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Stung by a Positive thought

This one is an interesting one, An experiment if u may call.. If successful, I might have more comments, If not a mere 47th Post.  I had some other social topics that I’d have blogged about had this topic not come up. This one comes at a right time i think, Last night I was actually thinking about ‘The way I think’; Co-Incidentally, Shilpa has a post on the same on her blog. It was the right time to start a discussion. More focused on getting some feedback about my attitude towards life.

I’m not a big thinker, because i like to keep things simple and keeping it simple does not require a lot of thinking. On that thought (‘think’ becomes thought.. get that.. 😀 …. u don’t like it do u? Lets just keep going then…),huh! Anyways; The Big question that I’m asking: Why do people set such high expectations??

It actually scares me, What if i don’t get there?? What if?? What if Not?? That’s difficult!! So many thoughts haunt the mind. U must be thinking how do i manage this at work then. It’s normal at a workplace, People always expect a lot from u. I usually manage that by confronting it. I’d tell them that the expectations are pretty high, I’d try getting there, If not.. Don’t feel that i did not give it a try, it’s just that it’s out of reach now.It’s just too high.

Goals anyone?? I don’t have anything set for life, The chair i sit on was not even a dream of mine. I never thought if i was going to be an engineer. I have always taken life as it comes. Engineering, just happened. Actually it was the only option I had. Doing just a B.SC was of no help in making a career. Having lesser options help u make decisions better. Ain’t it that way? So when u r stuck in a decision situation, Start eliminating options. It is the best way to get around it.Just another thought i live with.

Is all of this making any sense??  Well yes, that should probably tell u that I’m a one big lousy idiot who wants to achive nothing in life.. That’s the kind of feedback’s I have been getting from people. This is probably a reason why i wanted to pot this as a blog. I want some genuine feedback. Did any such thought cross Ur mind so far? Please put it in comment, I wish i could talk to defend my style, but for now lets keep it to comments.

Setting Expectations:
How do u normally set expectations?  U set them high and work towards getting it?? Good luck to all such people. My question is, when u r not able to get yourself there, what do u do? Most people feel depressed about it. However most people would say that ‘there is always a next time’, ‘its now time to wait for the right opportunity’. Positive thoughts like these help them get out of the failure. But does it make u happy??

My way of looking at things is completely opposite. Most of the time, I look at all possible ways in which things may go wrong. Its a way in which i prepare myself for the the not so ‘happy times’. Life is not always as u want to be. There are negatives to it, and u can’t just ignore them. By setting high expectations u r losing out on small moments of happiness, small moments of joy.. because u r so much focused on achieving something higher that u seem not to enjoy these small moments. I feel happy to have enjoyed every moment of my life. Lets take an example, U want to earn Rs. 1 lakh by the end of month. U r so much determined achieve that, that u seem to miss the happiness of the Rs.500 u earned to day. Are u cherishing the small moments of life?? Also to reach some expectations, u need to toil hard, which gives u no time to enjoy life. Only when the goal is clear, i push for it.

I take life as it comes, everything is already written as fate. We are destined to be doing that. Believe in god, If he gives u a problem, he will guide u to a path that has the solution. I know this is boring to have carried the post too long, but i cant find a way to short-cut this post.

I would definitely want this blog to extend as a discussion to understanding others thoughts, do u think what i do is right, or u like doing things the other way round? Lets just talk about it.This is probably a reason why i wanted to post this as a blog. I want some genuine feedback, Am i ‘in this way’ showing people that I’m a attitude driven person, or a team demoralizer because i think of negatives first.

This post happens to be a least edited than any other posts.. Please ignore all grammatical errors. Please ignore non-sense if u have seen any. It’s just a post. Normally i like people to subscribe to my post. Look what I’m linking u to this time 🙂

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Ps: When under some kind of a stress, i spend half hour in front of the television. It helps, It really does!

