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IPL 2: Battle Royal – A Look At How The Teams Fare

IPL+Logs+(All+in+One)Who could have asked for a better looking points table in the season 2 of the IPL. With just 6 games to go before the first semifinal, No 3 and 4 in the points table are still up for grabs.The Bangalore Royal Challengers are still in contention as all eyes are fixed on how they perform. Specially the Rajasthan royals, whose only hope is a Bangalore win and somebody’s loss. Deccan Chargers one run loss against the Kings Punjab means that both teams now need to win their last match to make it to the semis. The tournament is now wide open, and it could well be anybody’s game. More match Scenario’s follow..

Take a look at the current standings after Match 50 between the Rajasthan Royals and Delhi Daredevils; Followed by the remaining league matches.

Points Table - Remaining Matches

To what has been the most exciting tournament so far, the last week has been more entertaining. The fight for the Semi Final berth seems to have got the better of the teams, The end of every match has gone down to the last ball with the win changing hands between the team almost every ball. The result being decided only off the last ball. After a big 20 run loss against the Delhi Daredevils last night, Rajasthan Royals will have to win the last match against the Kolkata Knight Riders on Wednesday, 20 April to at least stay in contention. They will also have to get their prayers answered hoping one team, either the Kings XI Punjab or the Deccan Chargers lose their game. Needless to reassert, They need to win the game against the Knight Riders to stay in contention.

For Deccan Chargers, Rohit Sharma pulled a rabbit out of the hat in an inning that saw 26 runs being scored off the last over chasing a target of 161 against the Kolkatta Knight Riders. Rohit pulled a second one in the game last evening against the Kings XI Punjab, but lost his wicket at the end and lost the match by just one run.  Deccan Chargers are at the No.3 spot currently with 14 points and a game to go. to ensure their spot in the semi finals, Deccan will have to beat the Bangalore Royal Challengers in the last match of the league round. (Thursday, 21 Apr)

Kings Punjab almost lost the semifinal spot and the game to Deccan chargers last evening. A 1 run victory ensured that they still stay in contention for the last spot in the semifinals, Needless to say they have to win their last match against the Chennai Super Kings on Wednesday. A loss could help the Rajasthan Royals team, but the contention for the final spot may come down to NRR, if it does, Kings Punjab may well be out given their low NRR. No matter what the outcome is, the key to how the points table would look at the end of league matches lies in the hands of  the Bangalore Royal Challengers.

The Royal Challengers first is against Delhi Daredevils on Tuesday, 19 April; the second against Deccan Chargers on Thursday. Delhi may want to experiment a bit in the game, may well play the players on the bench, rest a few of the regular players. This could well present an opportunity to the royal Challengers Bangalore and would well play into their hands. A lost against the Daredevils could mean a do or die match against the Deccan Chargers who will also be contending for the final spot. If Bangalore manage a victory both teams may well be tied at 14 points leaving it on the NRR to decide who gets the better position. Nevertheless Bangalore will have to win both their games for a confirmed place in the semi finals.

If you think I don’t have any personal favorites in the IPL, think again.. I’m backing the Royal Challengers to make it to the semi’s, then the finals and take the trophy beating all odds. This choice is against my local team, the Chennai super kings more because of the number of senior players in their side who have been sidelined by their national teams calling them men of the past.

Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble have proven their worth for the teams individually, it’s time they pick their game up and ensure a team effort in winning this season’s IPL. Having said that, It doesn’t mean i switch off if the Challengers are knocked out, I’m a cricket fan and i want to see more closely contested matches.

It was fun last week, more like WWE where matches are fixed.. Matches going down the wire ensure more excitement and tension amongst the crowd. It’s only good for the game of Cricket. Here’s wishing more closely contested battles in the semi’s and the finals.

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Kunal Janu

PS: I wish the semi’s were in Chennai, I’m yet to  experience a close battle LIVE 😦

  1. May 18, 2009 at 12:01 pm

    My fav team is Delhi.

    next is chennai super kings.

    Both are in semis so i am happy.

  2. Kunal Janu
    May 20, 2009 at 7:55 am

    Man this is getting way too close..
    I want to see Deccan and Royal Challengers get through..
    Seen enough of shane Warne’s team.. Yuvraj’s team should be knocked off!

    Kunal Janu

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