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The Misery Continues – TataSky

Miseries continue for most of the customers who bought TataSky as a trusted product. What aggravated me to write this blog is the letter i received. The letter carried the information related to the new packages being introduced from October 1 2008. All the more, comments from people(not on this blog, but on the forum as well) related to calling TataSky the best service in India aggravated things even further.

U might want to know what miseries are? Take a look at the add-on packs and Its charges.Please Redirect here for the latest Updates on TataSky! Recent updates at the bottom of the post!

The Niche sports channels – ESPN, Star Sports and Star Cricket move to a separate pack called the Sports platinum pack charged at Rs. 40 per month. this will be effective October 1, 2008

The Sports gold Pack carrying only Neo Sports and Neo Cricket will be charged at Rs.30 per month.

The life style gold pack that has been available for sometime now, is being charged at Rs.45 per month/ Rs. 450 per year. This pack contains 13 general entertainment channels including BBC Entertainment that was a part of the base pack earlier. Addition of channel called ‘Colors’ increased the package price from Rs.30 to Rs.45, No Information or surveys were taken from the customer. Read – Colors Launches – “Time to earn money”, Says TataSky.

Ten sports has been removed from the base pack and will now be charged at Rs.15 per month. This is a-le-carte- channel.

Adding to that are some stupid services that come as a part of the base pack. When some channels were moved from the base pack into the Add-on packs, the price of the base pack were reduced. But not substantially. While BBC Entertainment moved to Life Style gold, Ten Sports removed as a separate channel and The removal of the niche sports channels, The base pack price was only reduced by Rs.40.  While the removed channels cost Rs.55 (40+15+ cost of BBC entertainment). Baseless U see. That’s a reason to complain. TataSky increases the pack cost by Rs.15 only for adding a new channel(colors), All the customer service has to say is that Colors wanted to be a part of the LS gold pack. What sort of non-sense is that?

Please read the fllowing posts to have a clear idea about the history on TataSky:

When i gave a suggestion of making channels on LS Gold a-le-carte, they said that it was made available on user interest, because the channels would otherwise be costly. The real truth is that, by separating the channels users may not subscribe to the other channels who paid TataSky the carriage fees. Yes, Tatasky charges each channel that it shows on its platform some carriage fee. This is probably the reason why most popular channels are not available, may be TataSky has not been able to strike an agreement between the channel providers over carriage fees.

Anyways, i think u realize why I hate the service so much. Hey Hey, that’s not all. Remember the ‘Watch cricket at Multi-Angle’ service? Remember the ad, where a man wears grass over his body and camouflages himself to the ground to watch the match from different angles? No? Look up you tube, for TataSky funny ad’s. Coming back to the problem, The multi angle service has not been seen for a year. Only highlights were made available. That again has not been made available for months. Reason: The provider does not want to give the feed! What the hell, If u pay them money they will give u the feed. This was confirmed by ESPN.

The letter that i received ensured 100% customer satisfaction, while TataSky continues to only introduce offers to the new customers. By offering 1 year free subscription with TataSky connection for a nominal price, TataSky is looking to make the most out of this Diwali. While new customer’s get wooed, The old ones remain complaining, Complaints unheard off. There are other million like me who are dissatisfied with the service. Is this what is called 100% Customer Satisfaction??

The letter also claims to have a better packaging system in near future. I don’t see any hopes of that. May be 20 years seems like ‘near future’ to them. I wonder if TataSky will survive for that many years.  TataSky continues to make money out of these packages while the customers continue to suffer!! If splitting packages was important, why has TataSky not split the regional packs allowing people to choose. ‘Allowing Choice of channels’ is also what the letter claims.

There are a list of unwanted channels that I’m paying for. If packaged properly, customer’s have choice to buy them or leave them out. I agree that DTH market is new, a costly affair. But why did TataSky make all false promises and does not keep it. Lets talk about the Exclusive movie services that Tata has. I was once seeing ‘MY friend Ganesha 2’ on Star gold, while TataSky was demanding Rs.75 for the movie on Showcase. So is the case with most of the movies, they are either useless or already available on more famous movie channels. Nothing exclusive about this service.

Except Digital picture quality and sound nothing stands good in front of the regular cable. The EPG that was made available for 7 days, now has been reduced to 4 days. This is available as a part of local cable service too. Nothing cool about that.

TataSky claims to have the best Customer Service in the market. It sure has and i agree to it! The customer service is the best, only at telling u that,”If there will be any updates u will be notified about it through the alert in set top box!”. When it comes to listening to complaints, all u can know is “This suggestion/ Complaint will be forwarded to the marketing team.” Emails also get responded in a template carrying more basic information. I wonder why TataSky has employed people for customer care, they could have done it using computers. In fact, the customer care line is paid one. It’s has to be toll free according to the DTH guidelines, but Tata will only listen to it when it’s taken to court.

Aamir Khan now brands TataSky, he claims that he will not do ad’s for products that carry no customer interest. I guess the offer was so huge that he could not refuse. “Baap bada na bhaiya, Sabse bada Rupaiya”.

