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Is Safety a concern to women?

Are women really feeling safe in our country? The question comes to my mind after reports of a 20 year old German female tourist complained of molestation by a few people.

“September 28,2008; Chandigarh:
A 20-year-old German tourist was allegedly kidnapped and molested by six men on Sunday. She was forcibly taken in a Mahindra Scorpio at about 2 am IST on Sunday from Hotel Taj GVK parking lot and was released in the evening when two men dropped her in front of her friend’s house in Sector 20. The accused used a Maruti 800 car to drop her.

By Monday evening, the police seized one of the cars used by the molesters and identified two of the men out of which one has been arrested.”

The latest of this news story is that 2 youths have been arrested while a case of attempt to rape, Abduction and molestation has been registered against 6 youths in connection with the incident.

The victim told the police that she had gone to the hotel for a party on Saturday night and had some drinks there. Around 2.20 am, she stepped out for a smoke. She found a group of youths standing by a Scorpio. She got into a conversation with them and agreed to take a ride with them. But she was allegedly whisked away before she could raise an alarm. Read the complete story here.

How many times have heard this before??
Girls get abducted in a van and then…Only a few of them come out complaining while most of them remain unfiled. When the same happens to foreign nationals, Its a shame to the country. These stories are horrific, and one cannot imagine level of emotional breakdown the victim goes through.

What are these absconders(I’d rather term them criminals) thinking?? Most of the time, They are drunk. They have no senses in working order, and by the time they realize it; Its all done and over! Some girls even get murdered when the fact of getting nabbed by the police scares them. I do not empathize with such….. How can one do something as evil as this?

Some do not use brains before doing it, while some do it for revenge! What the…?? There have been stories of the boy throwing acid on the girl’s face for refusing to love. To most of them love is just attraction and the need for bodily contact. It’s lust u idiots, not love.

Media makes a full masaledar news story out of it, unwitting about the emotional trauma that the victim is under. Instead of following up the case, the media is more hip about the victim and the incident itself. Police is the least concerned when the case is to be registered against somebody who has big contacts. Soe of the times, the Police personnel have resorted to doing somethings like that. They rather suggest the victim to not register the case. What can the victim do at such times? Lead a normal life? That’s not easy!

NDTV hosted a show with some experts on the panel to discuss the topic, and help girls understand some basic ways of saving themselves from being a victim to such incidents. Take a look at some common things u may want to do when in trouble.

In a case of Eve teasing, React! React quick and fast, so that these people know that u r going to do something about it. Move to a more public place so that in need of help, u have plenty of it. If u see a gang, Ignore them; U don’t want to get caught in a gang!

U can alternatively take a picture of the culprit. Turn around and click! Most of the time it scares them and stops them from doing such things. Again, Ignore if there is a gang.

If u see a parked car with some people inside, or with engine running, walk 6 feet away. When a car slows down close to u, step atleast 2 feet away. Get into a more public place if u feel that u r being followed.

Never go out late night unless u have people to take u there and drop u back. It is suggested to stay at home than be in a crowd of unknown people who get drunk fast. U also don’t want to get too drunk, It’s just easy then for someone to pick u up. Never get too comfortable or too friendly with strangers. It’s always better to learn more about the person before getting too friendly.

What can the police do? Nothing. How can we expect the police to be everywhere? It’s just impossible. The police does its best to make sure that we feel safe. The police has ordered closing down drinking in pubs past midnight, But it is us who continue to break rules by visiting such places late night, allowing ourselves to becoming victims of such incidents.

The culture is changing. Girls feel more comfortable in a western outfit than a more Indian one, provoking people into doing such activities. The pop culture has seeped into our blood. Weekends are more to do with partying! Hell breaks loose if we come back home early. I’d love to understand the reason for being to such places, partying late night! In earlier days there were only a few criminals who resorted to such activities, Police could monitor their activities. Modern days, u cannot predict who does what.

To just end this post, I feel this is one more reason to feel good about Chennai. Not heard such incidents for a long time, while every now and then i hear some story from the national capital, Delhi.

The news comes as a shame to the people of the country. I hope this does not affect tourism in the country; Only when people from outside the country visit us, We grow as country with great cultural and moral values imparting the same to them to make the world a better place to live.

