes at him for rocking my night!

I should have listened to the guys who did warn me, I’m sorry guys I will definitely take you more seriously, Next time. It always takes one bad experience to realize that there is always Good in listening to people than critics.

I trusted the Zoom review Show in which the critic gave the movie a 3 out of 5. Ask me and I would say that the movie deserves no more than a big fat zero. I would like to honor Imtiaz by telling him that his movie, Love Aaj kal has just replaced “Rab ne bana di Jodi” as the most boring movie I have ever watched. Rab ne was much better. Well truly, I thought Rab ne was the only movie that can be made with only three characters, Imtaiz proved me worng, He managed it!

I wonder how these critics work? They give reviews depending on the money they are offered?

The Critic gave Imtiaz Ali all the accolades for beautifully blending the story of 2009 with 1945, But I realized that the comparison was more of an effort wanting to make the movie last the full 159 mins, actually it seemed even longer! The music is rocking, but that’s all there is good about the movie. Slap youself if you think Love Aaj Kal is the way it is shon. Slap Yourself again if you think Deepika’s hot! She only cute, she no where close to Bipasha when it really comes to being HOT!

Imtiaz Ali is praised for writing the screen play and the way this movie is directed. My verdict, The screenplay is confusing and all that there is about the way the shots are taken are close ups moving into the sky, or sky shots closing in on the actors! Really there are no fancy shots! What’s so good Mr. Critic? And If I were the editor, i would have edited the whole  Love 1945 sequence, to make the movie shorter and please the audience with less boredom.

Hey I did laugh in the movie though 😀 thanks to the trailer of Shotgun Murugan that was played in the interval. 😀 I’m still confused of what the director Imtiaz Ali wanted to say, I guess I’ll have to watch the movie a few more times before it makes sense. Aaahhh.. the thought just gave me a heart attack.. Thanks to the Rakhi on my hand, I just realized that I had a reason to live.. Calm down Kunal.. deep breaths..! I’m back.. and btw happy Rakhsha bandhan..

What  the hell am I talking about? Movie, rakhsa bandhan?? Confusing my audience.. I guess it happened to everyone walking out of that theater. Everyone had a smile on their face for having survived till the end of the movie. Ironically, My Status Message on IM yesterday turned out to me my fortune, It said: “All’s well that ENDS!”. Love Aaj Kal did end and thankfully so!

It’s not an advice, It’s a warning, Please don’t watch the movie and help Imtiaz think that he can make Love Aaj Kal Part II, that will then be a major concern than global warming.

If you have nothing better to do, Read on It’s the story (I have made sure I don’t miss a single detail).. but beware that I’m not responsible for anything that happens to you from no on. It’s just the story. If you choose not to, yayyyee! I’ll see u at the end, with the comments.

Love Aaj Kal, the debut production of Saif Ali Khan is directed by Imtiaz Ali who’s known for his two previous hits, Socha Na tha and Jab We Met. I wish I would have seen none to realize the potential of this man. Deepika Padukone plays the lead opposite Saif Ali Khan who co-incidentally shares her first flop with Imtiaz Ali after starring opposite Shah Rukh Khan in Om Shanti Om and playing a lovers role with her boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor in Bachna Ae Haseeno. I have always kept the story a secret when writing review to movies, but on this one I choose to be different, because the director believes that’s he’s created the movie with a different sort of a love story and I want to prove him wrong, If not for that, I wish I’m able to present to you the movie in a better way. So guys, here’s the story (or is there one?!??)

Love Aaj Kal starts with an opening sequence where Saif walks into a bar((nightclub?!?) wanting not to ‘Pile on’ to Deepika. They both talk to each other and wish their friends good byes as they go back home in the same car. The next scene is interesting 😛 It’s a secret, they both kiss each other good bye in a funny way 🙂 So is this Love Aaj Kal? No wait, there’s more.. In the next few scenes the director takes a few leaps int he story.. September, January, next October and things like that.. This is where the funny part is, Saif is seen introducing Deepika to his friends, One of his friends asks Saif if Deepika was his girlfriend 😛 Yea, After almost over a year the couple realizes they are officially liking each other, and here we have a couple who are not yet in love.. 😀

