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BIG TV goes bigger.. TataSky subscribers weep..

BIGTV launched its DTH services in India August 15,2008. TataSky happened to be the better market player compared to the other DTH services till then. While customer complains were on rise, The complaints relating to other services kept TataSky at bay. All hell broke loose when BIGTV announced its arrival. Everyone knew that BIGTV would launch big time, and crash the prices in the existing market. That did not happen, as BIGTV packages seemed higher than what other DTH services had to offer. However this brought down the prices of new STB with the other players. As the news about BIGTV introductory offer spread, There was a sudden spike in the sales. BIGTV seemed like a bigger competition.

As a move to cope with the offers of BIGTv, TataSky and DishTV had to bring down their prices. Here are the way the offers stand currently.

BIGTV: Pay Rs.2200 and Get the BIGTV STB, Dish, Annual package containing all the channels. Visit BIG TV for more.. With over 200 channels.

TataSky: STB, Dish, and annual subscription to the south Jumbo pack (Prices at Rs.310 per month) for Rs.3999.
This offer is a part of the Diwali bonus offer, It also includes a few other offers at a cheaper price. Just about 125 channels. Visit TataSky Offers for more..

DishTV: STB, Dish, Annual Subscription to the costliest pack at Rs.4000
Visit DishTV for more.. About a 150 channels.

The best offer at this point in time for a new Subscriber seems to be from BIGTV.. An Year subscription for as low as Rs.2200. If u do not feel satisfied by the service, u can always make a switch to other DTH Provider. Of course there is an option of moving back to cable too.

The DTH war has already begun. Bharti has launched its DTH service on October 9,2008. As a promotional ad campaign, Bharti made a teaser showing only a large red sofa with the Tag line saying ‘See u on Oct 9th’.. The teaser was to create audience interest, However BIGTV took a BIG time advantage. It made a similar ad, with the same red sofa with a Tag line promoting the BIGTV services, carrying the logo too. People now think that the older ad was from BIGTV.

I’m currently subscribed to TataSky, would definitely have made a switch to BIGTV if not for the Subscription of Rs.2600 in my TataSky account. I want to get out of TataSky asap, and would not recommend anyone to use this service. I had warned a friend of mine about the restrictive practices of TataSky, he however lured by the new offer made the choice and is now always complaining about having made that decision in a haste.

People complain that most of my post’s on TataSky carry only negatives. The reason i write negatives is because i want people to beware of what they are subscribing to. However this time, I’ll be introducing u to a few pluses that TataSky claims of its service.

Tata ka bharosemand Customer Care: (Translation, Tata’s trustworthy customer care)
All that i can say about this is that, ur queries will get answered in 24 hours. No doubt about that. Their technical team is the best in the business and will help u solve the problem.
They answer ur query in 24 hours saying, “If there are any updates, we’ll notify u”, this is what we hear most of the time when we complain about the Packaging and the non availability of channels. When we complain about the service or a fault with the reception, they will send a tech person to get the matter solved and will also charge u Rs.350 per visit. Sometimes it so happens that the problem reoccurs after the visit and u end up paying Rs.350 more.

Tata Ki Active Services:
Let me introduce u to a few of the active services. Actv Stories, Actv wizkids, Actv Games, Actv sports, Actv matrimony,Actv darshan, etc, etc.. Wow! All seem very good, How interactive.. Yes, Tata started earning more subscribers because of these services. I remember telling my dad about active sports, so that he understands why i wanted TataSky..
Yes, These services are good, Unless they are made available all the time.. Most of them, Including Actv stories and Actv wizkids are part of some stupid package that is priced at Rs.30 per month. I don’t care, I’m not very fond of these services, I have not subscribed to it either.
Wow, Active sports.. The reason i bought TataSky for.. It has been over 4 months and a few cricket series gone since i have seen something on active sports. At least they were showing highlights then, leave alone showing the match at multiple camera angles! I pay for it and i don’t get it..
Hey, did i say Actv matrimony.. Good na.. U get to search for ur soul mate at the comfort of ur home. What the.. Every profile that u wish to see is also priced. Priced at Rs.10 per profile, Actv matrimony becomes the last thing i would visit.
As for the other active services, Nothing is free! Get that.. Nothing is free!

Movies on demand, for Rs.75 per movie.
Last night i was watching the movie Goal on UTV Movies, while TataSky had priced it Rs.75 on showcase. It’s one useless service, i don’t understand the need for it.