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PS:  Wondering why i would be discussing such topic? I hate the concept of ‘Night Life’. What’s so much about weekend parties? I need an understanding to this.

  1. LVS
    September 30, 2008 at 10:02 pm

    Two things,

    I feel they should make capital punishments for crimes against women.

    I am inclined to agree with the moral police. The media easily blames the IT companies over security when some BPO worker goes missing or is molested. when you’re going out at night, its at your own risk.

    Call me conservative, I don’t mind, but I almost retch when I look at the party pics of IT girls in B’lore or somewhere.

    I feel really bad that a country like India, where women are respected in a divine plane, such happenings…I recall the following sanskrit verse,

    यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यंते रमंते तत्र देवताः। Where women are worshipped, goddesses dwell.
    यत्र तास्तु न पूज्यंते तत्र सर्वाफलक्रियाः॥ Where they aren’t, all actions are fruitless…

    I don’t know whom to blame more, the partying women are the preying men…I’d prefer to say the kali yuga has reached its peak!

  2. Kunal
    October 1, 2008 at 7:59 am


    I agree to what u have to say.. Such crimes only happen with partying women.. I did want to mention that, but i felt my words were not right.. I tried expressing concern over the dressing, but never found the correct words to describe the problem.. U said it the best way possible..

    “but I almost retch when I look at the party pics of IT girls in B’lore or somewhere.”

  3. Ambika
    October 1, 2008 at 11:30 am

    I am completely in tune with whatever has been said. The Partying Woman are the main Cause and ironically also the Victims of such crimes.

    Frankly, even I dont understand the concept of Partying late till dawn. On some special occassions its quite understable, but other than that..

    Guys.. or GALS i should say, is partying out late worth risking yourself???

    as LVS pointed out its a country where women are respected in a divine plane. Pointing to no one in particular, I would like to know, are the Women behaving like one??

  4. October 2, 2008 at 3:34 am

    Although I agree with some of the suggestions here, esp the parts about being careful and vigilant (and the media, oh! the media), there are somethings that I feel you are overlooking.

    These things happen to only women who party? Or wear skimpy clothes?

    Could it be that only such women dare to report these cases? What about little girls who get molested? Or the 40 year old woman in a village? Pop culture, you say?

    Having lived in Chennai and Delhi, I agree that Delhi has more risks, but then again, it’s not uncommon in Chennai. They just don’t get reported.

  5. Kunal
    October 3, 2008 at 8:40 am


    Thanks for stopping by..
    Yes, I agree with what u have to say.. Most of the cases go unreported! The actuals are totally different!

    Skimpy Clothing — Such clothing is actually getting attention of the unsocial elements in the society!

    I have been to a Navaratri festival in Gujarat where over 10000 People gather. What i saw there was shocking! Over 50% of the girls, were wearing Backless Cholies and Shorter Ghagras.. Imagine being dressed like that in a crowd of 10K people.. Who is to be blamed for this??

    Women who party.. Partying is never wrong.. its when u get drunk and alone which becomes a problem! How did this drinking culture come into the Indian Society.. Needless to say i guess..

    As for people being molested in villages, There are unsocial elements in society and we just have to learn t be careful! They are getting punished, but never shown on Television.. Why is his happening? People, why people.. Children are getting to see a lot of content they should not be seeing.. Movies, Songs, Albums are now full with material that should never be seen unless mature!

    I recall a case that i had read in the newspaper, Two teenagers aged about 16, Raped a 45 year old women who they found was alone in the house.. When the police nabbed them.. They said that they had seen a hot scene from one of Kareena Kapoor movies and they wanted to try something like that.. Having found the women alone..
    Aren’t these movies anyway related to pop culture?

    Chennai is a much safer place than chennai, i can assure u that.. But No place is safe for women past midnight! No place in the world.. Because people who do such crimes are not actual criminals.. They are just normal people like us.. What they do and when they do cannot be predicted! So its always suggested to keep safe! When u r traveling past midnight make sure u have somebody with u or have informed the concerned people of u starting home,, so that in case u go missing, they know where to look out for!


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