  1. September 23, 2008 at 1:19 pm

    Jokes apart….I always say that ur funda is great….the way u take up life is too gud (i find something similar here 😛 ) U take up life as it comes and this is the best thing one can do which leads to ” less tensions” , the expectations part is also true as most of the people miss out the happiness of the Rs.500 , only b’coz they want to get more (and it becomes greed at one point ) ….well according to me u are not wrong!! But in life do have your ambitions set up – at least the least u want to get……

    All the best!! Keep going with this attitude……:)

  2. Ambika
    September 25, 2008 at 10:40 pm

    This is just 2nd of your posts that i am reading, but I should say you are good 🙂 Keep Up!

    Not that I want to disagree with whatever you said, but I would just like to take it as an opportunity to discuss! After all, this is what Blogs are for.. 🙂

    I completely agree with you that its more important to FIRST cherish the fact that you earned Rs.500 today, rather than wondering how can u make it Rs.1,00,000 tomorrow. However, you somewhere also wrote that :- Having expectations, scares you! Having lesser options, help in making better decisions.

    I beg to differ a bit. Putting it the other way round, if u dream something and set a goal for yourself, isnt it ‘then’ that you are left with just ONE option – Your Dream.. and just ony ONE decision to make that will help you fulfill – Your Dream!

    There’s a thin line between Expectations and Dreams. Dont expect anythng and just live Life as it comes. But never stop Dreaming!!!
    Because, you wake up with an Expectation and you get disappointed.
    You wake up a with a bad dream – you forget it, because its just a dream.
    You wake with a Beautiful dream – and you have a wondeful day ahead. And if that dream comes true – What more can you ask for!! 🙂

    Sorry for the longer comment again 😉 I just can’t help it.. Your take awaited.. 😉

  3. Kunal
    September 26, 2008 at 8:35 am


    Agreed to what ever u said..
    All i do is stop expecting.. Lets get this right.. I do not expect or ‘Dream’ to earn huge amount of money tomorrow, But I’ll be ready to even live with a lesser amount if things go bad… (Actually money example is bad) Lets go with careers..

    I wanted to become a cricketer, It was a dream u can say.. My mother had a dream of me becoming an engineer.. For neither of this i worked hard.. Cricket i played for fun,Engineering just happened! I never thought I’d be an engineer one day..

    Practically i never worked hard for achieving either, but I was able to satisfy both desires.. Satisfy is a very important word here.. I satisfied myself; Cricket was just a dream, engineering was a necessity.. Eliminating choices u see 🙂

    “Jab khushi milti hai tho sab khush hote hain; Par jab khushi na mile tab kaise khush rehna hai, vo zarrori hai”
    Transalation: When happiness is there, everyone will be happy; But in the absence of it, How u stay happy is the most important thing to learn.

    All i was trying to tell is that, Expectations are not bad, but when it gets to a point when u badly try to achieve it, forget about how it is affecting u..It becomes a problem..However people think the same thing in a different way.. It just lies in the perspective..

    Its a never ending argument.. I decide to post on this after having a similar discussion with my father…

    PS: Ambika, Only 2 posts u read? There are 50 of them now!

  4. November 25, 2008 at 7:43 pm

    Another Comment: Not on your post.
    This time – Its on my own comment.
    I don’t even have posts on my own blog, which are that long!!
    God!! What a fool I was.. or I am..
    Whatever.. 😉

  5. Kunal
    December 1, 2008 at 8:59 am


  6. Nitu
    October 8, 2010 at 12:04 pm

    Yeah, the things which u said were true, but only to people like you and me. There are some who say that if you have no expectations, you are bound to go astray. Dont know whether that’s true or not but as far as my life is concerned till date, I always performed well when no one expected me to do well rather than in the cases where they had so many hopes.Sad!!! No expectations will give you a sense of freedom, I guess, to experiment with the ways you work on it. Yaar, team India is a good example na! They were underdogs when they entered T-20 worldcup in 2007 but emerged winners.

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