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The Fire is dousing..

The fire douses slowly as peace gets restored following attacks on the Indian Money Capital, Mumbai. 10-12 terrorists of the age 18-28 started setting off bombs, firing randomly at people at 7 different locations in South Mumbai. The attack took place at 9.30 in the night on the 26th of November 2008, Reports suggested Terrorists having arrived using the sea route. They immediately took control of what was called a planned attack. They took the people in the hotel as hostages as they continued terrorizing the people. The terrorists were specifically looking for British and foreign nationals said an eye witness who escaped the building as fire started to rise in the main lobby of Taj Palace hotel following a grenade attack. One of the assassins has been caught alive, Interrogation has led to new findings. The latest is that the satellite phones collected from the crime scene lead them to LET (Laskar-e-Taiba) which is believed to be closely associated with Al-Qaeda.

A lot of news has been published all over the internet. Some the best one’s featuring on ibnlive, rediff

The attack continued for 3 full days before they were gunned down by the Indian forces which included the Jawans from the National Security Guard (NSG), The Anti-terrorist Squad (ATS) and the Mumbai Police.

The Aftermath: 183 people killed and 360+ injured. The casualty counts include 16 foreign nationals.

ATS Chief and Two other encounter specialists from the Mumbai Police lose life fighting the terrorists. Several NSG commandos and Constables from the Mumbai police were also shot when fighting their way into the building.

The world sympathizes with the happenings in India, BBC reports India being victim to attacks as it was a more easier ground to step foot on. WTF! This is where we live. The world thinks that we are the easiest target!


Image of the Taj Hotel after being attacked by the terrorists. The terrorists also took a few people in the hotel as hostages.

Patil Pulls out, Politics IN. Shivraj Patil resigned from the post of the home minister after having been accused of weakening the stands of the Indian Military forces in fighting terror. M Chitambaram who is also currently the Finance Minister takes on the home minster role.

England Cancel the remaining of the matches against India and head back home. India wins series 5-0. They will however be flying back to India for the test series beginning Dec 12 with the venue for the second test moved to Chennai. The Champions league Twenty 20 tournament stands postponed with the new dates to be announced soon. Reports also suggest that India may lose chance to host the 2011 World cup.

Who takes Responsibility?
A Terrorist who was resident in the Narimal house phoned in a local news channel claiming that they were here for something even bigger. Their main targets were the top police officials. The emails received by various media houses claim the attackers belonging to Hyderabad based group Deccan Mujahiddin. This however was to make us believe the fact that they were home grown. More probe into the case led to the terrorists having arrived from Pakistan possibly trained by the Al-Qaeda and belonging to the LET.

Politicians ascertain that the terrorists were Pakistani’s and the attacks were against the Indians. The Pak Home Minister confirms that they were British born nationals and had nothing to with Pakistan. The Indian Politics however claims it to be an attack from Pakistan. This is completely baseless from our politicians, Just because their starting point was Karachi, we cannot claim it to be a Pakistani outburst. Even Islamabad was bombed a month back. The terrorists then had brought down the whole hotel using grenades. Completely baseless and negligible. Is it time, The Indian government and the Pakistan government sign a pact for sharing intelligence information? The Politics over the issue continues..

Where had these politicians vanished when the attacks were on. Comfortably sitting in front of a television getting to hear the latest? Probably yes. For if they had arrived on the crime scene, these unarmed.. oops.. They are armed with a words.. they would be dead in no time. If not by the the terrorists at least by the stone pelting from the Janta. I would have done that!

The Media?
I have started to hate all the Hindi News channels, Completely irresponsible and a story of entertainment on what is a serious issue. I have however developed a new level of respect for NDTV and CNN IBN as they tried making sure every news report came through in a responsible way. At least they were not using ‘This pictures are brought to u first on this channel only’.

If i were the Broadcasting Minister, My first decision would be to ban INDIA TV who completely made a mockery of of the situation. They decided to air the telephonic interview when one of them contacted INDIA TV. The interview could have been taken and given to the investigating agencies than showing it live and causing panic. “This is just a Trailer, Picture abhi baaki hai” on National television, this is the country we live in. The terrorists aim was to instill fear in us and the channel is aiding them. WTF! I’m wondering if the terrorists were funded by the same company as INDIA TV. For that matter, I don’t think we need these many news channels.

The Mumbai Police?
In a city that is very densely populated, It is highly impossible to check everyone’s identity and any stuff they re carrying. It’s simply impossible. News stories suggested that about 2 boxes of live RDX, each one weighing about 8 KG. It became evident that these terrorists had been planning the attacks from a long time. They took us by surprise and completed what could be called the Most Surprising Attack in Indian history. The investigators also believe that some of the terrorists were already staying in the hotel before the attacks, which means that they could have carried the box full of RDX as they arrived. They did not carry much weapons, but as they entered the building they gained more weapons. Who helped them? Did they carry them when they brought the RDX? How can all this go without the notice of the police. There was someone involved or they were probably busy blocking roads for some politician MP to go by.

Is Indian Navy to be put at blame?
The terrorists traveled by boat, which meant that they should have been checked by the Indian Navy. As they claim, the boat went unnoticed as they crossed the Indian border. Completely responsible? No, who knows that these people were actually checked. Probably not carrying weapons. What may be reason, The Indian navy now has a black mark.

What Happens Now?
The Politicians make the issue a political battleground. The politicians are finally out of their houses blaming each other for the terror attacks. They are the real terrorists, who we cant seem to get rid off. The Young India has finally emerged. We want a safe place to live in, not amongst the corrupt politicians. What happened was bad, but we cant let this fire douse. Lets make this an opportunity to realize the loop holes in the way the government works, The police force works, The Indian Armed forces work. We have lost some important men, lets not waste their sacrifice. Lets emerge and Lets take responsibility. Lets not let this fire douse. I think we need an Army rule for an year to eradicate and exterminate all unsocial creatures. What has happened is a tragedy, Lets not recreate or offer any chance of another such incident.

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PS: Is it to do with 26? If u can recall all the past inicidents be it on terror or natural calamities, most of them have happend on the 26th of the month. This was on 26th November, the Tsunami came on 26th December,  Gujarat earthquake on 26th.. I can’t recall the others but I’m sure they would have had some association with 26.. Just a thought, Is 26 the terror?

  1. December 2, 2008 at 6:06 pm

    Well.. you have said all of it..
    Anything else, if left, is here

  2. December 3, 2008 at 2:11 pm

    Ya . . You have written the summary of this black operation.It was really panic. . . And the politicians are baking the cake for vote now. . . .

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