Hello people..

An achievement, My blog has received 100 comments! (Thanks to a fellow reader, Armaan, whose comment leaves me with 99 comments, I add a reply and it becomes one hundred!) Of course there are my comments as a part of this. Not many but a considerate amount of them. Let me see, Just under 25 i guess.

This post also happens to be my 50th Post! Thanks Shilpa for motivating in writing a blog a day. Also look at my Friend’s links on the right hand side. They are all worth looking at and commenting 🙂

This may not seem like a big achievement to fellow bloggers. Being a person who hates reading, who hated writing, who hated any activity other than Cricket and TV, this is a real achievement. Cheers! Read on to know more statistics of the blog.. As of now (September 25, 2008, 11.45am (IST)..

Monthly statistics from September 2007 to September 2008

As u can see the blog has been through its own ups and downs. May 08 stands as the best month, with 1330 views, The post that got me that no of views is : Another Bad experience with TataSky – No More Cheers individually contributing about 600 views. Of course there were others too.

No of page views for the month of September 08

The Month of August 08 and September 08 was when i decided to make a comeback. Inspired from fellow bloggers, I started the ‘Post a Day’ habit. Last night, 24th September 08 happens to be the best so far, at 59 views in a single day. Again Another Bad experience with TataSky – No More Cheers contributed with over 15 views in a single day. The next one being, “Send this to 8 People” at 12 views. While all the rest received an average of 3 page views.

As things stand now, I have 16 people subscribed to the blog, meaning 16 people receive updates on the blog on a daily basis.

The total no of page hits on the blog stand at 4885 since the start of the blog.

Top Posts

Busiest day: May 16 2008, with 130 Page views.
Most readers coming fromBroadband Forum – Tata Sky DTH

The blog is also being referred by 10 other fellow bloggers. Currently the blog also carries a page rank of 4.

Page views do not make a blog successful, it is the no of readers who regularly visit the blog for content. Leaving comments is a way of ‘marking’ ur presence. Keep it coming. Thank u all.

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PS: Looks like TataSky is a way to go, Just include something about TataSky on ur blog to divert traffic to ur blog 😀

  1. Ambika
    September 26, 2008 at 3:59 pm

    Congratulations on the Golden Jubilee of your Blog and the 100th Jubilee of Comments!! Great Achievement!

    I am not sure about your fellow bloggers, but for people like me, who dont have any blog at hand as yet ( I am waiting for the Silver Jubilee of my comments ;)), Its a real feat!!

    Although, one work that I do have is to catch up on your previous blogs, so you can expect a couple of comments there 😉

    Till then, Keep Blogging and Blogging good.. You shall soon be celebrating another Jubilee.. Keep Up 🙂

  2. Kunal
    September 26, 2008 at 4:29 pm

    First one to congratulate! Thank you!

    Vaise ur stuff is also good, U should start writing at once.. Get a Blog and start writing, Its a better pastime activity than Orkut and facebook..

    I finally see some comments! Thanks to u and fellow readers! It feels great to know that ur stuff is being read and appreciated!

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