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What would you do if u were given 500 Rupees?

I had planned to continue writing cricket as India won the third ODI at Kanpur by 16 runs (D/L Method) over the touring England side. But after i watching the video i received from a friend, I felt sad. Yes, a feeling of sadness took over me. I was straight into writing this blog to share the exact same feeling with all. My blog is completely filled with some personal non sense, Time for some sensible post (I hope it is). So what would u have done if u were give 500 rupees?

The YouTube video that follows has answers received from the youth of India(Not probably but from a wide variety of people). I was shocked when i heard some answers, Every single person who is supposed to be the face of the nation tomorrow would have smoked off the money for some personal interest. Buying Clothes, Movies, Alcohol.. WTF! I mean such messages coming from people who are educated enough to understand the state of the country. At least 35 % of the Indian Population is under the poverty line and When u get some money for free, U smoke it off. God help u!

Time to Look at the Video : Think before U spend.

The harsh reality is that everything around us is changing. POP is IN (Brains are out). What does that have to do with not the way u spend. Of yeah.. U need to look cool. The Allen Solly pant that u wear is more important. Whats with the shoes mate, Why not get some Reebok? Do we think of people who rarely get anything to wear, forget the shoes.. They don’t have any clothes. Oh c’mon, when u have the money why don’t u spend it. “Hamesha Kanjus hi Rahega”. That would be a conversation that i will have when i discuss this with my friends. God help people who think that way.

When given one rupee my friend says, “Ek rupaiye mein kya aata hai?” (What can u do with one rupee) For a child who has been living with poverty, the same rupee could turn into a chocolate that he had been longing fora long time, It could turn into a kite for which he had been running on roads risking his life, It could well end as the money he had been saving for his education. We are fortunate to be leading good lives. Sitting in comforts of an A/C office and typing away some code earns me a decent amount of money, That’s because my father spent his whole life struggling to make me what I am today. But what happens with children who have lost their parents, whose parents are not so fortunate to give their children a comfortable life. It’s all in the way we think. Everyone wants to earn money and be an Ambani one day. Yes, dream big. But there is some responsibility that u should never forget. Contribute something back to the society, to the needy, to the unfortunate.

I believe that god gives u good fortune because he thinks u will change the fortune of others. He gives me money so that i can give it back to the society. He gives me the passion to work for the society. He gives me a heart that thinks good for the society. He gives the same to all. No caste No Creed, It’s with everyone. When i talk about this to my other half that thinks bad about being good, I wonder why god makes some people less fortunate? Why do people suffer a bad life while some lead the best without having done anything? My good half says that God makes some people less fortunate because he wants u to realize the importance of what u have. Compare yourself with the lower class and u will start valuing what u have got, not only in terms of money but in terms of life.

[UPDATE :Oops.. The link works only once, meaning that u guys will not be able to do the same. Sorry about that. Please ignore. ]

My Contribution for the day. I came across this in my mailbox this morning. Please follow the link if u’d like to.


I freak out at people who do not value money. Every single penny counts, and one who respect that earns my respect. I never let go off any opportunities to sharing good values. God gave us something so that we can share it with the world. I think u probably have gotten the message, which lies in most part of the blog post. “Give it back to the society”. And yeah, please think about what u r spending on. Think before u spend. What means a smoke off to u means a school fee to others. Thanks Shilpa for introducing me to Teach India, which genuinely makes me feel proud about being educated. But the sad part is, Chennai is filled with techies and enrollments are overflowing which leaves no space for me 😦 I’d probably have to build my own organization, for now all i can do is donate and hope it gets spent in the right way. Lets change the way we think. For every rupee earned, lets try and give something back.

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PS: That reminds of a dialogue from the movie “Evan Almighty” where god appears to a newly elected congressman Evan Baxter and asks him to build an ARK. When Evan enquires about it, God Says “Son, When u want to change the world and do not know where to start, Build an ARK. An Act of Random Kindness at a time.” These are probably not the exact words that GOD uses, but u probably get the message. It goes without saying that my standard of writing has gone down a bit because of the lack of time, therefore please ignore any mistakes, I’d really appreciate comments on this post. If u have read it, Leave a mark.

One last thing I know this is getting way too long for the PS, I saw an ad of the new serial that will be telecasted on Colors channel. It’s a show about a poverty  stricken child and her life, U don’t want to miss this one. I’d update on the timings as soon as they are showed on air.

  1. November 24, 2008 at 5:18 pm

    First replying to your ques, I would probably keep it away.. But donating it wouldn’t come to my mind. However, I wouldn’t smoke it off either.

    As for what others feel about it, nothing much to say, the video says it all.

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