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Breaking News: IPL 2 is back in India

It’s breaking News, Sources close to the Deccan Chronicle an Indian news paper, have revealed that the IPL Season 2 will be moved back to India. Take a look at the complete story as in the news papers this morning..

” Sources in Deccan Chargers, the team owned by the publishers of Deccan Chronicle and The Asian Age, said the decision will be made public in the next 36 hours after some loose ends are tied up. The schedule, from April 18 to May 24, will be more or less retained in India, the sources said.” More Reports follow… read on..

The decision was taken by the Centre hours before Prime Minister Manmohan Singh left for London for the G-20 summit. The BCCI and the IPL franchisees have convened an emergency meet at 11 am in Mumbai on Wednesday to tie up the loose ends. The Centre and state governments have agreed to host IPL matches up to four days before the elections in the respective centres, and immediately after polling ends. Hyderabad, Vizag and Nagpur have elections on April 16, Bengaluru on April 23, Mumbai on April 30, Jaipur and New Delhi on May 7 and Chennai and Kolkata on May 13.

The Andhra Pradesh police have reportedly agreed to provide security immediately after the April 16 elections. Sources said Hyderabad, where polling will be held in the first phase on April 16, has been recommended for the opening match in place of Mumbai (in the original schedule). The clincher came when the South African government reportedly developed second thoughts due to the coming national elections on April 22. We hope readers remember that Wednesday is April 1. ”

How do they think of something like this, It’s on the front page and it got my attraction. God! Well done Deccan chronicle.. As for the news, IPL 2 is still being played in South Africa, some of the teams have even started practice.. For latest developments on this front, visit my Sports Blog,<a href=”http://kunaljanu-sport.blogspot.com&#8221; target=”_blank”/><b>KJ @ SPORTS..</b></a>  See you there..

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Kunal Janu

PS: Happy April Fools day..

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