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New ICC Rules

New rules are being formed by ICC (International cricket council) to make the game more interesting.Some of the major changes include, allowing the batting side to choose the third power play, Review of decision, Free-Hit on front foot no balls and Mandatory change of ball at the end of 35th over. Read on to find out more about it. Above all the rules, there has been a ruling which puts players under real pressure.. Want to know more.. Read on..

Yes, This literally puts players in real pressure. The onfield players will not be allowed their comfort toilet breaks in the middle of the innings. This rule came into the picture when the Australians complained of the usage of specialist fielders in key positins by Englad during the recently concluded Ashes series. In cases when the players cannot hold it for long, The fielding team will need to play with one player less. Substitute fielders will be only permitted in cases of injury, illness or other wholly acceptable reasons, which should be limited to extreme circumstances.

The batting side will now be allowed to choose the time for the third power play. The rule also allows the fielding team an extra fielder outside the 30 yard circle in the second and third power play, which was initially only available in the third power play. This rule will be tried in the forthcoming Bagladesh- New Zeland one day series.

The ICC also decided to retain the free-hit rule as well as the mandatory changing of the ball at the start of the 35th over of an innings.

The umpires are allowed to reduce the length of time between innings in an ODI, if the innings of the side batting first is delayed or interrupted, was also retained. In the event of time being lost [playing time lost less any extra time provided] up to and including 60 minutes in aggregate, the length of the interval shall be reduced from 45 to 30 minutes. In the event of more than 60 minutes being lost in aggregate, the duration of the interval shall be agreed mutually by the umpires and both captains subject to no interval being of more than 30 minutes’ duration or less than 10 minutes’ duration. In the event of disagreement, the length of the interval shall be determined by the match referee.

Umpires can now consult the third umpire for caught behinds, to determine whether a catch was taken cleanly or not. During such circumstances the decision will be made by the umpire at the bowling end. If  the umpire is still not able to decide, the Batsman shall be given not out.

The review system will be tried on four more occasions before a final report is presented to the cricket Comitee in May 2009.The system recieved mixed reactions when it was tried for the first time in the India Srilanka series. The ICC however has not decided the four series when this system will be tested.

Most of these rules are intresting in their own way. While the Batting side getting to choose the third power play gives the advantage to the batting side a little more. The batting side may choose to enforce the powerplay to the last five overs of the innings if they are left with wickets in hand. The Captains will now have to think for the best times to enforce the powerplays. I feel that this rule may be discarded very soon, as the captains and players may start complaining of the game become more batsmen friendly than a real test of character and skill. Also adding to that are punishments like no ball for overstepping and the change of the ball at the end ot 35th over, which removes chances of reverse swing, allowing the batsmen to hit the new ball better. The teams should not be complaining as the same apply to both sides.

More on Cricket.. Coming Soon!

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