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Question: What did you do over the weekend?

sombodyHow many times have you been asked the same question. Every time you login and talk to your friend over a chat, “How was your weekend?”, “What did you do over the weekend?”.. What’s your answer.. I’m sure most of us say..”It was good, Nothing special”.. Or “Just Fine”.. It’s always that.. The thing that worries me is people keep asking the same question over and over again with most of us having ‘Nothing special’ as the reply.. If you think the picture has anything to do for the post.. It’s only there because i wanted to make my post a line longer 😛

What have been doing on the weekend? ‘Nothing Special’ 😛 …. Not funny anymore 😐

I wake up as early as 6 in the morning during the week to get to my workplace by 7.30 am. Saturday, Sunday are the lazy wake-up-late days. 11am and I open my eyes seeing with the sun shining straight into my eyes… If it was not for the sun it could have been a lot longer. I brushed my teeth, for once.. hehe.. it was Saturday.. I don’t skip the breakfast even if I haven’t brushed my teeth.. 😛 I like watching the news early in th morning.. it’s so entertaining.. Illiterate political leaders who want to lead our country talking about banning the use of english and computers in schools.. as if they were the prime obstruction in a child’s development.. So What’s really on the news? ‘Nothing special’ 😛

The bath felt refreshing and so was Katrina Kaif dancing on ‘zara zara touch me touch me’ from Race.. and this part of my life is what I call,” The Happiness time” beacuse it’s TV Time. My couch waiting for me, TV Remote wanting to be held in my hand.. It’s something i do with pleasure on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Ouch!.. The happy moment suddenly turned to a prik on my back. A small but stingy one. What was that?  It was nail that had popped out of the couch.. Where’s the comfort mattress underneath? It’s a 5 year old couch and what do you expect after 5 years of sitting and sleeping all the time on it? A mattress?

Oh god.. I was having a tough time sitting on it.. The summer heat was killing me and TV time turned no fun without the couch.. Called up a carpenter and he came with a list of things i may need to buy worth well over 3k. Carpenting charges extra? WTH, 5k for just putting some cushion underneath and the cover back on?

I remembered making a few joints in my carpentry class at college. Yes, An electronic engineer has to learn basic carpentry and welding.. This is how our education system works.. For that matter, specialized electronics subjects came in only as long as the last year.. But that probably is the reason why i graduate myself as a Electronic Engineer to be working as a software engineer managing to hang on to my seat in the recession hit Software Industry. I decided to give the skills i had learnt a try. From waht i could understand from the carpenter, It only required driving nails as the carpentry job.

I took the list of things i may need from the carpenter and drove him away.. 😉 Well from all that i could understand was a thick 48′ X 18′ foam for the big couch, and two 18′ X 18′ foam pieces for the smaller ones.. The Smaller one’s were not in a bad situation, but i decided to change just because they were a set. I visited the local market (It’s in Triplicane, for a chennaite seeking a place to buy things that you need for a ocouch, bed or pillows..)

Once there, I knew I’d have to bargain, but a visit to a few shops made things a lot easy.. There was almost a fixed rate in all shops.. Not much of a difference in the prices. I ordered the foam and it cost me about Rs.850.

FYI: In the process i learnt that foam comes in different densities.. There are foam varying in density from 20 to 40. The denser the foam, the harder and the longer it would last. The softer ones are cheap and would ware out in about an year. I was assured a quality guarantee of 6-8 years for the 40 density foam.

The next thing that i needed was nails to drive into the wooden frame of the couch. 100 gms of nails cost me just about Rs.12. The near by shop had a few of those sofa covering sheets. I loved one of them and because it was not so costly i picked it. It was red and gold, something that would match the color of the sofa. What was left is a plan and the effort required to finish the job. It was a simple process.. U cut the foam to size of the couch.. Cut the sheet to size and them nail it tight to the back of the wooden frame. If you thought that was easy, The planning part takes most of the time.. Specially when you run short of the sheet 😛

It finally took stitching 3 pieces together to make one single piece for the smaller of the seats. Thanks to Mom who was already working on the sewing machine. The job was finally done. And believe me, there is no such feeling that describes what i felt after i laid my body on the finished couch. Relaxing.. I slept early that day as i recalled what had been a i-can-fix-things-around-the-house day. Sunday was quite eventful too.. More with the mind than with the body.. Hope you have stayed long to read this line. If you have, mind leaving a comment?

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Kunal Janu

PS: Also watched the Rajasthan Royals lose their practice match against the Cape Cobras of SouthAfrica.

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  1. April 17, 2009 at 1:58 pm

    i know.
    its just like being asked ‘wassup’ every 5 mins on chat.

  2. April 22, 2009 at 11:55 pm

    I don’t mind leaving a comment.. never ever!! 😛
    I just watched Deccan Chargers winning their 2nd game against RCB.. Gilly & Rohit Sharma.. awesome!!!! 😀

  3. April 23, 2009 at 12:01 am

    “I like watching news early in the morning”
    Now, how early is 11am??????? 😮

  4. Kunal Janu
    April 24, 2009 at 9:01 am


    That’s early to me on a weekend. I normally wake up only for lunch which is around 1 PM.

    11 AM is early!

    Kunal Janu

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