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October 2nd.. Celebrating Gandhi Jayanthi..

aDo u talk about Mahatma Gandhi’s freedom struggle or do u talk about Kareena-Shahid split?? Are u more interested in knowing what Dhoni is doing in his free time or what Gandhi ji would do in his free time? Lets accept the fact, No one talks about the boring past unless talken to. Now u r thinking of what Gandhi ji did for our country, Aren’t u? Have i got ur attention?? Lets move on then..

Nobody wants to listen to it.. Even i would not be talking about him if not for today. That is the reason why I think Government declares this day as a holiday. Not for u to sit at home and enjoy a ‘Lage raho MunnaBhai‘ Movie. If not for the holiday, would u remember him or his birthday??ย  I bet you wouldn’t. Do not agree with me yet? OK, Do u remember the Saddest day in Indian History, The day when Mahatma Gandhi was murdered??

I’m not sure if u know the answer. That’s probably because it’s not a holiday. Moving on, How many of u remember when valentines day is celebrated? Even a small kid who is studying in his 3rd grade will tell u that valentines day if on the 14th of February. Ask him for the importance of the day and he will tell u the exact reason. Amazing isn’t it. By the way, Gandhi ji was killed on January 30, 1948. Even i had to Google the answer. I knew it was in January, 1948 but was not sure about the date. For more information about this day and the events that led to the killing of Mahatma Gandhi, Visit this page.

I’m sure now i have ur attention to reading the post. What i was trying to tell is that it’s not ur fault, It’s ours. We allowed Gandhi Ji to be cornered in our hearts. A man who got us Independence. A man who taught us to lead a happy life. A man who directed us to winning the wars with the weapon of ‘Ahimsa’. A great man he was. October 2nd is celebrated as Gandhi Jayathi in India. So that people would not forget to teach their children about the hero, Government declares Gandhi Jayanthi a holiday. History books still carry his biography and a chapter on freedom struggle to inspire and inculcate the feeling of being an Indian. How many of us hated the History lessons? How many of us wanted History to be removed from the curriculum as it did not mean anything in building a career.

I’m not preaching anything here, I’m trying to put some words in ur head so that u at least remember talking Gandhi Ji at least to the end of the day. As for me, I’ll try to follow some of his principles on this day. The easiest one being ‘Telling the Truth’. Lets see how difficult is it going to be to follow this simple principle. Another one is to talk no evil, hear no evil, and see no evil. I’m sure that the talk and hear part of it will be simple, but See?? I doubt if i can do that, Because I’ll be engaged watching some television and i doubt if there will be anything good at all. One more principle that i can follow and recommend to a few others is to follow the path of Ahimsa. For a better perspective, watch Lage Raho Munnabhai. No other movie or book will be better able to describe it than the movie itself.

I’m going to practise these Gandhi principles at least for the day. What do we do on our birthday? Go out with friends and family, spend a whole day enjoying. On this day, Make donations. There is nothing better in life than bringing a smile on the faces of the poor and the needy. Do something good today and I’m sure u will remember to do it every other year. If a beggar comes to u, donate him something before he even asks u for it.ย  Greet people with a smile. Make people around u happy. At the end of the day look back on what u had done. If u r able to feel satisfied on having contributed something to the society, go out and try doing it the next day. Make it a habit and make yourself feel happy for having done it.

Small post, Random thoughts and good feelings is what makes this my 56th post. And I’m proud to be presenting this to u. Happy Gandhi Jayanthi.
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PS: This is the first post that I’m putting up without any editing or review. Please spare me for any grammatical errors, wrongly written sentences or spelling mistakes. The flow may not seem too good to read, i have penned down the thoughts as they came to the mind. Just ignore the post if u don’t seem to like it.

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  1. Ambika
    October 1, 2008 at 9:23 pm

    Well.. Truly, I wouldn’t have read even half of it, just because its Bapu’s Bday. I did it, just because you had a post on the same!!

    I suddenly realised, I Google any DAMN thing that comes to my mind. Be it news, songs, cricket updates, movie/books reviews, and so on.. Its not that I dont search for History stuffs, mind it! Sure I do. I remember searching for things like ”Did the Titanic really sink?” “Did Hitler really commit suicide?” The recent one being, “Did Jesus really have an heir?” All sorts of World History.

    But, Mahatma Gandhi? Never!!! Your post does leave me with a feeling of guilt. His history is after all The history of My Country. How could I have never felt like searching for him??

    The least I can do to get over this guilt is to follow his principles on his day. No violence ( ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) No lies. No Evil.

    Thanks a lot for the Enlightenment ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Arjun
    October 2, 2008 at 5:55 pm


    It’s really great to read yr revolutionary words. We, Indians, especially Keralites are in a habit of celebrating evrything. V r just celebrating without any knowledge of the reason….We use to drink, merry make….It is a time our country needs enormous public support as terror factors are rising up deadly. Gandhi jayanthi would be an ideal occasion to communicate the anti-terror message.
    Ergo, I support your feelings about Gandhi and facts related to him. Yes, majority of us still have to browse for the details of Gandhiji whose history itself is the history of a big , big nation…
    All including I should feel shame on this matter………

  3. Arjun
    October 2, 2008 at 6:49 pm


    Here is a glad news…..We are taking an extract of yr blog post on the front page of The New Indian Express on Oct 3………k

  4. Kunal
    October 3, 2008 at 8:24 am


    I’m happy that we are actually feeling guilty about it..
    There are a lot of people (Mainly youngsters) who do not believe in Bapu’s principles.. Most only take it as a holiday, which is sad!

    Thanks for all the accolades! I’m obliged!
    I was not sure if the blog was going to be appreciated, because when i try to communicate the same to people around me by word of mouth, they seem to ignore! They think they know more.. And Gandhi Ji is history, there isn’t a need to talk about him..

    I wonder what these people would be talking if they were not a part of an Independent nation! In Fact we are being dominated by corporations from foreign countries, while the industries that are run by Indians face a lot of problems..

    I pity such people, Thanks for making my blog post as a part of the Indian Express.. Do send me a link or a Screencast of the news paper article on kunal.janu@gmail.com

    Thanks! Ur comments keep me motivated to post more thoughts on a similar topic!


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