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Civilized society?

“Cleanliness leads to Godliness” Now-a-days it’s just a proverb(if you’d like to call it) than what was truly believed to be Indian Tradition. We pay our servants/ maids; occasionally use our hand to keep every corner in our house clean. Aren’t the roads we walk in, Places we visit as a ‘Chill out’ zone, Office space, other public spaces ours? Most of these public places that we use are littered, dirty, smelly and what not. People forget to flush the toilets they use. Peeing on road? WTF! Everything around us except for the place we live in is not clean. Why? Just because we continuing ignoring it. Are we a part of civilized society? Look around us.. Are we in a civilized country? It’s a sad feeling we call ourselves educated, still continue doing what a illiterate does. Wondering why I write about all this? Read on..

I had been for a picnic last evening. It was a gathering of over 500 people as a part of the Samaj (Entertainment club). Location happened to be a beautiful beach resort located at a distance form Chennai city. For once i was happy to see a clean Beach way. It was a fun gathering and it felt good to be along with friends and family after what had been a tiring 3 month period at work. Yes, I finally found some time to do a fun activity.

The feeling of happiness did not last long, It actually turned into a feeling of sadness when i saw my own people, People who i thought belonged to the civilized world litter the whole place that we enjoyed so much. Plates that we used for lunch were all over the places. In spite of having containers to keep the plates in, people left it wherever they were seated. In spite of a garbage can placed close to the water stall, glasses were all around. What are we now? Civilized? Even kids used the garbage bins for what they should, Throw away litter. What did we do?  the place was messy. How i wanted to tell each one of them what the kids were better at. I could not do it specially when i saw my own family do it. Yes, I saw my dad throw a plastic cup of water next to a tree. It was not a good feeling and it did not get any better.

I wanted to clean the place up myself. How would i do it, what are people going to talk about me? and before i could decide, it was time to leave. It is now when i realize, If i had taken the initiative to clean up, making sure all the people saw it; I would have definitely awakened some minds. I should have done it.

This applies to us all, I’m sure every one of us would have seen it around us. What we do is that we choose to ignore. It is because we ignore the things continue to happen. We have to speak and make sure our voices are loud enough to be heard even by the deaf.  Next time round when I’m at such public meeting, I’m going to have a group of friends do the clean up activity with me.  I will personally make sure that we leave the place clean. Just because we pay for it, it does not mean somebody else picks up the shit that you just did.  It s our responsibility to make sure it is done the right way. Nobody asks you to wash the plates, just put them where they are supposed to be, not everywhere.

We need to do a MunnaBhai.  If some one spits on the road, If not clean it talk about it. If someone throws a piece of paper on the road, pick it up and put it back in their pockets. Put them in a spot and they will realize it. How far am I going to be successful? Not with many, May be a few. But at least I’m taking the initiative, I’m talking to them and hope they talk about it too. When i speak about this to a lot of friends, answer that i receive boils my blood. “Even if i do, the world will continue to do what we just undid. Whats the point?” Who will take the initiative, just because everyone does it? It is our responsibility to talk about what is wrong and what is right.

I remember my friend being fined by a police officer in Gangtok for littering a ‘Clean Zone’ with just a chewing gum wrapper. When my friend refused to pay the fine, he was punished to pick all the litter on the road before he could leave or spend a night behind the bars. he did it, He was asked to handpick smallest of stones, as there was not much litter around. It was fun yet enlightening to know that there was somebody who made sure rules were made and they were followed! How many times have we seen rules being made but no authority to make sure they come into effect. Take TataSky for example (:lol: I just cant leave them out of this post either 😀 ) TRAI has a number of rules that all dth broadcasters have to follow to which TataSky continues to ignore unless some body questions them.

I did speak to my family about how i felt, and have definitely gotten them into the ‘clean up’ group at the next gathering. Make sure you are talking about it too.

Have a clean month. Do talk about it! It is how help the change.  Gandhiji said it right “Be the change you want to see” We need to become the leader for others to follow.

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PS: Just for the sake of it 😛

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  1. February 3, 2009 at 5:57 pm

    I really like the way you have expressed your thoughts here..! It’s really good seeing atleast someone taking the initiative!
    Although, I’ve never cared to let people know that they lack civic sense.. But personally I make it a point to drop litter where they are supposed to! (Atleast I feel happy about THAT.. 🙂 )

    Good write up..! 😀

    P.S. – For the sake of it, your page showed up the comment section only after refreshing it thrice.. Duh..!

  2. Kunal
    February 4, 2009 at 8:10 am


    Firstly, I personally thought there was nothing good about write up apart from the thought behind the post.. Doing this in Kolkatta will be impossible 😛

    For some weird reason, wordpress has not been loading correctly for the past few days.. Even i was not notified about ur comment on my email.. I noticed it only when i logged on to post a ‘post’ 😀


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