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Announcement: The New Sports Blog


Introducing exclusive Sports Blog: KJ@Sports

I have been noticing a lot more readership but very less comments on this blog. Personally i’m very happy to see this many page views, but less comments is starting to worry me. Off late a lot of people who commented on the blog have not specifically complained, but indicated a feeling of not liking the sports related post. “I don’t know what to comment” says LVS, who reads the blog regularly and is always available with his inputs on the blog. A lot of confusion of whether i should move the sports blogs to a separate URL has been haunting me.

The decision has been made, A new blog has been created on blogger (It allows me having multiple blogs with the same ID) exclusive for sports related blogs. It is named Kunal janu’s Sports blog and is officially gone live with some exclusive previews on what has fared out on the IPL front. Posts on  Cricket and Formula one will dominate the proceedings, they are exciting and posts on them don’t take much time. News on other sports that catches the eyes of the audience will not miss a entry in the blog.

I have spent the last two days trying to make sure the look and feel of the new blog is no different from what you see here, Subscriptions are open and are Free! You can subscribe to the new blog by email and get regular updates on the blog by confirming your email id here. Feel free to make comments on any of the posts and the blog on the whole. Make me popular by adding a link to my blog on your blog.

I hope to keep all my readers happy, and this effort to start a new blog pays off well without losing readership on the personal blog here. Currently, I hope to write more about the IPL.. News, reviews and Previews.. Will also try to keep readers updated on the latest sports currently being played around the world. All  said and done, keep visiting this blog and my exclusive sports blog to keep me motivated into posting what you want to read. keep visiting and See you around.

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