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Chennai in a Power Crisis..

Suburbs in my city, Chennai , have been receiving power cuts for over 2 hours with Summer season starting to take effect. People are sweating it out during heated afternoon hours, complains a resident.  I do not know the exact amount of power the city uses, but it definitely increases by a minimum of 10% during the summer. The mosquitoes make power cuts even more unbearable. We always love the game of words..The blame game.. We blame the electricity board (EB).. The EB blames the Power stations.. The Power stations make all political statements.. We are so used to it, that we don’t see what we have been doing.. We all know that when we point a finger at someone, three of them point to us.. It’s a common statement, But do we realize that ‘we’ are the real reason behind the ongoing power crisis?

The reason to put this post is to make people realize.. There may not be many reading the post, but i hope i talk to a few and they talk to others around them. Last Week, a colleague, actually a friend of mine decided to leave the computer running for no real reason. When i enquired, he said that there was not enough time for him to shutdown the system as the office bus was to leave in another 5-10 minutes. I felt like slapping the idiot (I’m sure he’s reading this and yes, that was the real feeling  when i saw you leave the system running even after me telling you) It is us, who they call ‘the youth’, ‘the educated’,’the people who will change the face of the country’, ‘the people’, who do the things ‘we’ are supposed to take care off..

I don’t blame my friend for doing it because a lot of my colleagues do it for ‘no real reason’.. Sometimes it’s the hurry and sometimes it is just the laziness of having to wait for the computer to switch back on. Many do it for a real reason, They sometimes have to remote connect to PC’s in the office to work from home.. But every time you don’t have work, making sure you have switched it off is what is needed.. People make it a habit.. Ever imagined how much power does a computer use when you leave it switched on? fact is.. For every one hour (in no real use), you make use of about 300w of power, Calculate the amount of power you’ve wasted overnight.. a minimum of 14Hrs X 300W = 4200W = 4.2 KW..

Ah.. U must be smiling at the amount of power you use.. It is so small, just about 5 KW which works out to only about 7-8rupees (in tamilnadu).. We are about 600 employees in this branch.. Even if 100 people leave systems on we are wasting about 500KW approximately half a megawatt of power every single day! enough to light a house.. And this is just a small office, There are hundreds, probably thousands along the road.. Look around, millions of people working in IT companies leaving the computer switched on.. what a waste.. Do we realize? What we see is that we only waste 5W everyday..! I pity such people.. People who waste it, know that they are wasting and still continue to do so..

The biggest contributor to power crisis, in my city at least, are the major IT houses who have employees working day and night.. 24 X 7.. These companies have servers running which use a lot of power.. They don’t realize the wastage because they are paid huge sums of money by their clients, so much that the electricity bills form only 1% or may be 2% of their annual revenue.. Why should we care, we can pay for it, so let them use it? Waste.. Is a better word..! Thanks to the recession, the companies now realize that saving power will help them cut costs, and therefore many companies have seperate power connections for the servers, allowing them to switch off the main power during the nights.. Many have installed fans, which are used over the weekends and sometimes during the winter.. At least for this real reason i’m happy for recession creeping in..

Every Single day, I’m the one who is switching off unwanted lights on my floor that the night shift guys leave switched on when they leave.. I don’t switch off any computers that i see running, because who knows they may be really using it from home, or sometimes it may be a local server running daily jobs.. I leave it to the guys to realize the wastage and switch them off when they leave.. and the light too..!

Somebody asked if i switch off the computer when i go for breaks or lunch? No.. That is a very small time, and I think the computer is built to save power on it’s own by going into some power saving mode.. I do my bit by switching off the monitor which helps save some more power.. This is another problem that i think people should understand.. Switching off the monitor when you are away will help save power(if not much a small tiny mini bit, Every single watt counts), You will save a lot if the monitor is a old CRT Monitor(the big back,Cathode ray tube), If you are still using the CRT even when there are a lot of unused LCD’s.. make a switch, LCD’s are designed to consume less power..They are actually good for your eyes compared to the CRT.. Please switch off the monitor when you leave..

Then comes the question, even if i do and others don’t, It still is a problem.. yes, it still is a problem, but you have played your part and it now is your responsibility to help save more.. Talk to people make them understand and feel good about it.. “Be the change you want to see” said Mahatma Gandhi.. Change yourself and then change the world, it is easier for the people to make the change when they have somebody to look up to.. Just like an infant who looks up to the parents to learn lead life.. Then you are allowed to pint a finger at something that is wrong..

