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Pure luck or Good Cricket?

India managed another win. Pure luck or Good Cricket? I think it is a combination of both. Good Cricket because all the members of the team including people on the bench are peaking in their form. Gautam Gambhir and Virendar Sehwag seem to like playing the best innings of their lives. To bring Yuvraj back into form, bowl Broad. Zaheer with his determination and effort has been the spearhead of the Indian fast bowling department for over 2 years now. Ishant seems to be learning the trick of trade very quickly as he thanks Zaheer for his improvement. Munaf finally seems to understand the importance of Fielding apart from the bowling. Lot of others are also contributing to the team in every other way, be it celebrating the wicket of Kevin Pietersen they do it big time. Everything seems to be going right for India. About luc, lets take it a bit more..

“Luck for Dhoni is one thing, bad luck for England is the other” says LVS.
“Dhoni makes all the right moves at right time” says another friend.
“India will become a top ranking team soon.” I read somewhere.

I agree with what LVS had to say here. It’s more England’s bad luck than India’s good luck. In the 3rd ODI, India decided to chase. England made a decent score. But thanks to a delayed start and not many overs(1) being reduced, the depleting light would play in India’s favor. Umpires decided to offer light to India and without any hesitation India took it. India won the match by 16 runs thanks to Duckworth Lewis. I cannot argue any luck factor here, India planned the innings well and won the match, It was purely England’s bad luck having to bat first.

In the 4th ODI (Scorecard Link), with overnight showers and 50 percent chances of rain predicted through the day, England captain Kevin Pietersen won the toss and without hesitation decided to field first. “Duckworth Lewis will come into play in the match and in the second inning it tends to favor the batting team. The pitch has moisture and we’d like to make first use of it” said Pietersen at the toss. Indian captain agreed. India made a good start, after scoring 86/1 in 5 overs, the skies opened up. It started to pour and the play was halted. After about an hour, the rains stopped and umpires inspected the ground. The playing area was quite dry and the remaining part of the ground was mopped up quite quickly. All efforts from the groundsmen proved useful as India resumed their innings, the match was reduced to 49 overs a side. With India in a strong position at 106/1 in 17 overs, England’s hope of a comeback was dampened by the rain again. The play remained stopped for full 5 hours before the umpires finally declared the conditions to be fit for all. The match was reduced to 22 overs a side.

Sehwag resumed in a blistering fashion smashing the very first ball from Samit Patel for a six. Gambhir soon join the party as the duo started consolidating runs. The partnership was broken and with efforts from Yuvraj, Dhoni and Yousuf pathan, India managed 60 runs in the 5 remaining overs. India were 166/4 at the end of 22 overs. India in their 22 overs had played 17 overs in power play, which meant that India sure had the advantage over England. TO my knowledge India’s final score should have been reduced. But as the England openers made their way into the middle, The target they were given was 198. I was surprised, so were the others who were watching. The rains helped India set a huge total on which they capitalized and won the match. The match saw a good fight from England after a good opening spell from the Indian seamers. England at the end of power play (6 Overs) were 22/1. India won the match and the series by 20 runs.

Pietersen was expecting rains in the latter half and so was Dhoni. Who would have thought that rain in the first inning would help India? Of course India were in a comfortable position when rain halted play, also unaware about the no. of overs they would have to play makes a disadvantage. India however had played 17 overs of power play before the match resumed. Who’s advantage? I’m not too sure.

One thing I’m sure about is that if England were in the same situation facing India, they would also been given a similar score. All rules would have been applied and Pietersen had to accept it as fate. Who’s luck?

Pietersen decided to field first and it rained.. Pietersen’s bad luck..
Match reduced to 22 overs.. Pietersen’s bad luck..
All strike bowlers had bowled their quota of overs , not allowing them to bowl the last few overs.. Pietersen’s bad luck..
Reduced no. of power play overs.. Pietersen’s bad luck..

But one man’s bad luck is one man’s good luck. Dhoni got his share of luck and he helped India win the series and if what he claims is true, India would beat england 7-0 in the series. Hope the lucky break continues.

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I’m not reviewing therefore the quality is getting bad, Trying to keep the blog updated is the only motive. Please bear with bad quality writing. Take a look at some friend links if u need to feel refreshed. Duckworth Lewis is something i’d be learning in Free time 😛 Need to understand the rules! It’s raining in Chennai and i hope Duckworth and Lewis don’t play a part in the Champions League Twenty20 It’s no point playing then.

  1. November 25, 2008 at 1:06 pm


    Infact, D/L is something I would never try to learn.. The simpler things don’t get into my head…forget D/L 😀

    As for the Luck factor, I hope…sincerely, that every Englishman has its day..someday.. (obviously in some other series) 😀


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