Things become even more confusing as Imtiaz suddenly chooses to play us a song! Ye Dooriaan… A beautifully composed song sung by Mohit Chahuhan creates the feeling of separation between the couple.. Saif is seen sporting a beard as Deepika is shown moving into a new apartment..! Have they separated, I thought to myself.. But then Saif is seen talking to Deepika’s Nani talking about fresco, which is what deepika wants to do in her life. And If there’s one thing that i liked about the movie, it’s this part. I now officially know what Fresco means. To dumb people like me out there wondering what it is.. go watch the movie.. Lol.. Fresco is Art Restoration.. Deepika wants to recreate all the art in the old buildings of India, at the same time Deepika realizes that Saif wants to go to San Fransisco to work for the Golden gate company.. All this happens with the couple having sex where ever possible, even at some corner in the church where they are attending a friends marriage.

Interestingly the couple decide to part ways in the most funniest conversation ever. That’s what the director wants us to believe, Lol.. I got the point when the scene started, My sister tho was like What? The Audience is left reeling and talking to each other on how the couple celebrate their breakup with a party. The scene is supposed to be funny, but then comes Veer Singh (played by Rishi Kapoor) who thinks Saif is the biggest idiot for letting his love go. Because the roads are broken on the way to the airport, and there’s traffic on the way.. Rishi Kapoor decides to take Saif to the Airport to wish Deepika the final goodbyes who on her way to India to help realize her dream. There’s traffic don’t forget that! 😀

Love Aaj Kal

As Deepika enters the Airport, veer singh decides to tell his story.. A story of true love as it is told.. also stars Saif Ali Khan this time sporting a Sardar’s look with the story set in 1945. His love, Harmeet Kaur who had jus tone dialogue in the whole movie.. Poor thing! I wonder why the director chose to silence her.. Ok, so here we are with Saif running in to the station wanting to see his love for the final time before she is moves to Kolkatta from Delhi. They look at each other and their love story begins. Here’s Saif who wants to marry the girl and promises to marry the same girl for the next 7 rebirths. The love story here is not important because it wastes more time and effort typing it! What’s important is the difference between Love Aaj Kal and Love in 1945.. Shouldn’t that have be 1947 a Love story? That movie was much better I tell you.. Anyways getting back to the point, Love Aaj Kal is to have sex without even knowing the name of each other. And Love in 1945 was to fall in love, get married and then get into the act!

Makes sense so far? No? It should by now be clear that I’m trying to make you feel the way Imtaiz Ali made me feel.. To say that there is no love between couple in 2009 as compared to 1945,Imtiaz chose to bore me for a full hour and me just a few paragraphs..

Are you with me? Lets get back.. So Deepika and Saif are in constant touch on how they made each other feel when they were together. I mean Saif tells Deepika how he took advantage of her when she was drunk, and here’s Deepika telling him how she acted to help him! Yuck, This is Love Aaj Kal? Please Imtiaz if you ever had to make a statement about love please choose not to make a film! It’s not an advice, it’s an ultimatum. Because after this, it’s either you or me! The next half hour both are seen helping each other find a replacement for them, they are successful and both have (loving) partners. Saif and his girlfriend make a trip to India on a holiday and it’s when they get together again. Thank god, all that’s physical about this was hugs! I would personally have hated to see the couple kiss, specially when they had separated and were with somebody else. So they both lie to each other and have a ball of time. It’s nice chemistry, but that’s all there is. On the New Years eve, Deepika confronts to Saif to leave her life and maintain no communication as her boyfriend proposed marriage to her.

Another leap and Suddenly we are all invited to a marriage. Oh.. And in between there are scenes from the past, only this time there’s more similarity than difference.. In the past it was the family hat’s against the couple in love. Deepika just before the marriage realizes the love for Saif, but is still confused. It’s funny that she realizes that she wants to be with Saif a day after the marriage. She wants to set things straight with Saif and confronts the not happy married life if she didn’t to her newly wed husband who is more shocked than everyone else watching the film who all laugh at the scene. I’ll ask for forgiveness later she says.. haha.. and the whole theater erupts in laughter.