Packages for as low as Rs.99:
Yes, the lowest base pack is priced at Rs.99. This pack contains all the basic channels, TataSky claims.
Haha.. Good Joke.. Most of the channels are DD and are available for free on DD DTH. Why pay Rs.99 for such a pack?? TataSky will never understand that. All other packages are packed in a manner such that u end up paying more than what u would have been paying earlier. Earlier meaning, When i had subscribed to it.
Take a look at the packages on TataSky
As for how much i’m paying now compared to earlier..
Now: Rs.450 per month.
Earlier Rs.367 per month.

Notice any change?? There has been a big gap after the packages have been changed. One thing I’d like to mention again, TataSky changed the price of Lifestyle gold pack from Rs.30 to Rs.45 for adding one channel (Colors) to the pack. Rs.15 for a channel, Justified? That’s one reason i suggest people not choose TataSky! Beware this is fraud service!

Adding to all the vows if the new offers. New subscribers are being offered lowest of prices possible, while money gets extracted from the already existing ones. Why does TataSky not have any special diwlai offers for the existing customers?

Where can we complain? MRTPC? TRAI? is there a way to get these people stp their services. Just because i have signed a contract, that does not mean we get slaughtered slowly by this fraud service.

Make ur choice, BIGTV is the best i could recommend if u have to choose DTH. Cheap price, lots of channels, and a trustworthy company. U definitely have the choice of moving out of the service after a year. Go ahead and BUY BIGTV. I have seen their demo, and loved all its features. As for me and TataSky. As soon as my subscription ends, I’m going off it.

[Update 09 October 2008]
Finally Airtel has launched its very own DTH service under the name Airtel Digital TV. With Airtel’s DTH Service the DTH sector is really going to heat up. The price wars are already quite evident.

As a launch offer, Airtel is offering 65 channels for free for the first 12 months of subscription at Rs.2000 which is inclusive of the hardware and the installation.

By the looks of it, the service looks great, but the prices are a lot higher when compared to other Providers.. But with more players emerging into the DTH zone, prices are expected to go down in the future.. God knows when.. But now the customers have a lot of options to choose from which means customers will now switch DTH connections like they would switch sim cards in their mobile phones!

TataSky should realize that people will start switching connections if the prices don’t go down!

[Update 13 October 2008]
To the email that carried the link to this post, i received a call from a customer care executive(12 October 2008). I heard the same old conversation about what is with the packages and stuff.. I stopped the girl and asked her the reason for no Diwali offers for old customers.. “We will take that as a feedback sir!”.. “Thank you”.. Call ends.. Less than 2 mins is what they took to answer my queries.. Query Rather.. There are a lot of them unanswered.. I’m tired of complaining!!
An email also carries the same “We will take that as a feedback” line.. Thank you Tatasky.. That was an awful experience..

[Update 17 October 2008]
Read the comments section for the reply to ‘Sasha’s’ comment, to understand the problems with TataSky even better. If u have anything to say about it, please leave a comment.. If u r supporting TataSky, please answer the 5 simple questions i have asked.. Due respects to her for expressing her views, Here is the comment shortcut..

Sasha: Comment (My Reply follows)

No Replies to the email sent to the CC yet.

TataSky has launched it’s new DVR service, It will start distributing the New STB from Diwali. Visit TataSky+ site.

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PS: I know i have taken this too far, most of my blog post on TataSky almost carry the same information. Only this time I’m posting a link to this blog post to the customer service department of TataSky. Let’s see what kind of response these guys give. I’ll also ‘cc’ a few media houses.. so that TataSky takes this a little seriously.

  1. Ambika
    October 10, 2008 at 6:32 pm

    Hey Kunal c’mon.. You say they give you the basic channels for Rs. 99 only. I mean what more Basic than DD… πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

    But, I would really like to know, what is it that you have with these Tata Sky people that they Feature on your blog every fortnight πŸ™‚

    <a href= “ambikadarolia.wordpress.com” Ambika

  2. Ambika
    October 10, 2008 at 6:33 pm

    oops.. sorry.. Missed a “>” πŸ˜›

  3. Kunal
    October 13, 2008 at 8:26 am


    The service is bad.. That’s the reason why i regularly have to feature it in the blog.. So that people who are looking for some information about the service get the real information.. Not the ‘Isko laga dala tho life Jhingalala’ type information..

