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Save Bihar..

Life in Bihar is gone from being bad to worse. Bihar has just been through one of the biggest floods ever seen in India.With more than 400 villages under floodwater, it has ravaged the life of millions (Almost 50 Lakh) in the state. It is impossible to estimate the magnitude of damage caused, lives that have been lost in the floods as millions of people remained stranded. It was life and death situation for the ruling government, which was never ready for any such disaster. Bihar floods were declared a national disaster.

As people in Bihar battled the flood waters, help arrived from every corner of the nation. Social service organizations ready to go to the flood affected villages to led help. With basic needs like food, clothing and water, help also came in the form medical aids. Professional including doctors were readily available to offer their services. Some of the IT companies also collected money from their employees to aid the crisis. Some of them even went on to have links on the website for people willing to donate online.

While the state governments contributed crores of money towards relief material, citizens complained. “When the government sanctions some amount of money towards relief materials, why is there a need to declare it a national crisis. Its because all the money does not reach the people.” While some complained, there were people who also thought that the need of the hour was to contribute in some way or the other, pointing fingers could well be done later.

Horrific news stories from victims proved that the government was not serious about relief activity, There were people who claimed to be giving huge amount of money to the boatman so that they could be taken on dry ground. If there was any help, it was more from the Media people who were covering the floods. The government was mostly interested in asking for funds, while the media people explored more villages that were worst affected. As the havoc continued, Politicians did not waste time for fighting political battles. The Battles stood importance while the state government ignored the actual cause of it.

Help arrived from around the world when major Media houses like BBC and CNN telecasted their story on  Bihar floods. The Jain community was celebrating its 8 day long ‘Paryushan Parv’ during the floods. This is the only time in the community when biggest donations start to flow in . When Guruji explained the amount of help people in Bihar required, An amount of over Rs.40 was collected in only 30 mins. (The amount quoted was collected only from a part of Chennai, Actual stats about the collections from Jains all over the country is what i miss here.) Guruji also assured that all the money would not be going to any fund, Instead the full amount of money will be spent in buying the basic necessities and personally handing them over to the affected people. No third party would come into picture. People from the organization traveled to Bihar and helped in every way possible. The real need is of people volunteering to lend help, funds flow in from everywhere. I remember the time during Tsunami when people were using Mineral water to bath. What would they do, there was a excess supply of it. People donated old clothes, while affected people enjoyed new clothing that arrived as donations from foreign countries. With only a few people readily available for help, setting up tents and cooking food, distributing it for thousands of stranded people was a difficult task. I have heard similar stories from a cousin in Ahmedabad, during the earthquake. The relief process requires help from people, and there were not many skilled people to offer help. The next time u donate money for food, Make sure u serve the food to the people intended to serve. Volunteer for work, Dont just donate and forget.

I have been to Bihar once and I could feel the sorrow of people on every step. Most people in the state are well below the poverty line. Thousands of Crores of Rupees that is given as relief does not improve life of a common man in Bihar. Where does all that money go? Nobody knows. People here lacked basic education,  neither do they have access to good medical facilities. Private organizations had opened up small hospitals in some villages offering free medical help, while my eyes tired looking for a government facility. Children suffered from malnutrition even while the government provided free food to the children in schools. The state has been in a crisis for a long long time. Its not the floods that is causing death of peoplein Bihar, it is the life they live. May god bless Bihar, May god bless us all.

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  1. zenopel
    September 16, 2008 at 11:30 pm

    Money collected should be used to provide help through your base jain temple in affected area.Jains are small but they always come out to help people affected by calmities.I never heard that rich gulf countries or their supporters ever extended any support during such difficult times.

  2. Kunal
    September 17, 2008 at 10:09 am


    It normally is that way.. People have been making their donations through our temples.. Assurance of help reaching the needy is the motivation i guess..

    I remember the Gujarat Earthquakes.. We were preparing lorries full of food, water and old clothing for people there.. A few of our members traveled to the affected areas and helped them, They had also sent a team of doctors to help the situation..

    Yes, Jain is a minority community, But has be raising help in what so ever way possible.. As for the latest on the Bihar floods, Temples have been opened up for people to reside.. till teh situation improves 🙂


  3. Puja
    September 17, 2008 at 10:17 am

    Its good that you have chosen this topic but the blog you have written is from the experiences and scenes you watched on the television or read from newspapers or any other kind of indirect informational source , but the experience I went through was horrendous. As you know I have a big family residing in many places of Bihar and for some occasion I myself was present in one of the district to experience the natural disaster.

    Believe me , no words , no phrase, nothing on earth can actually specify the real fear and panic that was caused. People were not sure whether what they wanted…whether save their children , their spouse , their parents , their friends/relatives , their households , jewellary or their bank accounts. If they thought os saving one thing all others would be lost…..

    Luckily , I was there with my parents and my father being a social activist – had called upon some people from our Charitable Trust and am proud that we as a group could help some neighbouring districts as well.

    As for the Government I would just say “no comments” .

    People are still suffering and will keep on suffering for a lifetime for the amount of loss they have made is not possible to recover…..but some of the Trusts and the social helping societies are trying their best to help them as much as possible.

    Hoping that these people get settled again with family.


  4. Kunal
    September 17, 2008 at 4:00 pm


    Good to see u here.. I did not know that u have been to Bihar and have faced it so bad. I know whats it like being in a horror situation.. Not knowing what to do is the scariest feeling u can ever have.. Its all fate, and one can’t deny it.

    Yeah, If not for some social bodies in India, People would still be suffering. The government is doing good, but I guess the MLA’s are taking care of only their constituencies while the government tends to ignore the rest.

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