She calls Saif who’s already on his way to San Francisco wanting to live his dream at the golden gate. Deepika continues just being his ex, and the story now revolves around Saif who is seen become form a hip and happening person to becoming an old and dull person in just one song! Wow, Thankfully Imtiaz chose not to show us the full story. What’s even funny is that, the psychiatrist is unable to figure what Saif’s problem are. On his way back home he’s robbed by a few thugs! Yea, they take all the money, poor saif, but wait one of them is interested in having the photo of Deepika. They fight, they trash Saif and at one time the thugs have to literally bite Saif on the forearm for him to let go of the photo.. Eventually he give in, The thugs i think were big fan of Deepika. They just trash the photo on his face as Saif is left sobbing the love for Deepika.

Saif runs back to India to get his girl. The story goes back to 1945.. God I’m tired recalling specially something that I hate, But I’m gad to be of any service to people who are reasding this! Veer Singh ridiculously takes the girl out of her own house by simply walking in and walking out. Oh but there’s mom who’s always ready to help! Saif walks into Deepika’s house only to learn that she had left the next day after marriage and never returned. Remember the sequence where they show her moving into a new house.. see the connection? Wow! Idiots..

They both meet confess their love and like every other movie, they end living life happily ever after.. Am I done? No there’s Neetu Singh who plays the older version of the girl in the 1945 as a special appearance opposite Rishi Kapoor, his real life husband. Emotional touching moment and I’m already sobbing 😥

If this wasn’t enough, They decided to play Ahun Ahun at the end, for me to wait 5 more mins in the theater. Main Kaun hoon? Main Kahaan Hoon? Thanks to my cousin who slept all through the movie drove us back home in his complete senses! Oh My god, I had a sleepless night!

There is nothing good about the movie, and I guess it’s time Saif calls it quits on Production. Deepika is good as an actress and looks ever so charming cute, and with this movie I also realize that she’s a good kisser 😛 But then she needs to choose her movie based on the story more than the director and the co-actors.

Imtiaz Ali to me now joins the list actors ‘make’ the movie club which is headed by our very own Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra, who made Delhi 6 after Rang De basanti. It just proves how much the actors contribution to the movie makes it succesful, The only reason Rang de was good is Aamir Khan. Jab we met had a good script, But if not for Kareena, I guess It wouldn’t have done good business too.

My favorite bollywood love stories are, Veer Zaara, the best movie ever made on love.. Love is sacrifice, you take the pain while you want your partner to feel loved. An Amazing movie starring Shah Rukh Khan and Priety zinta, Produced by Yash Raj films. Second one that comes to my mind i Jodha Akbar, a love story between two different castes in the mughal days. Not actually a love story, but how love blossoms after marraige. Jodha Akbar, a must watch starring Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya rai, a movie by Ashutosh Govariker.

I’m done, i can’t take it more.  Hey but you have to take time to thank me in the comments section for taking time to write such a detailed post ensuring there’s no more brain damage or death due to the movie.

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Kunal Janu

PS: The songs are great, Twist and Ahun Ahun are exceptional. As a matter of fact, Twist was actually composed by Pritam for Singh is King. Good or Bad? I don’t know.

  1. LVS
    August 6, 2009 at 10:48 am

    Next time, warn us you’re writing a novel ok?

  2. Kunal Janu
    August 6, 2009 at 10:56 am

    @LVS.. I did warn before the story discussion actually begins. I guess you chose not to read it at all..

    Kunal Janu
    PS: Is it worth the Booker Prize? 😉

  3. August 6, 2009 at 11:46 am

    well this time i dun agree with u… Imtiaz Ali has blended the past with the present so beautifully.. Love is still the same as it was 50years back and that’s the message movie conveys.. Deepika and Saif rock together.. and the foot tapping music adds to the splendor of the movie… The story may occur mindless to some wise people out there but lemme remind u… a love story shud involve one’s heart and not the mind!

  4. August 6, 2009 at 11:49 am

    would like to add an advice: Dun u ever think of becomin a movie critic ever!

  5. Kunal Janu
    August 6, 2009 at 11:58 am

    I don’t have any personal problems with Imtiaz or the movie, except for the fact that every single sequence in the movie seemed mindless.. These are personal comments and I posted them because I paid a good sum of money to go watch it 😛
    About the combination of the two stories, I didn’t see a point in it.. I mean what he’s trying to say is love is the same? I’m really confused.. And if it was Imtiaz was trying to tell us, I didn’t get it.. Nor did the other 10 cousins sitting with me..

