India has always been a political battle ground for years. With more and more parties being formed, the political scene is only heating up. Lately, It became evident when three MLA’s came out with bags full of money claiming to having been bribed to lend support to the ruling government. Its a shame to the country when such scenes were televised on national television. There even have been days when female members were being ripped off their clothing, chairs being broken, and images shattered!

Arey hum bhi ache kehlate hain, kyon ki hamre kuch bhai sansad kehlate hain” says Sailesh, a comic actor portrying the role of Raavan talking to a reporter,Apara mehta as a part of their act on comedy circus. Look at the funny video here.

Things have improved after televising all the sessions live as a separate channel. The members now seem to behave in a decent manner, but they never ward off any opportunity of criticizing the ruling government. The language has improved, the slang still remains.

Election time is like entertainment show to most news channels. While News channels try increasing their TRP’s , the smaller parties start planing their strategies. Being a strong hold in their constituency, a full working plan is being formulated. Bids are being placed for alliance from the smaller party. Election time becomes a rejoicing event for such parties. I’m not sure if the Constitution of India limit the number of parties because this will force politicians to join the bigger parties that the constitution allows. Among these smaller parties, there are people who actually work for the welfare of the society. They would achieve nothing if they had to bond with the bigger parties.

I actually don’t understand the rules that define the age limit, educational qualification to being a member of the parliament. I know there is a criteria, but are they actually being followed. If there is, I’m sure they are being changed or manipulated. How can a person who has more than 10 cases, which include some criminal cases against him be a member of the parliament. How are Visas being permitted to such people?? Can somebody tell me Why is the role of president only limited to signing some documents, For that matter what is the role of the president??

This however is the case around the world. I have seen some incidents of how the members of the US Parliament fight. Thanks BBC for televising that, Only here the battles are fought verbally and the members dressed more appropriately. Politicians (I mean all over the world), At one point they make u feel like that they are the best leaders, making false promises. On the other they forget the welfare of the people and are more concentrated on bringing corporates to their state to earn more money. Roads that lead to these top-notch companies are state-of-the art, while the roads that lead to some residential places remain stagnated even in the absence of rains. What does the government do to save people from natural calamities? Offer help! Right, offer help in the form of dropping food packets, some money. Who will think about making sure that such calamities do not cause devastation the next time..

Ah.. Am i complaining already??

We are people who have gotten them what they are now. I have voted, therefore i can complain. How many people out there vote?? What’s the reason?? Here are some responses!!

“I have not voted, I have not chosen this person as my leader..” By not voting u are actually choosing them. Vote against them and he could be possibly seen as a part of the non-ruling party! Every vote counts.

“My votes have been forged! I have been to the polling booth only to see that i have already voted” This is something that the voting agency should be taking care off, False voting. This is punishable and should be taken care off by the voting agency. Most of the time, they will not be forgered if u r a regular voter. If u have time, and can fight political battles, make a complaint or stop complaining!

“We all know that the person we select may also not fulfill all promises, whats the use?” Yes, same goes through my mind. Its just the case of choosing the better of the bad. We don’t want to end up with the worst right. I vote for the party that gives me social security, under who’s ruling the police forces are working to the fullest.  Though some traffic policemen still accept bribes for letting people off the hefty fine! I want to feel safe! I want to see more policemen out there protecting us.

“The line is just too big. Can’t this go online??” It can go online, but imagine how many in India would use it? The number is very less and the security risk is even higher. Forgery becomes simple in this case. Lines? Ever been to a voting center? The counters are more and the Lines smaller. Voting rooms have been alloted at the time of registration making things simple and easy. U just have to find 15 minutes to vote! Make sure u have registered prior to the election date to avoid being sent back home.

In a move to awaken the youth of the nation, Tata Tea has started a campaign “Jaago Re”. The ad, an Inspiration.

Take a look at the Last year’s campaign here.

I’m sure more people will be out voting after this ad campaign. Good job, Tata Tea! As for politics and government, Running a country is not easy, satisfying everyone in the country not easy. It is the same around the world, will remain the same in the future. Politics is expected to being played in the same way unless people like us step in; which seems the most unlikely. At this point all we can do is to choose the best and support them, hope for a change! A hope that a better government, a better leader, a better politician will rule us. For now, stop complaining!

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PS: I would have liked to gone on and talk about some taxes that the government collects etc.. But the post would have become too boring and too long. Will post something on the same as soon as i have something on the mind! Take care!

  1. Ambika
    September 29, 2008 at 10:42 pm

    There!! As I was reading your blog, the first thing that came to my mind was the ‘aap vote nahi kar rahe to so rahe hain’ ad.. and then I see it right there on your blog 🙂

    Just yesterday I was watching a few clipings of the movie Nayak (starring Anil Kapoor). I asked my dad, is it really possible for a CM to roam about on the streets and handle each & every trivial issue personally?

    He said, India would become a far better place, even if the leaders start thinking of solving an issue, let alone roam on the streets.

    The latest example is the Mamta-Buddhadeb-Tata hitch taking place in West Bengal. Acc to me, its a disgrace for the State Government that such a big project which had practically planted its roots, is now on the verge of settling in some other state. And that too because of Opposition and Agitation that it is facing in the SAME state.

    Well.. I don’t know who ACTUALLY is responsible . or what ACTUALLY could be done (if thers’s anything to be done) but one thing.. I appreciate the way you have written.. and that too on a topic like POLITICS..

    Well Done!!!

  2. Kunal
    September 30, 2008 at 8:18 am

    It is not that the leaders are not thinking about the country. To fulfill wishes of each a every citizen is next to impossible.. It is more to do with the opposition parties.. They do not allow the ruling party to take decisions easily.. Sometimes it works to the advantage of people while most of the times it hinders development..

    About the bengal issue.. What really is the opposition leaders problem is not clear.. I’m sure the ruling party leader, if was in opposition would have done the same.. That’s Politics!

    It should be left to the people to decide what they want,why does the leader have to get into these issues. May she wanted a piece of land too.. One day she agrees to the project, the next moment she is against it..

    This is politics and we now have to live with it! It’s ur duty and right to vote! Just do it!

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