We, at the Forum, had been waiting for BigTV launch, we though that there were some possible changes seeing competition from BigTv. The launch was nothing BIG, They were offering a wide variety of channels and services but at a higher price, but here customer has choice. Dish TV continue to be a misery to most people just like TataSky. I think the DTH market in India has still a long way to go. I guess its time to switch back to the old cable-walah, There was at least a chance of getting things done ur way. I hope the governing bodies, including the TRAI look into the matter over the concerns of the customer.

To sum it up, There is nothing good about being a TataSky subscriber. I hope u read other reviews about the same on some other blogs and the forum before choosing Tatasky. While i use this blog to complain, I continue to hope. I hope there is something positive from the day starting Oct 1,2008. “Yeh ek aisa ladoo hai jo khaye tho pachtaya aur jo na khaye vo pachtaye”.

Discalimer: This blog is purely contained with Personal content, No personal offenses are made. Any such reference to any person living or dead is purely co-incidental. I’m a subscriber and I’m free to comment on any service for the products i use.
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  1. trevor
    September 27, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    I enquired on 18604256633.
    The latest they are offering is the “super saver pack priced at Rs.260-113 Chnls ” for Rs.3999 & 400days free.
    If you buy by credit card another 30days free.
    If introduced by an existing customer another 30days free for you and the existing customer.
    460 days free amount to all that you invested, so I think it is quite reasonable as my local cable guy chgs Rs.337/-
    But what they could’nt clarify was, who would own the equiptment if I discontinued subscription & would free to air channels still continue.
    Yes they should take care of the promises they have made to existing customers.
    Keep up the good work

  2. Kunal
    September 29, 2008 at 8:35 am


    I agree to what u say..
    Like I said, they care only for the New Customers..U r comment explains it no better.. U get a lot of benefits if u r a first timer..

    The misery only starts when ur free subscription is over and when u have to pay for the service..U start realising all the negatives..

    Promises are nothing to TataSky.. Like the ad ‘Aap ki kasam’ has it.. one day all the customers will vanish! It will be either TataSky or the Customers.


  3. MaxiBig
    September 29, 2008 at 6:43 pm

    This is the story of all the dth providers.I think Trai at least should seek a consultation paper regarding ala carte pricing of each and every individual channel on Dth,Those which are paying carriage fees shuould be FTA ala DDDirect.
    Meanwhile i will be dth hoping ,subscribing to new operator after the initial one year free period.It makes no sense for me to pay monthly fees when yearly subscription cost the same as new connection with free yearly subscription.
    I couldn’t get any cable because nobody is willing to provide me at my Farm,Although BSNL has provided broadband connection.I am waiting for it to launch IPTV.Then Dth will be a thing of past for me.

  4. Kunal
    September 30, 2008 at 8:25 am


    Thanks for stopping by…
    Yes, this is the same story with all DTH providers, None of them is the best.. However, i cannot comment on any other service because i have not used any other than TataSky!

    We have written some letter’s/ Emails to TRAI for looking into the DTH sector, to help subsidize the prices. Nothing seems to be happening yet, However with big market players entering the market, I think its now time for TRAI to step in!

    Thats a great idea, switch connections at the end of every year, as it does not make a point to pay subcription charges and suffer in the hands of the old operator!

    To all readers: That’s a tip, Buy a new connection at the end of the offer period, most of the time the offer is for 12 months free for almost the sam price as the annual charges!

    Good comment! Thanks!

  5. MaxiBig
    October 1, 2008 at 12:07 am

    Thanks Kunal!
    I am also a ‘sufferer’ ,but in the ‘hands’ of ‘customer care’ of Dishtv. I believe there after sales service especially with regards to their stbs is worst.Their video quality is so…so,nothing dvd like.
    Now with regard to stbs an interesting observation an expert mechanic made was that it is easier to repair Dishtv stb as their parts are easily available.Not so with TataSky as they tightly control their hardware and software.
    Another observation i made is with regards to their channel capacity,whether mpeg2 or mpeg4.Mpeg2 players possess more transponders Tatasky 12 Dishtv 10 or so,Bigtv 7,Airtel 6,videocon 6.So in the end everyone is capable of providing more or less same number of channels,considering 50% efficiency for mpeg4.This situation is not going to change unless somehow one or more player can get another chunk of transponders(At this moment,I think Dishtv is ‘all’ set to get a great pie of transponders on their satellite Agrani/protostar1,if they clear the legal hurdles.This could be a game changer)

  6. Kunal
    October 1, 2008 at 8:04 am


    The DTH Scene in India is the same.. We are complaining about TataSky while others continue to complain about the other services.. Pleasantly shocked to know the no. of transponders each player has..

    Interesting fact that u bring about, All providers at this stage are giving almost the same number of channels..

    As an update, the packages of TataSky seem to be coming down.. It would be wonderful if the packages are split correctly, as per customer choice.. TataSky can be a leader in this segment..

    As for no, i’m sticking to the connection, at least till my subscription expires.. Hoping to see some changes soon!

  1. June 2, 2010 at 4:44 pm

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