    What was the point of using Saif in the 1945? Why didn’t he use deepika too then? Forget even that.. The breakup sequence? It made no sense..

    Deepika realized the love after marraige? the whole non-sense part that i think about the movie is this..! I mean why would you get married if you were confused. The thing about Love is that its’ pure.. Not something like this.. this is just some wierd thing..

    And Imtiaz struggled to find a way of telling the audience of how saif realizes the love.. i mean thugs banging the shit out of him fr a photograph.. that’s so unreal!

    The leaps in the beginning of the movie created even more confusion! It was all of it all the time.. I seemed to not link anything together.. It was a good effort by imtiaz trying to link somethings together.. but failed very badly..

    And what is portrayed to be Love Aaj kal is wrong, we are not like that..At least I’m not! I mean it’s not only wierd, it’s so unreal..

    Kunal janu

  6. Kunal Janu
    August 6, 2009 at 12:05 pm

    @anu.. i dont want to become that! Specially if i have to watch sucj movies.

  7. August 6, 2009 at 12:21 pm

    Unreal?? it’s a movie that portrays the so called practical people we have around today.. the break up was a practical thing that the couple did..and love brought them back together..and about the 1945 story…w/o it movie wud be ‘Love Aaj’, whr’s the ‘Kal’ then??? U said Deepika realized her love for Saif, at least she did…most of us dun realize love until its too late.. And even if we do we choose to ignore that inner voice.. And how many of us actually get into a wedlock with the person we love?? Thats what Deepika did.. The characters in the movie represent today’s career oriented generation.. and the movie sequences i feel are completely in sync with the modern era!

  8. Kunal Janu
    August 6, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    You seem to make more sense that what Imtiaz did.. 😀
    Lets just say I didn’t like the movie because:
    I didn’t like the way the story was narrated.
    I don’t think anyone should ever be allowed to break a marraige bond, for a reason called love..
    I think the secret to any happy marraige is sacrifice, one of them has to do that.. If people are career minded, they have to go the separate ways.. But this thought is taking beyond the movie..

    I’m sorry but I hated the movie, and it’s not a recommend from my side. Lets just leave Love Aaj Kal alone, I want to get out of being there and having watched it!

    Kunal Janu

  9. August 6, 2009 at 5:08 pm


    Thanks for warning me. i actually download PDVD rip quality via torrent. I will now do Shift+Del to that movie.


  10. Pujaa
    August 9, 2009 at 11:00 pm


    I wish i wud have read dis before….Gosh!! it ws a horrible experience….I completely agree vd u on dis….I wasted 3 hours watching d movie…which i cud really utilise much better for my sleep 😛

    An absolute waste of time nd moreover its punishing our brains to understand d whle script/story/movie/characters nd rather wat they want actually 😛

    Kunal great work nd do keep us updated with such informations so that v dont waste our time 😀 😉


  11. Kunal Janu
    August 10, 2009 at 8:30 am

    Ahhh.. You are the first girl who’s not liked the movie in my friends circle!! Now that’s interesting 🙂

    You may want to well watch the movie to updated the “Movies I hated” section on some social site 😛

    Kunal Janu

  12. The Review Dude
    August 13, 2009 at 11:40 am

    Errr.. it wasn’t all that bad, was it?
    I personally found the ‘Yeh Dooriyan’ sequence an interesting experiment -it is almost like a summary of the film. I’m pretty sure if any hollywod film had this, it would be praised to death. The song itself was terribly cliched and bland, but hey, whatever sells!
    Deepika is a horrible actress, no other word for her. She needs to wipe that irritating smile off her face, develop some new expressions and please, someone PLEASE teach her how to speak without the HORRIBLE marathi accent! But agreed, she is *hot*. The way she dances – oh boy!
    The movie lacks a coherence. That’s the problem. It is more like two or three extracts of a longer fillm have been stitched together, just like that. Poor editing? Maybe.
    The music- oh god, it is HORRIFIC. Where to start – clcihed, derivative, repetitive, poor singing etc. etc. Not that anything else can be expected from Pritam but this is truly a standout. I mean, Naagin Music? WTF? And if you *are* going to use it, don’t butcher it with ridiculous lyrics.

