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Complaints.. Complaints.. Complaints!

Complaints!! Armaan gives me a reason for this post.. Not really. I wanted to post something on this for a long time..

Most of my readers..(I use ‘most’ because u know people who leave comments. Most only read. Some derive inspiration to write blogs but a very few leave comments).. Where were we.. Yeah, Most! Most people think that i only have blogs that are complaining about something.. TataSky.. Complaint letters.. Avoiding scams and what not.. Is there something genuinely ‘Good’ that i will be talking about??

Now who’s complaining?? 😀

Its just human nature. People only discuss things that are bad; Anything good, is enjoyed for a bit and forgotten about. Now wait! I’m not talking good memories, They will always be remembered. I was talking about good deeds, Most of them often forgotten. Why am i even discussing this??

This post is to give those people who complain about me complaining some reason for my complaints. Lets get started then..

Firstly Armaan.
For all those who don’t know who Armaan is, He is a Customer Care executive for TataSky.
For all those who don’t know what TataSky is, Lets do a small exercise. Just run ur mouse pointer around the window in circles three times. Behold! Do not click anything. Now move ur mouse pointer slowly from the bottom-left corner to the top-right corner of this window. Do u see a small cross? Now just let ur mouse pointer rest on it for a second. A message will appear. Do as it says. ‘Close’ the window!!
How can u not know about TataSky. Even when Aamir Khan was paid Rs. 6 Crores for the stupid ad to act like a split personality. Personality?? Or is there a word describing it better?

Not seen the advertisement? Look no further..

If u have stayed long enough, I have decided to get done with this 🙂  Armaan, My friend 😀 I know u r frustrated about people complaining so much about the service. I know people use u as a medium to vent their anger and u don’t have any place to do so. That’s the nature of ur job my friend. Anyways, I’m not complaining. I’m only making people aware of all the false promises by TataSky. I can say that this is the worst service i have come across. Hey, but that’s no complaining, that is just a feeling. Although there may be a few others. TataSky to me no value for money. If I’m paying a good price i expect the services to be at par. At the moment, They are way below par. My blog has all the reasons for me hating the service. In fact, the most read post on the blog is about Tatasky.

For everyone else, who did not use the ‘Comment’ form to complain, by this i mean the word of mouth. Its just human nature, That’s all i can say and that’s all i can think about.. People just complain. I use my blog as a medium to make people aware of some services that they might be better off not using. It is just a personal feeling, and it only features on my blog! I use personal experiences as a way of sharing some thoughts with people. Only when u share ur thoughts will the other person be able to express his thoughts.

In fact, how many blogs feature complaints? Apart from all TataSky blogs, some online shopping blogs, not many feature any complaining. That happens to be my next question: Is my way of writing, or even expressing wrong? Is it giving out vibes that only carry negative thoughts? If this is the case, Please elaborate a little more about it. It’s in my personality, and if i happen to realize it I’d like to correct it.

So lets get done with this ‘Stupid reason to blog’ for a Saturday post. I can’t think of a good line to end. So this is ‘The End’.

Not really, I forgot the Regular.. “Comments are always welcome”.
I think only if i offer Money will comments flow in. How much do u want btw? (Does answering this Question motivate u to leave a comment, or am i just wasting time asking for it?) Lots and lots of questions keep popping in my mind, None being answered! It’s because ‘Add Comment’ is malicious i guess. (Malicious by the way is infectious, or carrying a virus)

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PS: Guys, there is ‘Comment’ widget on the right hand side of the blog. It displays the latest commentator’s name, the post in which they commented which is a direct link to their comment. U can check if somebody left a reply on ur comment from here. Now it displays only 10 lateest coments, I’ll increase it’s size only when i get some comments!

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