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What the.. 26-11 Could have been stopped!!

I found this on the Mumbai Edition of the Hindustan Times Online paper – 2nd December 2008. And with a lot of shame, I present it to the blogging world. This comes as a disgrace to me, and all Indians.

A conversation between a LeT militant and an unidentified person on satellite phone was traced by the research department of the Intelligence wing on September 19 2008 and September 24 2008. The conversation confirmed that the militants were planning an attack on the hotels by the sea in Mumbai and they will take the sea route. Other traces also suggested that they required 5 Bangladesh simcards for some purpose. On Nov 19 another trace on the satellite phone suggested that they would reach Mumbai between 9 to 11. The Satellite phone was traced to being in the sea and only a few kilometers away from the actual place.

Reports also suggest the terrorists being caught by an unidentified Indian naval Ship and then being let off when they produced fake ID cards assuming they were fishermen from Gujarat. It is also said that the fishermen had informed the police about the unidentified men, but the Police did not bother to take notice of the situation.  Police however do not confirm anything of that sort. U might want to read the news reports, take a look..26-11-could-have-been-stopped-hindustan-times-reportsterrorists-were-caught-and-let-away-hindustan-times-reports
The screen shots are small, click on the image to get a bigger picture. U might want to zoom in a bit more to read it more clearly.

This comes as a disgrace to the police and the ATS. All these traces were discarded as ‘Not so Important’ by the police. Who’s at fault? We just have lost 16 brave commandos in what was called a ‘Not so Important’ intercepts.

What were the poliicians doing when the attacks happened. Can somebody go tell them that It was 200 NSG commandos, who belonged to Delhi, South and North who fought to save Mumbai ( To what they claim a Maharastrian only society). We are Indians, and We saty United! It does not matter if u r a Hindu or Muslim, A Bihari, A Maharastrian or A South Indian, the important part is that we are Indian. Please do not create more havoc by calling one’s by caste or religion.

Who’s at fault? The police do not confirm anything suggested on the reports. The reserach wing of Indian Intelligence says that it had transferred the evidence to the concerned department the very same day. The Police say that the conversation did not carry any information about the attacks. But from what i read in this news story is that, The Hotels by the sea front were the target, They would take the sea route and will attack between 9-11 pm. That seems pretty staright forward to me, Am I missing something?

It’s a disgrace to the nation, I hope that this incident becomes an eye opener for the police and the intelligence agencies. Lets not let the fire douse off. Lets make this a step forward in saving the nation. Lets make sure we don’t see such an incident again. I would love to hear the police nabbing the terrorists before the attacks, but that looks like a distant dream given that the police are more busy blocking roads for the politicians to go by! Is this what we would like to call emerging India?? I’m not sure if i’d want to live in a country agonized with terror, and if we lose our Independance to such inceidents, I don’t want to see India emerge!

I also remember watching some news during the Mumbai Serial blasts. Reports suggested that the intelligence cell had warned Mumbai Police of the possible attacks on the city’s suburban lines. We lost lives then, we lost lives now.

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PS:A Sportsperson wins a gold for India at the Olympics and the Government awards him with Rs.5 Crore. Several NSG Commandos lose lives trying to save us from fear of losing lives at the Mumbai Terror attacks, Their families are only given Rs.5 Lakhs as compensation. Can we actually compensate their sacrifice? Several other army men leave their families to earn a living dor saving the country, They get paid nothing when u know the kind of work they do, the kind of commitment they show. I’m feeling sad when i know that i do nothing in comparision to them and still get paid 4 times what they are paid. Can’t anything be done for them?

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