    Aanyways, I’ll stop here for a breath. Liked your review btw.. 🙂

  13. Kunal Janu
    August 13, 2009 at 11:49 am

    Hey review Dude,
    First, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.. A question perhaps? Is writing the story to review a film worth it? I mean I did so because I thought may it will urge readers not to go watch the film.
    Deepika is cute and I think that’s the only thing i liked about the film, I’d not want to comment on acting, I didn;t really see any. She’s cute more than hot to me.
    The music was good, Yes the singing is quite different to what happened in the olden days.. I mean it’s modern and hip! The naagin music is quite well blended with punjabi folk.
    I didn’t understand the ‘yeh dooriyan’ sequence at all.. If used in a hollywood film, The movie would have been much better as the director would have tried to narrate the story better to end it all better.

    And btw, heard that some Tamil director wants the rights to remake the film. A publicity stunt? maybe.

    Kunal Janu

  14. The Review Dude
    August 14, 2009 at 10:58 pm

    I personally don’t find it of any use to write the story of a film if you’re gonna review it, unless you’re writing in some newespaper or magazine. I skipped the story bit in your post btw :).

    By the time people stop by your blog, they would already know much of the story. I mean, blogs aren’t the first source of information people look at, at least in India. I personally think blogs are more of an opinion-book. When I stumbled across your blog, I was looking for opinions of other people on the film.

    So yeah, if you ask me, I don’t think it’s worth the time and effort to do that.

    @Deepika is cute and I think that’s the only thing i liked about the film, I’d not want to comment on acting, I didn;t really see any.

    LOL! Well, that about summarizes the experieince for every male out there 😀

    I liked the film, I think it has the potential. And that’s the problem – it doesn’t fully go bam-bam on it. You can see scratches of goodness in every other frame and scene but not something full fledged. Like I said, it doesn’t have the flow. Editing mistakes, for sure.

    Well it’s nice you liked the music – at least that’s one bit that everyone is liking..

  15. August 15, 2009 at 2:13 pm

    both did a nice job in the movie

  16. Ipshika Ghosal
    August 28, 2009 at 5:48 pm

    First of all dude… i read only first two paragraphs of ur blog… u have the time and energy to brood over one movie… that too a movie which is so simple and it does represent the city India. Dude stop searching for messages in the movie. The moive is a story are you in first std where d director gives you moral of the story. And trust me from what i see … please never forget thier past gfs or bfs… ur moral conscience has ridden over your mind so much that you cant beleive that these things can happen. God! seriously… and pls dont watch movies like kaminey… god ! i guess you will say everything was so dark… wats d point n all that jazz…. I guess you will like movies where only d girls will sacrifice and be suppressed all her life.. true love….. hahah… i can just imagine….The move was strictly ok…. but heavens… ur review ( dat too 2 paragraphs) makes me want to commit suicide. i have written in the most obnoxious English so that you understand. I know you wont be posting it 🙂 🙂 🙂 ……. N i wish ur blog didnt show in google search

  17. Kunal Janu
    August 31, 2009 at 8:32 am

    First, thank you very much for all the critical acclaim. Well, after all that you have written about the post that I have written, I feel like I have committed a crime and I should be punished for that..

    Personally as you would have read in the post and the comments.. The movie made no sense to me.. Mostly because the way it was showed, the editing was not helping explain the story..

    I took the time to review the story because i didn’t want another Kunal like me to sit thought the torture for full 3 hours! If this is what you call modern day love story, i think it only happens because you want it, not what like it’s said, Love happens!

    I happen to have seen mixed reactions from my friends and colleagues so i guess it’s more kind of a personal choice.. And about this on Google search.. How many ‘good’ reviews have you really seen?

    See you around.

    Kunal Janu

  18. eeswar
    December 12, 2011 at 5:26 am

    It all started me watching a bakwas movie called teen maar (telugu version of lak) on TV today! i find the story ridiculous and started digging what othrs ware thought about it when it released, your long post is feast to read i fkin enjoyed the humor….couldn’t stay not commenting on 3 year old post.

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  2. December 23, 2009 at 11:14 am
  3. June 17, 2010 at 6:02 pm

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