    ‘Missed a “>”… This is the problem with wordpress, it does not leave a link to the commentator’s blog..’
    U can alternatively use, Name, URL to reply to ur comments.. That will have a link to the blog with ur name..

    Tatasky is actually getting more traffic to the blog! Hehe πŸ˜€

  4. Kunal
    October 13, 2008 at 8:38 am

    Here’s a stat..
    Published on 10th October… This post has received 56 views!

  5. Ambika
    October 13, 2008 at 12:44 pm

    Yeah.. Keep posting about them once in a while!! It will bring visitors! May be I should start a section about Big TV or Airtel Digital TV now.. πŸ˜€


  6. Kunal
    October 13, 2008 at 4:36 pm

    May be u should..
    U know what.. Lets do this..
    Just write some stuff up about DTH services.. Link to my post.. Another Bad Experience from TataSky..

    Tag them with TataSky, Tata,Sky,DishTv,BigTv and whatever that comes to ur mind about DTH… Just post it..

    See the results in 15 days.. The post would have got most views on the blog! Try it once and u’ll understand the importance of picking a popular topic..

    That tells me.. Why not blog on some stuff like this.. Blog Traffic! Yeah.. will be good.. If not for some good traffic.. atleast a blog post!


  7. Sasha
    October 17, 2008 at 1:49 pm

    Hi Kunal, i mean seriously, do you work for some upcoming DTH provider. I have had tatasky for approximately a year and a half now, and i couldnt be happier. I had the worst problems with my cable guy, everything from pricing to his decisions being final, to power cuts was a problem. That all changed. All i did was got Tatasky, hooked it up to my home invertor and we have never had a problem with TV viewing atleast. My kids enjoy the Actve kids features as well as channels like Cbeebees etc. And their package prices are NOT bad at all provided you have a real utility for these services. and as far as single channels v/s packages, no other DTH provider gives you that. Come to think of it, your cable guy does not give you that either. Atleast with tatasky you can break it down to smaller packages and have a lot more choice than paying for 250 odd channels that your cable guys give you for a lumpsum.
    Their customer services are good. Yes i have received responses like “we will notify you” too, however these are only for these cases that are beyond their control (broadcasters providing channels etc). However i once had a viewing problem, and they resolved in exactly 2 hours from the time of my complaint!!!!

    i have read a lot about the DTH guys as well as broadcasters terms and conditions. would be happy to help or advise (or just give my opinion πŸ™‚ ) to anybody who has questions.

  8. Kunal
    October 17, 2008 at 2:15 pm

    Hey Sasha..

    With due respect to u and ur comment.. I’m not working for any DTH Company..

    U have had all sorts of experience with the cable guy, so have I.. That was the biggest reason to move into DTH Space.. I could have chosen CAS stb.. But chose TataSky and now regret buying it..

    1. Channels dropped from the pack without any notification from the customer. EX: Zee channels were removed, When asked for the reason the Customer Care(CC) said that these channels were least popular.. Nobody watches it..
    Real reason was TataSky’s problem with Zee.. They never came to an agreement, finally Tata had to drop the zee channels..

    2. Color’s is added to TataSky.. Very good.. Appreciate it.. But then they move it to the Life style gold pack and increase the pack price to Rs.45, Rs.15 higher than the original rate. When asked for reason, the customer care was either mum about it, or would say that color’s wanted to be a part of LS Gold..

    For god sakes, don’t tell me that channel provider decides where they want to be.. They could have made it a-le-carte right? They would not do that, otherwise who would by the LS Gold pack?? Good marketing i call this.. Cheating is not a bad word too..

    Ok so u increase the price of the pack for adding one channel.. Why dont u reduce the price of the pack for removing the channel?? Good Profit eh..

    Hey, they did reduce the base pack price by Rs.40 after removing the Sports channels.. Haha.. laugh at urself.. Any lame person would also be able to understand, the ‘CON’ behind it.. They removed a lot of channels and reduced the price only equalent of the sports channels.. What the.. Don’t gimme a damn!

    3. Where is active sports vanished amongst all these active services.. One of my friend said, it should have been ‘Once in a lifetime Active sports’.. Forget alone the multiple camera angle.. which was last seen almost a year back.. we have not seen active sports for more than 6 months..

