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Sharing Love..

love-wallpaper81They say, “Love increases when shared”, and I’m getting to know the real meaning behind it. Everyone in my family is in now in love with the ‘Love of my Life‘ , specially with all the new things happening in her life. It’s starting to irritate me, I’m getting violent at times specially when i have no quality time spent ‘alone’ with her. My only luck is when there is a cricket match, i get to over-power the others, everyone loves Cricket.. Luckily…

You must have figured what and who i was talking about in the very first line, specially if you have been reading my blog for sometime. If you have, Thank You. I hope the commitment is a longer affair. The random thoughts are back.. For that matter they had never gotten away.. all part of my life as a individual. It’s been a while since i have had anything about TV times.. Some of my favorite shows and what’s been happening.. Believe me, i have nothing to write except for some non-sense.. U may want to skip reading further.. It’s only cribbing from now on..

Television, I call it the Love of My Life, at least till i find somebody to give that title to.. and i hope it’s soon because my relationship with my love is coming to an end pretty soon.. It’s pretty hard to get to see what you want, specially when there are new shows making the prime-time cut. I am being forced to watch shows on ‘Girl-Child’ every single day. After Balika Vadhu became a hit it seems like the ‘girl-child’ bug seems to have bitten all television producers.. Colors has not one but 3 shows on it, and none of them fascinate me anymore.. 7Pm to 11Pm.. 4 hours of nonstop nonsense.

Balika ‘sa’ Vadhu – The show was a hit until, balika had exams allowing the footage being eaten by some of the other characters. Dadi ‘sa’ seems to have silenced by the death of her kuwar ‘sa’, The show suddenly has gone into the black and white mode in the ‘Holi’ season.. The ladesar-jagdish is begging to get noticed. The problems faced by ‘Nayi-Tayji’ have gone on to the back-foot after being smacked by the bouncer from Suguna and her late kuwar ‘sa’. A Big bore.. And not worth this review anymore.. I hope the ‘sa’ga comes to an end pretty soon.. Anandhi beta, i suggest you take a break and get back to school..

After this bore-riot comes to an end, I hope on catching up with some NatGeo. I’m under ‘Parental guidance’ and I’m supposed to watch what i’m being shown. So it’s 8.30 and time for a new monster,’Jo ishq ki marzi, vo rab di marzi’.. ironically the same ‘Nayi tayji’ plays the heroine in this mega-saga. Just started and it’s already creating problems in my personal life. I have not bothered to keep my eyes open on this one, It’s boring and the tayji is not happening.

Now comes real prime time, 9pm. Filled with not one, not two but 3 mega-bore-serials. One of which was my favourite for quite a while. Woh rehne wali mehlon ki, starring Reena Kapoor  who best suits the role of Pari, is now Rani.. Playing wife to.. one, two, three.. may be the fourth husband continuing to show why she is a different bahu to the others.. She’s starred against a lot of men as husbands.. She believes in Ram Ji.. She has a wicked Saas.. So how is she different..? The only difference comes because of the RajShri banner.. A production house that produced classical family based cinema like Hum Aapke Hain kaun, Hum Saath Saath hain.. The way in which the bahu calms and fight her saas ‘was’ the only difference in this saga.. Atleast this one did not have fights between the Devrani and the Jethani.. and now, it’s starting to lose it’s reputation.. now there are 4 bahu’s and one saas, all with different Ideals and doing what theya re good at.. saddening people in the house.. Not to forget the other two.. “Bidaai” on star plus and some show on sony whose name escapes the mind.. a show about a girl with brain disorder.. Thanks to them, ad’s are quite rare on my TV these days..

9.30 pm brings another girl on star plus, she’s called akshira, shakira or some name.. ah Akshara..whose main focus is on saving her ‘bau’ji’s reputation making sure she does not say anything wrong in front of the guy who is supposed to be the bauji’s choice as a groom for her.. The elder brother is married in love to her best friend.. The family celebrated Holi this weekend and the new guy meets akshara who is very nervous about rejection.. Face up girl.. U should be more worried about ur carrer as Akshara, the show is a flop in my eyes.. specially when thy are closed.. 😛

Another child based serial is.. I’m not really good with names.. Lets get finished.. it’s on colors and a story about a girl from the slums and her life as a daughter of a Kaamwali in a big haveli which she calls hers  to her friends. The girl is a good friend of Haveli-ki-beti who seems to fall sick when she misses her friend.. Interesting concept.. A definite skip for me specially when ‘Mega builders’ is aired on Discovery the same time..

10.30pm belongs to the new serial on colors again focusing on the same hit-concept of the ‘Girl-Child’.. There are other new shows lined up on various other channels that focus on the ‘girl-child’.. I may not be shocked to see a all ‘girl’ government this election.. Sonia Gandhi for PM.. Ms. Jayalaitha for TN.. Mamta ‘Man’ Banarjee for West Bengal.. Sushree mayawati Ji for UP.. Only god can save us after that.. I call for a pledge for all men to unite, join hands to force the ban on these ‘sa’gas..

Come 11pm, I get the remote in my hands, Of course if I’m not asleep.. 11.15 and My Mom stands next to me wanting me to sleep so that i can get up early in the morning.. My life suddenly seems to miss somebody.. Is there anyone out there who would be interested in me..? I’m single and ready to mingle 😛

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PS: The idea of this blog comes from some-one who did not bother leaving a comment after searching for ‘LOVE’ over a thousand times last week. Thank You, Thank You Anonymous. I Love You 😛

  1. March 17, 2009 at 10:47 am

    No wonder they left without comments.
    What’s Nayi Taji got to do with sharing love?!
    Sheesh..the things you do for a blogpost!

  2. Kunal
    March 17, 2009 at 10:58 am

    Vidhya Shankar, a.k.a LVS..

    First genuine comment..
    Nayi Tayji is got nothing to do with Sharing Love it’s just like another news update.. All i meant to write was what I’m forced to watch while my love gets shared..

    I didn’t really care to receive comment on this post 😛

    Kunal Janu
    PS: No wonder you leave comments on not-so-perfect post encouraging the author me to write more.. I take it as a compliment when you leave a Cricket Post without comments, It means that i’ve left
    no scope for ‘Comments’ 😛

  3. March 17, 2009 at 3:45 pm

    and you forgot to add ‘child marriage’ in the tags!

  4. March 19, 2009 at 10:23 am

    Ok, so you mean, now you don’t love the T.V. alone.. you love Anonymous too??? Sharing Love???
    That’s bad!!!!

  5. Kunal
    March 19, 2009 at 10:33 am

    I mean now everyone wants it.. The lone time is now gone and i’m already missing it 😦

    Kunal Janu
    I’m looking for someone else.

  1. April 27, 2009 at 7:48 pm

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