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It’s back.. What? Confusion!

It’s been a long time since there has been a thought on my mind. Bah! You already guessed it looking at this post, I rarely post anything unless I have something on the mind. And this time, There are some crazy questions that have been haunting my mind.. naturally i seek answers, and who better than my very dear readers to goto.

Seriously, These may sound funny but they have been my only source of passing time all this long. Posted them in a number of forums and the next day i get to see a new thread called ‘Attempted Suicide’.. Believe it or not I have gotten people going crazy. “What the.. Who cares, show me all you’ve got!!” Oops, “Attention to details” a trait that most Saggitarians carry… Following are some of the questions that I want you to answer, or even discuss..

1. Can You Cry Under Water?
I don’t swim, I crawl in the swimming pool. and I hardly can hold my breath under water, at least not as long as tears start flowing under water. Adding to the ‘testing’ problems is the ability to keep eyes open. I’m also inclined to science that i can’t stop but think physics behind it. Pressure under water is higher than what is in the atmosphere, This should stop tears from flowing out the tear bag. An alternate to this could be since the pressure is so high that the tear bags will be contracted allowing tears to flow out, one may not be able to see tears. Crying could also simply mean a broken heart. You think I’ve grown smart with physics, Nope! These are some answers that i got in reply to my question on the forum πŸ™‚
Disclaimer: The Author carries no responsibilities for possible injuries caused to people trying to sink their head into the buckets filled with water.

2. Why Do Round Pizzas come in a Square Box?
This one striked me when i ordered my first Pizza. But then I wasn’t blogging, It was back in school i guess. This question occurred to me again when i received an email. Classic answer i could come up with is that the space left around the Pizza would allow me to pick the piece up. “Why cant that be done in a round box that is bigger than the actual pizza?” Ummm.. I don’t know.. and that is why I’m asking YOU the question dumbo!

3. If a Deaf Person has to go to court, Would it still be called a Hearing?
“Hey these questions are really strange”, posted a member. The same occurred to you didn’t it? This is my current status message and strangely so, one colleague who goes by the name Smitha calls it ‘Eye’ing. What ‘Eyeing the future’?!?!? I’d rather reserve my comment on this one as my vocabulary ain’t that high. I’m only useful at string together common words to make a sentence. English is such a complex language, same word can have different words. Sentence could simply mean putting in jail. Why am I talking about complexities? Just to let you know that I’m not DUMB!

4. Why is it that people say they “Sleepy Like a baby” when babies wake up like every two hours?
What are you looking for? My comment?Β  I’ve already said “English is a complex Language”. I’m looking for you o answer this one. Let’s put ur intelligence to test.

5. How Important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered?
This thought, this wierd one, this 17 word question comes thanks to the movie ‘National Treasure’. The movie start with the day back in the 1800’s with the Lincoln ‘Assassination’. To be honest, i thought assassination simply meant kidnapping until this question came in. After watching the movie I realized that Lincoln was actually murdered and not kidnapped to kill. Appreciate me for being honest than criticize me and Answer the Question!

6. Once You’re in Heaven, Do you get stuck wearing the clothes you were buried/ burnt in for Eternity?
“I’m not answering this one, I don’t want to die..!!” Stop sobbing like a child, even if you were to imagine you were dead, you are still going to the heaven. Special care was taken as to not mention hell because I wouldn’t want to imagine that either. So would we be stuck in the same clothes? I don’t know about other religions but in Jain’s the clothes are taken off the body andΒ  just one huge white sheet is left covering the body. It’s probably for this reason. Why white? Lol, I think you have a better question to answer.

7. If you have sex with a prostitute against her will, Is it considered Rape or Shoplifting?
This question may seem offensive to a lot of people, Answering it is not mandatory, answering any questions ain’t mandatory either πŸ˜€ But this particular one cracked a laugh out of me. Shoplifting is a good word used in this question for it to sound strange yet funny. For people who don’t want to answer, it may just pass as a funny statement. For the record, Most number of answers were received to this question, some logical and most illogical.

8. Why do people go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to look at things on the ground?
Funny and strange but true πŸ™‚ This one also classifies as the a good status message to let your friends know that you have been thinking. No material posted here is copyrighted until it is copied right! Copying content is not objectionable until posted with a link back.

9.Β  If Corn Oil is made from corn, Vegetable Oil from Vegetables, What is Baby Oil Made from?
“Babies, babies babies!” Stop screaming!
If that is your answer, you have zero IQ, now don’t ask me what IQ means dumbo πŸ˜› Such questions are specially designed to test the intellect in people.

10. If Electricity comes from Electrons, Does Morality come from Morons?
It’s not important to answer this one if you have managed to smile looking at it. This is a Stupid question designed only to act as a funny status message. If you are still wondering if it’s true or false, You qualify as the leader of the 100 most dumb people on the earth group.

Where are you going? We are not done yet, Here’s a little bonus question for all the intelligent folks out there.. ” Do A,B,C,D song and Twinkle Twinkle little star have the same tune?
Hey, you.. yes, you right there.. Reading this very line, Did you recite it to know? lol, brilliant.. Actually, i did recite it too πŸ˜› Now i can sign off saying that I’m a proud member of the top 100 dumb people in the world. Lol, they have ID cards too.. Come join us!

On a more serious note, I bought the ‘Set Wet Zatak’ body deo paying the full 150 rupees to see water evaporate off the bodies of good looking girls sporting a bikini, Sadly I was drenched in evening rain after using it πŸ˜€ On a really serious note, none of the questions have been haunting me, but if you have the time think about it, and ‘enlighten us’. More such STUPID posts on their way!

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Kunal Janu

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  1. LVS
    June 26, 2009 at 9:59 am

    I have answers to few of your kostins!!!
    [some of them might be serious!]

    2) a) if the box were round shape, the pizza can move around freely and that might damage it.
    b) its easier to make square boxes than round ones, perhaps!
    3) you left my comment!! see here: http://twitter.com/lvshankar/status/2321668219
    4) the purpose of sleep it to get good rest and its better to have a dreamless sleep. do babies dream? also, its a bonus that you can sleep for the same amount of rest in lesser time!
    5) ask the media people!! what’s the difference b/w murder, execution and homicide?! 😦
    6) I believe in the Hindu concept of ‘aatma’ πŸ™‚
    8) because its impossible to put a binocular on the ground to look at the top of the building! perhaps a periscope? πŸ˜›
    10) electrons flow in the opposite direction of the flow of electricity!! yayeee!!

    I = brilliant! B-)

  2. LVS
    June 26, 2009 at 10:02 am

    8) = 8 )
    B-) = 8)


  3. July 12, 2009 at 6:36 pm

    hey K.j nice to see you have a blog see ya around do visit mine. Wont you?

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