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Confusion: To Vote or not to Vote?

180px-emblem_of_indiaIt’s election time in India, and all political parties are trying to inspire people into voting for them. Every single electoral party, which I assume is about a 100 is trying new and innovative ways into getting voter attention. Congress on one hand bought the rights of the famous ‘Jai Ho’ song from the Oscar winner movie, Slumdog Millionaire, While the chief of BJP, Lal Krishna Advani is all over the internet courtesy Google Ad’s. Every other minor party is already making promises that may never be fulfilled. The blame game has already started as the political parties are begging for attention and votes.

I’m really confused when it comes to selecting the leader.. But are we really interested in learning about the leaders we choose? The media is more focused on how many seats each party may get in the Lok Sabha, each one trying to outright the other one.. The Political party leaders are not discussing their manifesto in the public, even if they do these are not being televised.. Only the funny things that each leader said in their speech are being outlined.. There is not enough information in the print media either that will help us choose a better leader.. I go back to My TV for answers.. But again all i see is more confusion.. I remember watching Obama speeches live on our news channels, even when it did not really concern any of us. People stayed up late in the night to watch Obama’s swearing in ceremony.. How does it matter to us? Well, thanks to the internet, I’m have significant decisions over the questions i ponder about..

Many websites in India have been started, mostly targeted at the youth having content about anything you want to know about the election, be it on a national or the state level..  Some of them who lead in user participation are JaagoRe.com (which means wake up)an Initiative by Tata Group and Lead.timesofindia.com, an Initiative of Times Of India the leading print media in the country. However there are some which are just trying to warm their hands in the heat of the season, Websites like Onlinegaming.com have created fun flash games that have the political leaders as their lead characters and your motive is to make them win.  These games are a great hit amongst the Indian youth but carry no significant data.

lead-indiaMost ministers, MP’s, and political leaders who are handed election tickets have ‘criminal’ cases registered against them. Wonder how many are registered on my local leader? Thanks to Lead India, I get this information by just sending a simple sms.. It cost me premium charge of Rs.3 for the sms, but i did get some valid information..

Go here to know more about the ‘No Criminals‘ initiative.

jaagoreJaagore.com is a very interesting website that focuses more on content related to the electoral process, a lot of users have already registered and I’m just one of them. The media ad’s are inspiring, and are directly targeted at the youth.

I learned that an increasing number of youth are being inspired by these advertisements and websites, thanks again to my idiot box for the information:P It’s is said that about 17 percent of the youth turned up to vote last time around as against a mere 4 percent earlier. It is expected to increase further this year. Just 17 percent? Shocking? Yeah.. But that’s the fact.. What’s India’s youth doing? Here is a answer: Most of them are either watching some stupid Shah Rukh Khan movie and enjoying the holiday! Some are concerned, but the reason for not voting is because they think their vote would already have been casted by some rowdy in their area.

“It’s just the way our system works” tells a friend. What the hell.. Does he even know the place where he’d have to ‘go’ and cast the vote? Ah.. he doesn’t even know.. He’s never been there.. and if you happen to fall under the same category here is something that i have for you.. Shut Up and Vote! If your vote has already been casted, report the incident even if there is no action taken.. And please make sure you cast your vote even before somebody cast’s it for you.. It’s not a huge line out there, every thing is organized, all you’ll need to do is ‘Shut Up and $%&#*& Vote‘..

Shut up and vote.. is a song composed  by some rock band that wants the youth to stop complaining and just vote! If you are not casting your vote, you have no rights to even talk about politics, for that matter about the government or the way government operates.. Just Shut up and Vote..Here is a news story courtesy IBNLive.. There is a ad that appears before the real news story streams.. If you are interested you can go here

But the fact of the matter is that the confusion still remains.. I’m still not sure on who to vote for, Specially after having seen the way police forces are being barre down from taking any sort of action against hitting women in public in the name of culture.. People of specific cast being targeted in the economic centre of India, Mumbai.. Innocent people being killed for personal motives.. Senior citizens being attacked at homes and looted in broad day light.. Political battles that come on to the roads increasing the problems even further.. There is some or the other problem that are being neglected and these somehow are being ignored to Jai Ho?

With so much confusion on the mind, It’s going to be a ‘No Vote’  from me.. Which means that I’m don’t want any local administrator who has criminal cases registered against them or is somebody who means no joy to me to be elected to represent my constituency.. I wonder if it really is called ‘No Vote’.. Please correct me if  I’m wrong.. So what i meant to say is that if this count is a majority in any particular constituency then a president’s rule is imposed for that region… And I completely trust the president and the Indian Army for taking care of my region.. because it’s a central government election a ‘No Vote’ is registered for election of a president to run the government..

If you are above 18 and a citizen of India, Please make sure you know ur election dates, the nearest election centre where you are registered as a voter.. and of course VOTE!

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PS: I always use this to inspire people and getting them to stop complaining.. “Be the change you want to see” – Mahatma Gandhi. Vote and make the difference, every single one counts!

  1. March 19, 2009 at 9:49 am

    I am above 18..and a citizen of India.. I know the lection dates and the bearest election centre too.. But I don’t have a Voter’s ID!! 😀
    Now that’s good or bad, I don’t know!!! 😛

  2. Kunal
    March 19, 2009 at 9:57 am

    I think voter registration would have completed, so there is no way you will get ur voter id now.. Anyways,find out the nearest registration centre.. How? Ask a few people.. and register, atleast next time you’ll have a voter id..

    or may be they haven’t yet come for verification..

    Kunal Janu

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