*Random Thought*
We were watching Indian Idol on television.. The elimination episode is the most dramatic.. People who you expect to win the competition is eliminated and then things get even more dramatic in my house.. My mother, father and my sister go blah blah about why the other person who is safe did not deserve.. They sometimes start cursing the safe participant as the reason for the good one leaving.. Every single person becomes the judge.. The scene is no less than what the producers want out of the judges.. When they ask for my opinion, all i say is that the most deserving person, who is a public favorite is safe.. who cares if he is the best or not.. And moreover I’m nobody to curse of react to anybody or anyone, unless ‘I have voted for him’.. If you have contributed, you have every right talking about it.. It’s so tough for a guy to make it to that stage and what if he wins.. I don’t blame anything until I’m a part of it.. “Sehwag ko aisa marna chahiye tha..” what the hell..

It’s upon us to realize the wastage around us.. It could be power, It could be fuel.. It could be water.. it could be anything, anything that matters to the world.. Once we have realized it, we need to take steps to save as much as possible..If you have changed, your role does not end.. Talk to people and help them change.. it is how you change the world.. Inspire the world to change..  I hope to have ignited a few thought in a few minds.. reminds me of a dialogue Gandhi Ji used in ‘Lage Raho Munna Bhai’.. “Bahut saal pehle kisine mujhe goli maarkar mujhe khatam kar diya.. par aaj bhi mere vichaar kisis na kisi ke dimaag mein chemical locha kar rahe hain..”.. Translates into.. Some years back, somebody shot me in the chest and killed me.. But my thoughts are still doing ‘Chemical Locha’ (Chemical imbalance) in someone’ s mind..

This year, make a resoulution to save more to help the world save more.. Inspire the change..

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PS: I’m sitting under a light even when there is sunlight coming through the window. The problem is if we dont put the curtain on, the person near the window is to get sun burnt! Hope they installed heat resistant windows, or had some architecture that allowed sunlight through, without the heat.. 🙂 what if the glass windows are put closer to the roof which is a good 15 feet high..?

  1. March 2, 2009 at 10:18 pm

    chennai is the power crisis.
    i have nothing else to say
    we share the same interests, as you already know

  2. March 2, 2009 at 11:21 pm

    I feel like going off to sleep right away.. (after switching off the pc ofcourse)

    Jokes apart, the strange thing is people don’t even care to save when they themselves have to pay for it, forget offices & stuffs. And those who don’t care to save money, forget thinking about saving power!!!!!

    @random thoughts,
    The only question that comes to my mind is – They want to make an Indian Idol every year..Fine!! But why the hell do they have to telecast it on National T.V..?? 😡

  3. March 2, 2009 at 11:23 pm

    Oh!! In the blame-game, I forgot to brag.. I myself try not to waste Power, Water and the like..

    Thanks..I know, that’s really good of me to do it!!! (^_^)
    😛 😉 😆 :mrgreen:

  4. Kunal
    March 3, 2009 at 8:15 am

    As i write this comment.. I’m contributing to the more problems to the world climate.. Every single comment means extra space on the Hard drive of the server.. Extra drive, extra electricity and more heat..

    Anyways, I don’t really care because i think I’m doing my bit by spreading the word.. 🙂

    Chennai is not the problem.. The people are the problem.. That includes ‘you’ and ‘me’.. Until w change can’t expect anyone to change.. and i hope people realize soon..

    Very true.. Because the power is cheap people continue wasting it.. Imagine what happens when all this becomes very costly.. Petrol at Rs.100, Power at Rs.25 a KW, Water at Rs.10 a litre..

    These steps however cannot be taken as all of this is associated with a common man.. and government also wants to remain in power for 5 years.. 😛

    One thing that makes me happy is that we are now seeing meaningful ad’s on TV.. A son asking his father to switch off the car’s engine in traffic, doing so would allow him to use a car in the future.. and 20% saving of gas by taking simple steps etc..

    We need to change to inspire people around us to change..

  5. March 4, 2009 at 9:11 am

    by chennai i meant the people. you’re right though.

    anyway, you talked about special glass windows, i was thinking, look at homes…atleast in mine, we don’t have lights on after around 8 or something in the morning until after sunset.
    how is that homes can be so bright but not offices (provided by sunlight) ?

  6. March 4, 2009 at 11:58 am

    Yesterday I was badly thirsty & the guy wanted Rs.2 for a glass of water!! 😮
    I had a glass of juice instead!! 8) 😛 😉

  7. Kunal
    March 6, 2009 at 3:25 pm


    We’ll make the change in our office, lets hope that others take initiatives and help change the current situation..

    whatever that meant.. 😛

  8. March 8, 2009 at 11:57 pm

    That meant exactly that… – “whatever” 😛 😉

    Actually I forgot the purpose of writing it.. Never mind..it got you comments!! 😀

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