    Ask the CC: they’ll tell u that that the channel broadcasters do not want to provide the feed. When contacted ESPN over this, they said that TataSky wants it for free, which was not possible.. U think Tata is good now??

    OK so what these guys are not getting active sports because Tata has not bought it.. Ethically, they should stop charging money from us.. Ethically they should stop any promotional activity that says it includes Active sports.. Ethics, mean nothing to the company..

    4. Free channels are being charged. TataSky retransmits all the free channel to the satellite for it’s subscribers.. but yet they charge it.. Well aren’t free channels meant to be..’Free’..

    5. If u know anything about TRAI, TRAI had issued a few guidelines for all DTH providers.. One of which is providing a ‘toll free’ customer care line.. Tata’s 1860-&&(&*(&*( is a tolled line, If u call from a mtnl/bsnl u will be charged at Rs.1 per minute.. Ever called?? It takes a minimum of 3 mins to get connected to a CC executive.. SO a minimum payout of Rs.3 per call..

    To end all of this ‘cribbing’ about the TV Service (Which infact is real) I’m currently paying a subscription of Rs.440 a month, for what i would have got at Rs.200 in cable, Even lesser if i change connections to BIGTV..

    So change na.. Who want’s u to be a TataSky Subscriber..
    The problem is that, i have about 3000Rs. in my TataSky account, trusting the service i recharge with big amounts only to get conned.. If Tata returns the money and closes the connection.. I ‘ll be more than happy to end this ‘crib’.. It’s a pain to talk bad about something or somebody.. TataSky is just forcing me to do that..


  9. Sasha
    October 17, 2008 at 2:50 pm

    hmm all valid points, i know the reasoning to some of them. but too much to put here πŸ™‚ besides im just feelin a lil lazy after lunch.
    But i appreciate you writing this, i mean there are happy people and unhappy ones. But thank God we have choices now in this country. DTH market will open up big time in another few months once all the new commers settle down. Videocon is also planning to launch though they had some initial problem with licenses. So lets wait and watch and hope the consumer wins … they always do in any industry anyway.

  10. Kunal
    October 17, 2008 at 2:56 pm

    Thank god, I was able to convince u..
    I understand all the problems.. But there has to be something for the customers right..
    For new customer’s they have great offers, but for old customer’s.. Nothing!

  11. Sasha
    October 17, 2008 at 3:06 pm

    Whoa, i didnt say i was convinced with what you said πŸ™‚
    i simply said, there are happy guys and the unhappy ones ….

    but finally what will be good for both of these types of customers, is the war between all these DTH companies themselves.

    I mean for all the points that you have listed here, DISH / Airtel / Reliance etc all have the same policies.

    Btw – i visited your funny pages tab and that cheered me up after a heavy lunch πŸ™‚

  12. Kunal
    October 17, 2008 at 4:31 pm

    Hehe.. I got myself convinced to that..
    Anyways.. It’s the problems with other DTH services too.. All are the same.. DTH is good for entry level consumers but one year into the service it becomes bad.. Nothing for the old customers u see..

    I have never recommended anybody to other DTH providers too.. My blog post only carry information about what i have experienced and what i feel.. I’m using TataSky and therefore i speak.. I don’t want others to be conned by it too.. Not everybody is ‘Sasha’ u see..

    U must visit Broad Band Forum for more on TataSky..

    Good to know that u went through the other posts.. Thanks for stopping by..


  13. Mohan
    October 22, 2008 at 6:35 pm

    I wish the providers’ service delivery is as aggressive as their advertisements. BIG TV’s service is pathetic to say the least. I waited and went for BIG TV only to be disappointed. Bad customer support and callous attitude. I’ve sent repeated mails and no one had the courtesy to speak on a problem which is an internal process failure in BIG TV. Wonder if these guys are interested in retaining customers!!

    If they are, they will look up their database and call the owner of Smartcard id 200591 180821 in Bangalore.


  14. Kunal
    October 23, 2008 at 8:47 am

    Hey Mohan,

    Thanks for stopping by..

    AS for the problems.. It is with all DTH services.. One or the other is a problem.. SO it is up to the DTH users to choose the right option..

    If someone is looking at quality of service with extra cost.. Choose TataSky..
    If u wish to get more channels at lower cost, Compromising quality and an entry level user.. Choose other DTH services apart from DISH.. which is said to be one of the worst in the country..

    Stay with Cable if u choose to be less confused.. Having said all that.. DTH is the way into the future!


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